February by the Numbers

And, not much to report.

Baby is still on its way. Hubby’s work is still slow. Debt Snowball is still on pause.

However – I did a bit of math the last few weeks and was amazed at – with slower work, the payroll tax holiday ending and my insurance premiums going up – how much less in income we take home each month than a mere 6 months ago.  This realization (along with news headlines this week pointing out that across the country, income has dropped significantly) – I was so thankful that we started getting out of debt last year.

I think we have somewhere around $500 LESS a month in payments because of all the items we finished paying off.  So not only did we save a ton of money (on interest that we won’t be changed), we created a decent bit of margin in our monthly budget. That is really helping us get through our current drop in income.

[March sneak peek… Might be ‘Consignment by the Numbers’  🙂 ]


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2 responses to “February by the Numbers

  1. Shawn O'Donnell

    Grandpa mentioned his basketball team of grandsons today.
    I was the oldest of 5 boy cousins in 24 months on my Mom’s side. There was a girl cousin in that stretch too, but we didn’t count her until we were older. She didn’t claim us, either.
    Great job with your Baby Steps also. You’ll get the snowball rolling again soon.
    We just got 3% on a 15 year refi, so that is a big help on Baby Step 6 for us. It’s fun looking at your monthly statement and seeing the Principal amount switch with the Interest amount. Consider that motivation. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.
    Again congratulations.
    We will be praying for health and unpaused snowballs.
    Shawn and Carol

  2. Thanks Shawn & Carol!

    Hilarious that y’all didn’t count your girl cousin until you were older. 🙂

    And congrats to you all – baby step 6… can’t wait for that some day!

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