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So we had a bit of an unexpected additional ‘Debt Snowball’ setback this month.  I was laid off.

It does not change the current process of our baby steps, since we are already on hold and trying to save up money in the “crisis fund” but it does mean the “crisis fund” will grow much slower than expected.

So the next three months, I will be applying for unemployment benefits, and looking for work.  There is a chance that some contract work will come up and I can at least be making a decent income. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

As for when the baby is born in July – most things are up in the air right now how all of that will play out. Thankfully, I do have the option of picking up COBRA – so myself, and eventually the baby should be covered. The cost of labor and delivery has not changed – other than the fact that we now pay for my monthly medical premium.

The other good news it that my husband’s freelance work had picked up quite a bit as compared to the last fall and winter.

Other than that – we had two baby showers in the last two weekends. We are almost set and ready for the baby to come. The only items we really still need are the car seat, diapers & wipes, bedding, and a few items for our “diaper changing” desk.  And the ergo baby carrier – but the carrier is a luxury and not a necessity. 🙂


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