Baby Stuff

Wow.  Baby stuff is expensive. But then, I already knew that.

Last week I spent several hours compiling a list of all the remaining items we needed and where the best deals could be found when it comes to completing our registries.

We went to one store and finish most of the items on the list. My hours of work ahead of time helped us head to the store with a plan – so we didn’t make any emotional, impulse buys. If it wasn’t on  the list, we didn’t get it. Plans are necessary to stay on budget.

Even though we spent a good chunk of change, I was so encouraged that this was really the first time we’ve bought anything brand new for the baby (other than some shelving for the baby’s room).  To this point, everything has been gifts or second hand. I know how much of a fortune we would have spent, had we needed (or wanted) to buy everything new.

Plus, it was wonderful that we have received a few gift cards and had at least one duplicate gift that we returned for store credit – so even that helped this weekend when we bought a bunch of things.

Now I’m up to my elbows in washing baby clothes and boiling bottles and pacifiers. Our living room has now been taken over by a stack of boxes full of diapers. At 34 weeks… this is getting real. 🙂

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