We’re Ready!(?)

Well – probably not, but as ready as we’ll ever be.

35 weeks.  We have the car seat (still need to install) and all the starter diapers and clothing we need. So… just waiting for go time.

We should have the car seat installed this weekend, but even if not, we feel ready; because of my heart condition, we already know we will have some extra time in the hospital (like a few days). We figure worst case scenario, one of those afternoons, Daddy steps out to get the car seat installed so we can bring the little boy home.

Our little guy is still not head down and while I’m hoping and praying he turns, statistically that is becoming more unlikely by the day.

Time to get in our last-minute plans and activities.  Such as lunch today with a friend, hanging out with another friend at the end of the week, going to another friends shower on the weekend and (what I’ve wanted to do for YEARS and am really excited for!) going to Medieval Times this weekend.  Thank you groupon and some good friends for seeing the deal and asking if we wanted to go.


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