Snowflake babies

Some friends of ours are in the process of embryo adoption.

I think it’s pretty awesome and wanted to share their story.

Merritt was a client of mine (years ago) and a fellow Watermark member. She and Todd got married about a year before JJ and I, and have often been encouraging to us on our Debt Free journey (as they also finished up their debt a year or so ago).

I’m working on adding a widget on this on the sidebar that shows their fundraising process, for the time being, here is the link to their page: Merritt & Todd’s Embryo Adoption. As I’m sure you’ve heard, adoption is expensive, and with a proven track of being financial wise (with paying off their debt), Merritt and Todd continue to be good stewards through this process.

If you can contribute – terrific. If you can’t you can always pray. AND you can share their story.
You never know who might be encouraged by this or who the story will resonate with.


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