My heart valve

As I hinted in my last post, my valve will be tissue, from a cow (bovine).

Unlike what I imagined, I won’t be receiving an actual bovine valve. I think with pig (porcine) valves, they use the actual structure of the valve. If you didn’t know, pig hearts are very similar to human hearts in structure, size. and function.

Anyway, for a bovine valve, they will take the pericardial sack (the tissue that surrounds the heart), rather than the valve itself.

They will make a circle using a material called Dacron (the brand name for specific material that is part of the polyester family) and have 3 leaflets in the middle. The leaflets will be made from the cow tissue. The best visual example I’ve been told is it’s similar to the Mercedes Benz logo.

I mentioned last post one of the pros is that there are no life long meds. My surgeon did recommend that I take one baby aspirin everyday, but it’s so minimal, it basically falls in line with what cardiologists recommend anyway for an aspirin regiment. If I ever needed to pause for some other medical reason, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Other than that, I don’t care if these means I’ll be a cannibal, I’m not giving up steak or beef jerky!


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