Worst Case Scenario

It’s mid February and we have a pretty long To Do list before surgery in May.

At the top of the list is updating our Will. Why? Because we had another kid since we last updated it and we want to make sure our children are provided for “just in case”.

On that note – Do you have a Will? It’s important, even if you don’t have kids, even if you aren’t married. If you are an adult (even without much to your name) it’s important.

We were reminded of this again because our next-door neighbor passed away 2-3 years ago. His estate went into probate (legal limbo) and everything has only now finished settling. By “settling” I mean all of the contents of his house was out on the lawn today. After what we assume was 2 years of no one paying a mortgage, the bank foreclosed on the house and all of his possessions were moved out of the house, to be picked up by a random couple of people with a truck. Do possessions matter that much? No. But what does matter is saving your relatives, friends and loved ones the time and hassle (and potential stress and chaos) of not having a Will. It also matters that (for us) we provide for our kids – and a Will helps make that happen.

Allow me to be morbid for a few minutes.

Everyone Dies. I will die. You will die.
Yes, this is a little more on the forefront of life at the moment for me, because I’m headed into a serious surgery. However, when I really think about it, I’m not worried about dying.

On one hand, in my favor, the statistical chance of this surgery leading to death is quite low.

On the other hand, if I do die, that isn’t the “worst case scenario” for me.

Hear me out.

Yes – that would be so sad for my husband and boys and if I think about it too much, I get preemptively sad for them. At the same time, if I die – I’m DEAD (duh!)! Which means I’m seeing Jesus face to face and the cares of this world are no longer mine. I won’t be “looking down on my boys” from heaven. I won’t be watching their actions feeling proud of them or sad that they have to go through it without me. I won’t be disappointed I’m not at their graduations and weddings – I’ll be entirely uncaring of things of that nature because I will be worshiping the Lord Jesus, seeing with eyes that which I have my entire hope in.

Do you have that kind of confidence if you die? You know, we all do eventually die. Do you know Jesus, a perfect 100% man, 100% God came to earth to die for you? Because he loves you? That’s it. You didn’t do anything to earn that love. I didn’t do anything to earn it. Neither of us can be good enough or bad enough to change how much God loves us.

That’s my biggest prayer for my boys – that one day – whether I’m here to tell them or not – that they would understand how much God loves them. That he is Good. That he is Love. That they too can freely accept his grace and gift of Jesus, dying in their place so that they may have a restored relationship with the Father.  That is what I hope for them. That is what I hope for you.

So yes, lots of people would be sad if I die (probable). However, for me, in my mind it’s not the worst that could happen. The worst? That someone I love would not know and accept Jesus’ love for them.




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  1. Gordon Bauslaugh

    Truer words could not be spoken. Proud of you my (our) daughter though I know such words could not come from your earthly father (or mother) but only from knowing your Heavenly Father, yes, through knowing personally Jesus Christ His Son as your Savior.

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