A quick update

Thanks for all of your prayers so far. I wanted to update two of the items I listed a few posts ago.

  1. Work for JJ:  PRAISE! JJ is starting a contract job that will be 40 hrs a week.  This is AMAZING! Someone reached out to him with the work and everything fell into place.
    1. It is a big change for our little family. Please pray that I have the energy to keep up with the boys in the coming weeks. Also, our oldest will be a little bummed. He’s so used to having daddy “home from upstairs” for lunch.
  2. My Mom: PRAISE! She was able to purchase a flight at a pretty good price.

Also, we’ve been checking some big items off the to-do list. We turned in all of our paperwork for taxes. We also got some home and auto repair done. My van A/C was on the fritz, not something you take lightly in Texas. 😉

Thanks again everyone, for your continued prayers.



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2 responses to “A quick update

  1. Sandy

    WOW! Congratulations on your new contract. We certainly will be praying as you need to have strength and energy not jus for the boys but for your surgery and healing. Take care. Love you.

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