15 days – Van’s in the shop

Well our friends came and went (so good to see them!).

My van is in the shop.  It’s been having issues with the power steering. I thought it was messed up, but then I would always think “Maybe that was my imagination? Maybe I had the wheels turned completely to the left and then I just tried to turn them completely to the right with out taking my foot off the break?”   Our friends borrowed my van while they were in town and let us know it was having issues (OOPS!). So… I’m not going crazy haha!

Took it in yesterday. A part we replaced in March was under warranty, but after they “fixed it” it had more issues last night so it’s back in the shop. We really hope they can figure it out and it doesn’t cost a ton. Plus, we just really need our van back up and running well.

My dad flies in today. Z is really excited. He has it in his head (and on repeat) that he’s “going to the zoo and maybe grandpa can come with.” That’s what I get for saying “MAYBE we could go to the zoo”.  Two year olds are so funny!

That’s about it from here. Trying to finish up more loose ends as the days continue to count down.

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