Feeling better

My migraine has eased a little – hallelujah! I wasn’t sure if my scheduled pain medicine for my heart surgery would also assist the migraine. It appears it did.

For me migraines mean nausea, which stinks when one is trying to take medicine. Nothing worse than throwing up meds before they have a chance to help. Thankfully my Tylenol stayed down and my head as well as the rest of me seems to have pain under control. Thank you God.

I hope to be able to post a little more the next few days on my hospital experience. I have so much (and so many people) to be thankful for.


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One response to “Feeling better

  1. Shawn and Carol O'Donnell

    I’m definitely praying for you with your migraines. I’m glad that your surgery pain killers are helping and that you can refill tomorrow.
    I refill my sumatriptan prescription every 90 days to build my stockpile. [I just deleted my rant about insurance company refill policies re: migraine meds.]
    Thank you for keeping us updated.

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