I married my next door neighbor, that’s right, the boy next door. (Shortest move ever!) We have three wonderful little kids (two boys and a girl).

I love the Seattle Mariners – and enjoy watching them play when they come to town.

I grew up in WA State but now live in Texas. (Yes, there can be a such thing as “too much sunshine.”)

I enjoy all things social media – with the exception of check in apps… No thank you, I don’t need potential stockers to know my exact whereabouts through the day.

Other than that, this blog started in 2005 as a place where I wanted to practice writing while sharing my life with friends and family far away. (Shout out to all Edmonton AB, WA State, & Wheaton IL friends!)

While we have other methods of communication now (like Facebook and twitter) I still enjoy posting an occasional story or picture. This is a collection of my ramblings. Some are of a serious nature and some are just a bit of silliness.

This is also a place for me to practice my web development skills, not to mention headquarters for “Pennies for Debra”.

Oh! And the semi-gritty picture I am currently using as a header, yes, that is me. Circa 1985 – Roosevelt National Park. These days I smile more and I’ve long since ditched the mullet.


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