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Canvas Stretching

Ok, so I just learned (via the internet) that I purchased pre-stretched canvases. Good, now I don’t have to feel as dumb.

I also learned that canvases is indeed the correct spelling of more than one canvas.

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Framing (and I am not talking about houses)

I went to the art store tonight to price out a frame for my map. They are SUPER expensive. The frame I liked (simple plain black) ran about $150.

I spoke a bit with the frame guy. Pretty funny conversation. He started asking things like, “Was my picture for a gallery?” “Do I stretch my own canvases” “Do I have a web page that displaces my art.” I was like “well, it is just for my house, all of my art is on my own walls, I don’t’ really know anything about art (who knew the canvases were supposed to be stretched), It’s not on canvas – just water color paper, I just paint for fun.” I kind of felt dumb.

In the end, he showed me some frames that are called “oops frames.” They are frames that were some way messed up. Cut the wrong size or something. SO, I ended up buying a frame that is really cool. I have to have it cut down to size, and figure out how to put it together, but it only cost $12.99. He said had it not been a goof, it was probably a $400-$500 value. Pretty sweet. Now I just have to figure out how to get it the right size

(Day 25 of rain, 12.27″ and counting. That’s 1/3 of the amount we get in a typical year)

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Picture Test

I am testing out trying to post pictures.

This picture is something I made for a friend. It was for her birthday gift a few months ago.

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Music & color

Tomorrow we are singing some Christmas carols during the worship service. I love to sing harmony, but the hymn book was too clunky to set on the music stand. Plus on some of the songs it had alternate verses than what we are singing.

SO, I just created a word document that had a music staff and the words all spaced out by syllable. Then I printed it and drew in the notes. It took longer than expected (3 hours), but it was fun to do.

I also went and got my hair trimmed & foiled today. It is now a nice mix of reddish brown, blond, & my natural color. I really like it.


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I'm FINALLY done…..Well, almost

For those who may not know this, I really enjoy drawing and painting.

Since the end of August/Beginning of September, I have been working on one particular piece. My original intent was to make a map of the United States for my brother & his wife (sorry, I found this task to be close to impossible). After finding that to be difficult, the idea morphed in to creating a map of a place that exists only in my minds eye. So I began to sketch out my ideas.

Since then, I have gone through many ideas, attempts (yeah for pencil & the ability to erase), mess-ups, late nights, and very tired eyes. Often I would have to force myself to put the picture down and not look at it as I was heading to bed for fear of picking it back up and working on it instead of getting the sleep I needed.

Last month, I took a long break from drawing to brainstorm names for places/cities/land features. In the end, I only named a handful of items and the land. I finally got my entire land portion complete and in the last week I have been putting the finishing touches on the name, the compass rose, and the scale.

This evening I spent about 2.5 hours finishing the drawing by adding the last section of the border. What a relief. I am done…except for the watercolor I am going to add. Nothing fancy, just brown and other very earthy colors to highlight certain landscape features (water, mountains, forests, etc). I am very excited about this and for those who come to my house someday, you will be able to tell me what you think.

Only 9:40. Yeah, for once I get to go to bed on time! Boy are my eyes tired.


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