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An Update – Penny Style

So… It’s been a while since I gave a “Pennies for Debra” update.

Turns out, having a birthday is very helpful.  I had family, a roomie, and a co-worker all contribute pennies in honor of my birthday.  I fact, over 1,200 came a direct result of my birthday.

The new count is pretty high…


That’s right, “Pennies for Debra” has crossed the 5,000 mark! (that’s $50 for anyone not wanting to do the math).

Thanks for all the Contributions!  Helping one penny at a time to find new purpose and a new home.

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b-day party extravaganza

I think I am finally getting into a little of a rhythm with the entire issue of having a social life.  In just two days alone (yesterday and today) I am attending 3 birthday parties.

It’s wonderful to finally feel like I am growing in my network of friends – and a large part of this is due to my increased involvement at church.

I should also add, in full disclosure, one of the birthday parties was for my soon to be 6 year old niece. 🙂

Also, Aug. 1 – today marks my 1st day of med. ins. coverage for my heart since end of Jan 2008. PTL I made it 18 months without a major incident

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I still love November

Thursday already?

So it’s been a busy, but good week.

On Saturday, I got to celebrate my birthday with my family. Seriously, there is nothing that makes you feel young like celebrating your birthday with a 3 and 5 year old.

On Sunday afternoon, I headed back up to play Settlers of Catan.

On Monday, I got a new couch! Someone at work was giving away a sleeper sofa so I really lucked out.

Yesterday, I bought a new vacuum. I purchased one at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago, but it was not cutting it and I really needed to vacuum, so I got a new one.

Tonight I am heading out to see my niece in her thanksgiving school program.

And to top off the week, tomorrow I have friends from work coming over to eat pizza and play Settlers. -the reason for needing to vacuum 🙂

Busy, but good.

Blowing out a candle on my b-day cupcake with the “Birthday Princess” hat.

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Yep, I had my birthday. It was a nice quiet event. Opened a few gifts. Then on Wednesday, I went to dinner and bowling with a bunch of friends from work. It was really fun.

Didn’t quite match my personal best of 131 from last year, but not too far off with 113.

We played 1.5 games and I started off each game with a strike in the first frame.

That’s about it from here. OH, yeah, and I am reading a new book series that I absolutely love. The Wheel of Time So far I have read book one and have now started in on book two. As probably expected for me, it is a fantasy series and while it does not match Lord of the Rings in my eyes, there are some great characters and good story line. There are 11 books total with one more being written, so it’s nice that I have so many to look forward to.

And that is the plan for the weekend: to Read.


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I learned that regarding the job I interviewed for, no decision has been made. It looks like they are still waiting for one individual to come back from out of town/being sick to come to any decision.

Also….I learned that “informally” I passed comps. What does that mean? Well, From a very informed person at school (professor/advisor) I was told I passed. Although the official notification has not come yet and I don’t know when it will. Thanks so much for everyone who prayed for me and my “day of doom” test.

With that down, I just have 3 classes to pass and the MA is done! (THATS CRAZY!!!!)

oh yeah…how could I have forgot for so long (its not like I have been busy or anything) but only 5 days and then it is my Birthday!


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Chilling in WA State

I am in Washington for a few days for my brother’s wedding. So far it has been pretty busy with wedding stuff as well as my annual Cardiology appointments (which went well). We also had a birthday party for my nieces tonight. Plus worship practice. My other bro. Is leading worship time for a service on Sunday and it worked out for me to participate. Yeah!

Tomorrow morning, its more errands to run and an eye doctor’s appointment.

It has been great catching up with family. Hopefully the next couple of days I will be able to catch up with friends too.

It has been rainy here which is very unusual for July in Washington. We are hoping that the rain will hold off on Saturday so they can take some outside photos for the Wedding.

Ok, its the first time I get to sleep in a bed and I am quite tired. Night!

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Canadian Christianity

I am now done with going to class.

I have a few more things to get done, like the book I am supposed to be reading right now. It is called “Borderland Religion: The emergence of an English-Canadian Identity, 1792-1852” The overall topic is pretty interesting, Its just that my brain has already started checking out. I have about 160 more pages to read and then write a paper about it, which is due on Monday.

Other than that, I have a final on Wednesday that I need to study for and with that final is one take home question that I need to finish before I go to take the test.

I cannot wait until Wednesday after 3:30!!!!

Oh, right, I also have work all of next week which is a good thing. And birthday celebrations for one of my roommates, and cleaning and packing to do before I head to WA state. Should be a good, yet busy week.

Now I just need to keep plugging away on my book….


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