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Oh boy

Wowziers. It’s been my longest break from blogging ever.

I’d do a quick year and a half rundown but there have been too many things both wonderful and terrible.

For example, on the terrible front, my younger brother Tim passed away suddenly last October. I’ve done some writing about that but didn’t feel like making it public on this blog.

On the wonderful front, we’ve finally started our homeschool adventure, with my oldest beginning kindergarten. Which means I’m both busy and also don’t really feel like blogging about homeschool all the time.

So for now I’ll leave you with this, I’ve been listening to some amazing podcasts on reading and writing well.

These podcasts introduced me to a few new favorite books. If you haven’t read “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger, I can’t recommend it enough.


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Taking blogging to Heart.

I was trying to decide what to blog about next since our Dave Ramsey journey (while it continues) will not be my main subject matter anymore.

I don’t think I’m going to be a “mommy blogger” as I read somewhere that there are lots of mommy bloggers when the kids are infants and toddlers – but somewhere between elementary and teenage years, they tend to disappear. Toddlers are hilarious. Teenagers are – not so much (or at least I’ve been told).

I thought some of my long time readers, as well as new readers, might be interested in learning more about my heart condition.

I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but I thought I’d give a little more details and toss in a few throw back pictures. So if you are interested – check back soon. 2015 was not the year of the blog – but perhaps 2016 will be different.

Now to go tell people I have a new post up. 🙂  9pm on a Saturday – that should reel in the readers haha! Let’s be serious – I might reject the idea of being a “mommy blogger” but I am a mom, who blogs, and now is the time the kids are in bed – thus… I actually have time to write.


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Go Sports

I’ve blogged about sports quite a bit, since I love the Seattle Mariners along with several other Pacific North West teams (and a few Edmonton teams).

If you’ve read along, or know me at all, you know I’ve not had the best luck as a sports fan. You can read more about that here and here.

But I wanted to add something I wrote as a facebook post.  These were my thoughts the day after My Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl:

I realize for most of the US of A, yesterday’s game was incredibly boring. For the people of Seattle, and for those of us who grew up in Seattle and have always been Seattle sports fans… this was a long time in coming. The game was Incredible to watch. Seriously, that was the fasted the Super Bowl was ever played (or so it seemed to me).

The last time one of the “big 4” professional sports teams won for Seattle was before I was born.

To paraphrase something my brother told his young girls last night as the game ended – ‘Hey! Listen up. Enjoy this. It might never happen again.’ You see, he’s a Bears fan. We lived in Chicago when he was about 7 years old. We saw the Monsters of the Midway win…. It might only happen once in your life (or at least it can feel that way).

So to all the sports fans who don’t live in New York, or New England, or city with a dynasty team. To those that don’t see their team win all the time, or expect another championship is right around the corner – this entire year was pretty fun. Last night was just the celebration of a something we Seattle fans knew all along, our team was incredibly good. Keep rooting for your team. Someday, it might be you watching the Best Championship Game of your life, even if the rest of the country could care less.

Me? I’m going to enjoy this a bit. Let it sink in. I’ve rooted for teams for 33 years and the only time my Seattle boys have won was yesterday. Besides that… I still have about 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report right?

Go Hawks!

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Where are we now

WOW! Did I really go an entire month without posting!?!

In 8 years of blogging that has only happened a few times.

I guess after doing 22 “by the numbers” and not having much to report – I took a little break.

As far as our emergency fund goes, it’s about the same – 50% done.

We did have our foundation fixed which cost 3,700 so – that was money that DIDN’T make it into the emergency fund (but it also didn’t create more debt since we cash-flowed it).

Other than that November was crazy busy!

*Z had 2 doctor’s appointments and I had one.
*We went to the Bush Library Museum & the Perot Museum
*My Parents came for Thanksgiving.
*I made my first Thanksgiving Dinner
*My brother and his family moved back to Texas
*We helped them get some painting done
*I had a birthday and we had our third anniversary.

What a great (and exhausting!) month it was.

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Major Announcement (AKA October by the Numbers)

Proverbs 22:7 says “The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” (NASB)

We have a major announcement.

We’re done.

That’s right… 22 months after we started, we are out of debt!

Seriously.  It hasn’t quite sunk in for us either.


Feels a little anti climatic, right? 🙂

In Dave Ramsey style….. FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOM!

For a final ‘by the numbers’ here is how the numbers break down:
Extra Debt paid: $5,116

Total Debt paid in October: $5,362

Since 1/1/2012 – Total Debt Paid off: $46,453*

*For the purpose of Baby step 2 we are not factoring in our home mortgage

There you go.

A few more numbers to consider while letting that number, $46,453, sink in.

•22 months
•1 layoff
•6 months on only 1 income
•6 months of steep COBRA medical premiums
•4 months of slow small business income
•1 HVAC system
•3 Student loans
•2 Medical bills
•5 consignment sales
•1 garage renovation
•1 baby born

One item that has been an uncountable blessing, is the support of our family and friends. From gracious understanding on the numerous times we declined going out to eat to the boxes of hand-me-down clothing and piles of gifts for our little boy. We truly could not have done this without the support of loved ones.

Thank you LORD for providing for us.  Thank you for entrusting us with funds and teaching us to be good stewards. Thank you for giving us strength and endurance to do what is right with your money, even when we didn’t feel like it. With the wisdom of Proverbs 22:7 in mind, we choose to not become the lender’s slave.

In closing, while the monthly “by the numbers” posts are done, we will be chronicling our next steps. Dave Ramsey’s baby step 3 is an emergency fund to cover 3-6 months of expenses. Feel free to drop by and see our progress as we move forward, aiming for step 3.


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I had someone comment about how they are discouraged with where they are at financially and how they felt called to tithe – and how the next few years are still very discouraging.

My WordPress filters stripped it out (due to the email address) as spam. I was planning on coping the comment, pasting it in as a post and then to the best of my ability, responding with the best biblical world view that I could.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that WordPress (after a period of time) automatically deletes comments in the spam filter. So I no longer have access to the comment.

I apologize to the commenter, and feel free to comment again (though you may need to use a different email address – the one you used was extremely spammy).  I still may respond to the comment from the best my memory allows, but as the title of this posts states “Oops!” I goofed on that one.  If the commenter is still reading, I was not intending to ignore it forever, I just didn’t have time to respond well yet.


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So… I’m getting more spam comments. (Yeah for WordPress automatically weeding them out!)

Does this mean my readership has increased? Or perhaps with my E-mealz and “Human Preservation Project” (Mission Ice Fly) posts means I’m coming up more often in searches.

Also – in other Spam related news.  I listened to a recent “Stuff you should know” podcast about SPAM (7/28/11 broadcast). It was really interesting.  I’ve never eaten the stuff, but the podcast made me kind of want to try it.

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Contest Results!

In case you were wondering… I got 2nd place to the lovely Dwija.

I only lost by about 10 votes, so while disappointed, I had fun with it and I really appreciated all the support.

Make sure to check out Dwija’s blog as well as Live Simply Love.

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More adventures in moving

My final load of stuff arrived from WA state yesterday and hopefully it will all be at my house on Friday.

I was able to grab one box when the vault’s arrived so a few books and a couple of kitchen items are already unpacked.  The box also contained some of my old baby clothes, so those will be organized and boxed back up for now, but they were fun to look through!

My friend Vicky is moving from WA State to DFW in a couple of weeks, so she organized and shipped both of our belongings about a month ago. Tomorrow, the Texas side of the team will unload everything. You can follow Vicky’s adventure at her new blog From Evergreen Hills to Texan Flatland.


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New Glasses!

I picked up my new glasses yesterday!

It’s always a bit tricky with glasses. You have to find an angle where the lenses don’t have a major glare. (Thus, I’m not looking at the camera.)

It’s so funny. I tried to post this picture earlier today and I got everything set, clicked “insert to post” and nothing happened!

I kept getting a WordPress error.  Turns out, WordPress had a major issue with their back-end code or server or something and they had to put all sites in “read-only mode”.  So one minute I was able to click away and the next minute, nothing. It made me feel like I broke WordPress for everyone.

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