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Contest Results!

In case you were wondering… I got 2nd place to the lovely Dwija.

I only lost by about 10 votes, so while disappointed, I had fun with it and I really appreciated all the support.

Make sure to check out Dwija’s blog as well as Live Simply Love.

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More adventures in moving

My final load of stuff arrived from WA state yesterday and hopefully it will all be at my house on Friday.

I was able to grab one box when the vault’s arrived so a few books and a couple of kitchen items are already unpacked.  The box also contained some of my old baby clothes, so those will be organized and boxed back up for now, but they were fun to look through!

My friend Vicky is moving from WA State to DFW in a couple of weeks, so she organized and shipped both of our belongings about a month ago. Tomorrow, the Texas side of the team will unload everything. You can follow Vicky’s adventure at her new blog From Evergreen Hills to Texan Flatland.


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New Glasses!

I picked up my new glasses yesterday!

It’s always a bit tricky with glasses. You have to find an angle where the lenses don’t have a major glare. (Thus, I’m not looking at the camera.)

It’s so funny. I tried to post this picture earlier today and I got everything set, clicked “insert to post” and nothing happened!

I kept getting a WordPress error.  Turns out, WordPress had a major issue with their back-end code or server or something and they had to put all sites in “read-only mode”.  So one minute I was able to click away and the next minute, nothing. It made me feel like I broke WordPress for everyone.

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Why “Debwa”?

To start with, my parents named me “Debra” (yeah, you probably figured that one out). But they were being strategic; my middle initial is an ‘E’ and up until November, my last name started with a ‘B’. Fun, right?

This site used to be Which was never a melding of my first and last name, but my first and middle initial in front of my last name. D. E. Bauslaugh.

When I got married, my last name changed so I lost the ability to be D.E.B. and instead became D.E.W.  which is where my new moniker of Debwa is derived from. My new last name starts out “Wa” plus I’m from WA state. Add that to a very creative coworker, and “Debwa” (also seen as DebWa or Deb_wa) was born.

So yes, it does sound like I have a lisp saying my own first name.  Perhaps some will say it’s too “cutesie” but I could not be more thrilled with the ability to snag a 5 letter url that works for me.

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If you are looking for my online footprint, chances are it is quite small as debwa.  As friends and family know, I got married just short of 4 months ago, so as my last name changed, so did all of my online handles and addresses.

For a much more robust history, try googling “debauslaugh”

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My New Day

So… I’m busy polishing out the resume. Hope to add it here once it’s nice and shiny like a brand new Penny. 😉

In the interim, give me a holler if you happen to hear of anyone in the DFW area looking for Web Developers or Social Media Community Managers. That is the route I plan on pursuing.

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I was reading about how 2 years of experienced blogging is “preferred” or “required” for some job positions.  This got me thinking…  Are ‘blog years’ like ‘dog years’?  If so, I’ve got 38 ‘blog years’ of experience.

In those 38 years, I’ve had three urls for blogs.
These blogs combine for 762 posts with over 32,000 page hits.
There are no freebees here, no special offers. It’s just a blog about a Girl who loves life and asks ‘Why’.
Who are all these people reading my blog? 🙂

Technology, communication, social media are all fascinating. It’s incredible how quick things update and improve. This leads me to propose that “dog years” are not even a good parallel for “blog years” – Blog years are much quicker.

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