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Why “Debwa”?

To start with, my parents named me “Debra” (yeah, you probably figured that one out). But they were being strategic; my middle initial is an ‘E’ and up until November, my last name started with a ‘B’. Fun, right?

This site used to be Which was never a melding of my first and last name, but my first and middle initial in front of my last name. D. E. Bauslaugh.

When I got married, my last name changed so I lost the ability to be D.E.B. and instead became D.E.W.  which is where my new moniker of Debwa is derived from. My new last name starts out “Wa” plus I’m from WA state. Add that to a very creative coworker, and “Debwa” (also seen as DebWa or Deb_wa) was born.

So yes, it does sound like I have a lisp saying my own first name.  Perhaps some will say it’s too “cutesie” but I could not be more thrilled with the ability to snag a 5 letter url that works for me.

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If you are looking for my online footprint, chances are it is quite small as debwa.  As friends and family know, I got married just short of 4 months ago, so as my last name changed, so did all of my online handles and addresses.

For a much more robust history, try googling “debauslaugh”

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My New Day

So… I’m busy polishing out the resume. Hope to add it here once it’s nice and shiny like a brand new Penny. 😉

In the interim, give me a holler if you happen to hear of anyone in the DFW area looking for Web Developers or Social Media Community Managers. That is the route I plan on pursuing.

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I was reading about how 2 years of experienced blogging is “preferred” or “required” for some job positions.  This got me thinking…  Are ‘blog years’ like ‘dog years’?  If so, I’ve got 38 ‘blog years’ of experience.

In those 38 years, I’ve had three urls for blogs.
These blogs combine for 762 posts with over 32,000 page hits.
There are no freebees here, no special offers. It’s just a blog about a Girl who loves life and asks ‘Why’.
Who are all these people reading my blog? 🙂

Technology, communication, social media are all fascinating. It’s incredible how quick things update and improve. This leads me to propose that “dog years” are not even a good parallel for “blog years” – Blog years are much quicker.

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A Sad Day

Today is the start of a new adventure.

I’ve enjoyed working at Pursuant for the almost 3 years. Professionally, it’s had it’s ups and downs. One never knows what they will get when working with clients. 🙂  But I can say I leave knowing I served my clients (external and internal) well.

I was hired to run “Quality Control” (both proofing and analyzing/updating some processes). Within months of starting, I was asked to become the Project Manager, running the eNewsletter team, again, setting up a process to a product that needed structure. During my two years as Project Manager, I pitched in to finish up eNewsletters and in doing so, I discovered I enjoy code!

I was given the opportunity 7 months ago to try my hand at web development. I have learned leaps and bounds in that time on my new team.  HTML, PHP, etc… and who knew all those years ago learning “boolean keywords” in elementary school would come in useful with code?!?

But starting now, it’s on to something new and that is why I write, though words are difficult to find.

I am sad to leave my co-workers, nay, my friends.  We did some outstanding work. I am proud to have been part of such a team, “Helping those who do Good, Do Better.”

In the midst of the work, we were a tight family.

This was the first group of people who I got to know in Dallas and of course I invited the entire company when I threw myself a birthday party. (Remember “November Bowling Party Extravaganza”?)

One person gave me a free sleeper sofa they wanted to get rid of and other kind hearted individuals helped me move the beast of the couch up a flight of stairs to my apartment.

We have morned together when dark times and sad days hit.  We have celebrated together. Babies. Weddings. Movie Screenings. Awards. Birthdays. Supporting one another as we individually stepped out and reached for our Dreams.  It is This that I will miss.  It is Them, that make this a sad day.

On that note, I move forward professionally.  While I’m getting some of the more practical and basic things refined, I thought I’d start out today with a fresh appearance to my blog.

I hope to be making updates to it in the weeks to come, but to start with, welcome to the ‘new’


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work in progress

Like the new green look?

This is a work in progress. With a wedding 16 days away, I’m doubting I’ll get much updated, but things (such as blog roll, double checking colors and styling) will be updated in the future.

Thanks for following me with the move to my new home.


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update coming…

Life has been busy. I’m hoping to post a pretty lengthy story soon. After I do – perhaps the lack of blogging will be understandable. 🙂

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ouch… it’s been a while

So. the streak of life being busy, blogging being non-existent continues.

I needed to check in to say “Pennies for Debra” is still going strong. The current count is 7450. So yep, nearly $75 of ‘free money.’

What else is going on beside that… The Mariners are playing horrible. I’m utterly disappointed. Before the year began I really thought that with their pitching they would be winning more games. I’m sad Cliff Lee had to be traded, and to the Rangers of all teams!?!?!

It’s hot here. My car said 111 degrees yesterday.

I’m currently reading a new Dorothy L. Sayers book. (a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery of course)

I’ve been eating a lot of BBQ. though I haven’t been grilling as much as I wish I were. I did make more beef jerky in the dehydrator (oh yeah! and tomatoes.)

I’ve just finished my annual cardiology check up. All good results. Little to no change over the last three years. So my ‘future heart surgery’ (which is expected, just not on the calendar) is still probably years and years away. All very encouraging news from the doctor.

I’ve been spending more time with people, friends, those important to me. Thus the drop off in blogging.

I’ve been to San Antonio twice since May. Went to Sea World both times. In fact, on the 3rd of July, that’s where we watched fireworks. The wind was blowing in our direction, so at first it was the smoke, then bits of cardboard, then bits of gritty sand/gun powder residue. We held our own for a time, while all of the families with little kids made a mass exodus of our area. Then we too, moved on.

I think those are the things to share from the last two months. It’s been a really great couple of months and as far as I can tell, it will be this way (only growing better) for the next many more. Thanks for stopping by!

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redesign -a technical summary

I’m thinking through a possible redesign. I’d have to make a change in order to have an about page show up how I want it to (it’s there  – it’s just hard to find).

In order to make the kind of changes I want, I may need to go through (instead of .com) which means self-hosting… So much to think about just to change up the look.

So for now – I give you snow.  (or make that word press gives you snow. I just clicked on a button.)

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An About Page

I think I am going to add an about page. But I am delayed by the quest to understand, how I sum myself up on one page.

Descriptive and personable, yet not uncomfortably intimate.

Concrete and solid, yet not restricting to the point of ruling out that which is not specifically implied.

Silly and fun, yet not without serious truth.

It is a tough task. I shall continue to think on it.


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