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An Interesting New Project

This is not a Budget related post – it more of an ARG post.  Though – it’s not quite that either.

Some friends of mine are working on a new project, which has encouraged us to have an ’emergency budget meeting’ and back our first kickstarter project.

Ok – I guess it IS a budget related post. 🙂

Anyway, in the past I’ve blogged about friends who made a feature film (Between Notes). These same friends are launching another new project – and the Kickstarter runs for another 12 days.  If you like Stories, Technology, Creativity, Storytelling, Real-life interaction, and trying to push the boundaries on how we use media to tell narratives, I’d recommend you check it out.

It’s setting is London – on the closing day of the Opening Olympics. It’s told through an App & serialized content (first of which drops on Aug 12 – the literal last day of the Olympics).  It follows the life of 7 characters.  Title: Seven Poets and the Assassin’s Secret.

Find out more here.


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The Hardest Part 2: Stuff edition

As far as things go – It’s going to be rough not running out and buying a book I want to read. Granted, I’ve become much better at going to Half Price books –  but that which is not a necessity, is just a want.  And it’s the “I wants” that are ultimately obstacles between us and paying down the debt faster.

Another tough one for me is music. Thankful I have a few iTunes gift cards from Christmas – I’ll just need to use them sparingly, and then simply say “no – I don’t need  that music (or that app) right now. It can wait.”   I did this with a Christmas album I thought I really wanted. Turns out after reading reviews, I never bought it. And now that Christmas is over -meh – guess I saved that $10!

What thing feels like “you just can’t live without” it (but really know deep down, it’s a want, not a need)?


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Home Improvements

Today we cleared out our master bedroom and sealed the slate tile floor. We are waiting for it to dry and then the next plan is to also paint the walls and ceiling. They are currently a yellow color, but with our brand new bedding, a bluish-grey would look much better.

These tasks have been on the back burner for a while, but the on Monday, friends & family are moving some items for me. They will ship them and once the shipment arrives, we will have a very nice dresser that I purchased about 6 years ago. We figured we should do the floors & paint now, before the dresser arrives so we don’t have to move the dresser twice.

I’m really excited about the blue walls. And even more than that, I’m really excited to have my dresser! After I purchased it, I used it for only a year before I moved to Chicago. I had to leave it behind and I have been missing it ever since.

Not only will my dresser be here – but my books! 3 large bins full! I have been missing those as well and I’m sure I have a few duplicates now, purchasing books I really wanted to own/re-read while forgetting that I already had them.

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My Books finally have a home

Or at least they will once we unpack the two shelving units we purchased at IKEA today, and put them together.

This might seem boring to everyone else, but I am Very Excited!  My current book shelf is so overloaded I hope the shelves don’t bend so far as to break. And I still have two boxes of books that are packed away.

(not to mention the 3 – 14 Gallon Rubbermaid containers that I had to leave in Washington and hope to be reunited with soon).

I know my husband thinks I’m crazy for loving books so much, but I just do. They are like old friends to me. Steeped in memory. Beautiful. (They even smell amazing!)

Little by little our house is feeling more as our Home.  🙂

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