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Today, I finally had a chance to do something that I have been wanting to do since I left Edmonton 5 years ago (has it been that long!?!?!). When I moved to the mid west about 1.5 years ago, I thought the opportunity would come quicker.

I LOVE skating (especially outside) so much that while in Edmonton, I bought a pair of skates (hockey skates, NOT figure skates), but they have not had much use since I left.

I have used them a time or two for indoor skating, but nothing compairs to skating outside.

A couple of opportunities to head downtown to go skating have fallen through and I just figured there was nowhere other than downtown to skate.

About a month ago, I noticed a pond that occasionally freezes over and if it gets cold enough and the ice gets thick enough, they take down the red flag and put out the green on. The “no skating” sign changes to “skating.” In recent days, the weather has been up and down so the flag changes almost daily.

A couple of days ago, I put my skates, my stick and my puck in the car. Yesterday the flag was green again and today, after work, I set out on a mission.

There were a bunch of kids playing hockey and I was a bit intimidated, so I drove away. I decided to run errands, go home, drop stuff off, get some more layers on and then head back (hockey hours would be over so they were probably gone). When I got returned to the pond, there were just a couple of little kids skating. Leaving my stick and puck in the car, I headed down.

I sat in the snow and laced up. After dialing up my favorite tunes on my ipod, I hit the ice. Just me, the setting sun, and the cold on my face. In 30 minutes time, a couple toes felt like they were frozen solid and my nose was running like crazy. It was glorious.

To top it off, it was the first time I have actually skated on a pond. In Edmonton, it was always just a flooded school yard or field. So in addition to finally being able to skate outside, I got over my fear of skating on a pond.


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Alberta Clipper

They just said on WGN that an “Alberta Clipper” is coming. Meaning, cold air and SNOW!

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Canadian Friends, I hope you had a great thanksgiving.  

I am currently in the middle of putting together a timeline that covers major historical people, events, and even ideas of Religion in American Life.   I have been working on this for a good 4 hours so to balance out my complete inundation with all things Americana (I was even listening to the Cleveland/New York game for a while), I am now listening to the Oilers.  Lets Go Boys! We only need one more to tie.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about studying Religion in American Life.  I am so thankful! (after-all, it is thanksgiving day) Thankful that I only have to be “an expert” on 400 years of religion in American instead of 2000 years of the history of Christianity in the Whole World!  I am thankful that I finally have a large chunk of time to start studying for comps.  (this is the first day I am specifically studying for comps)  I am thankful that I have a group study session on Wednesday so it forces me to have a deadline for this timeline.  Most of all, I am thankful for the privileged of learning about my faith as it relates to the history of America.

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Limited Internet

I am sad to say I will have limited internet access at home for a while. This translates into a blog that will be not updated as often. (Currently, I am typing from work while I eat lunch).

I am hoping it will only be a week or so before my housemates and I get the situation figured out, but with the upcoming holiday, it may be a little longer.

Yesterday I planted some pepper plants in the backyard and today I am going to get a couple of tomato plants. On Monday, we are having a bbq with some friends from Grad school. On Wednesday, I am helping out at church for the big Fourth of July party and then heading to a church friends house in the evening. Their home is located near the local fireworks display so that should be fun. Then on Friday I head to MI to go to a friends wedding. Before I know it, we will be halfway through July!

If I don’t have a chance to blog much in the near future, the above mentioned activities, in addition to lack of internet, will be taking up my time.

SO, on that note, I would like to take this moment to wish all of you a happy Canada Day on the 1st and a wonderful 4th of July.

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A Mariner from Calgary Alberta

This afternoon (although I am only now listening to the game while I study) Mariner, Chris Reitsma, who grew up In Calgary Alberta was interviewed. He commented on the snow and how in Calgary, school is not canceled unless it is minus 30 and three feet of snow. He said as a kid you just learned to deal with it, “with the jacket on and touque and gloves…” The next question “explain the touque.”

Oh, the Triple A team for the M’s used to be in Calgary…cool. Of a city of 1.2 million, he is may be the only MLB player…Its a hockey town and there is no where to play baseball in doors. He still lives there.

Ok back to my homework


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Canadian Christianity

I am now done with going to class.

I have a few more things to get done, like the book I am supposed to be reading right now. It is called “Borderland Religion: The emergence of an English-Canadian Identity, 1792-1852” The overall topic is pretty interesting, Its just that my brain has already started checking out. I have about 160 more pages to read and then write a paper about it, which is due on Monday.

Other than that, I have a final on Wednesday that I need to study for and with that final is one take home question that I need to finish before I go to take the test.

I cannot wait until Wednesday after 3:30!!!!

Oh, right, I also have work all of next week which is a good thing. And birthday celebrations for one of my roommates, and cleaning and packing to do before I head to WA state. Should be a good, yet busy week.

Now I just need to keep plugging away on my book….


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What a lovely day!

I got to sleep in today. That was nice. Really, I woke up at about 9 which is not really sleeping in, but it was nice to not wake up to an alarm.

Then I read a bit of my book on John Brown. I have to read it for class, yet it is a fairly interesting read.

I made an awesome sandwich for lunch.

I backed up my itunes music.

I read some more of my book. Next I think I will take a nap.

One thing I wanted to mention was that on Thursday I was able to listen to the entire Oilers game. Edmonton scored first, but then gave up 4 unanswered goals to the Sharks. They got one back, but heading into the third period, it was 4-2 and Edmonton was not playing well.

THEN within 2 minutes and 1 second, my favorite, Number 94, the man I once saw at Tim Hortons after a game, Ryan Smyth, scored 3 goals. Thats right, a hat trick within 2 minutes and 1 second. He broke a previous oiler record from back in the day when Gretzky got three goals within 2 minutes and 18 seconds. So that put them ahead 5-4 and they finished the game off with one more. What a great game! I am looking forward to listening to tonight’s game against Colorado. I am envious of everyone who can watch the CBC tonight.

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