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Happy Canada Day!

To celebrate, I am getting together with some friends to have a BBQ and play Settlers of Catan. And one individual coming is even Canadian.

(Actually, we just planned to get together and it just so happened to fall on Canada Day.)

Have a good one!

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Hope Springs Eternal

Bad outcome tonight. I guess the “never say die” attitude of Edmonton will be sorely tested on Wednesday.

My doctor appointments went ok. I actually find out more tomorrow after I have a chance to talk with the cardiologist. Tomorrow I go in to get my teeth fixed. Hey, I better charge up my ipod tonight.

Congrats to the CCBC Softball team on their first win of the season yesterday! It was a very fun game to watch.

Yesterday someone said that soccer & hockey are basically the same concept except that one is on ice. Although I beg to differ, I decided that it would be fun to pay a little attention to this thing called the “world cup.” Too bad my country did not make a game of it today. Perhaps against Italy.

Another thing that occurred to me today was that if I do plan to study in Europe eventually, a limited knowledge of football might come in handy.

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Edmonton Q.B.

So, guess who’s quarterback is from here? The Edmonton Eskimos.

That’s right folk, Jason Johnson. “Jason went to high school in Puyallup, Washington where led the state in passing and was named a Prepster All-American.” (Directly from the Edmonton website).

Ok, so I realize he is playing right now to try and win the 2nd string spot, but still, pretty sweet that he plays for you guys. My brother played with him during high school, I think…but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I learned this today while listening to 630 CHED online.


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Driving Home

As we came barreling down the mountainside in the ink black night, we zipped in and out of trucks. From the back of the vehicle it felt as if we were only a moment away from flying completely out of control. I slipped on my headphones, closed my eyes, and tried to ignore the world around me. The sound of the road, the squeak of the breaks, and the shudder of heavy vehicles that could crush us in a heartbeat was enough to make even those with nerves of steel, nervous. Praise the Lord for getting us home safe.

Thanks to my dad for good driving. Thanks to Switchfoot for having 57 songs for me to listen to. (first time I have listened to all 57 basically straight through) Thanks to apple for creating strong batteries for the ipod. And thanks for black skies that contain gorgeous stars to watch.

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Beautiful Drive

Here are some photos of our lovely drive through the Canadian Rockies.

This is a picture of Mount Robson. It is the tallest point in all of Canada.

As you can see, you can’t see the top due to clouds.


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Ok, these pictures are from the animals that we saw while driving.

Here is a lovely Ram. We thought he was going to ram our vehicle.

Yeah, hard to see, but it is a moose.
Can’t believe my dad spotted this one while driving.

We saw this black bear on our way home.

We also saw elk and a few bald eagles.

During the trip, I also saw sea lions, penguins, and flamingos at the West Ed. Mall.


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Grad Day

Wow, What a crazy busy, fun couple of days. I got to visit with many college friends. So fun to catch up and laugh at all the good times we have had while making new memories.

Grad today was a full day of activities, with commencement this afternoon and dinner this evening. We only got home at about 10:15 pm from the banquet.

I will definitely have to post some pictures. I am really enjoying the digital camera because I don’t have to worry about how many pictures I take and if I am wasting food.

Tomorrow we are going to church for a 9:30 service and then we hit the road to come home. Next trip to Edmonton will be for a wedding this July. (I just need to buy my ticket)

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We're Here!

Well, after a bit long, but very nice ride, we made it to Edmonton.

We saw several herds of Elk and Ram. We even saw a couple of Bald Eagles and one moose. I will post some pictures when I get home.

Today some of us are going to the Biggest Mall in the World! (West Edmonton mall)

I am going to try and meet up with some friends today as well.

The high for today is supposed to be about 65 or so. A bit cloudy, but warm.

And Last but not least, Edmonton Plays Detroit for Game 1 in the playoffs. Go Oilers!!!!

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Edmonton or Bust!

Well, I am pretty excited. I am going to Edmonton in two days. This time the trip to Edmonton is for much better reasons, my brother’s graduation.

I am pretty stoked to hang out with my “old college buddies” two of whom, maybe even three, I was not able to see last month.

So I guess tomorrow is like a Friday. That’s always fun to have an early Friday.

Hope everyone had a good Easter. On Good Friday, we went to our daughter church for the service. One of the NAB churches in the area is Romanian. Their choir sang “To God be the Glory.” It was spectacular.


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Happy to be alive day

Today is my “Happy to be alive day.” That is, 23 years ago today, I had open-heart surgery.

A few years ago, when I celebrated my 20th anniversary, some of my friends threw me a surprise party. It was one of those things that I will remember the rest of my life. Although it was pretty humorous, it was still very heartfelt, no pun intended. One friend even baked a cake. Another made a large heart (the shape, not the organ) out of poster board and had people sign it. Some of the comments are pretty funny such as, “Glad your not dead” and “it would have been hard to have you as a good student in my class if you were dead.”

There is even a lovely haiku written by my friend Pete. It goes like this:

Deb the Survivor
Heart fixed by very sharp knives
Deb, rocks, Rock Deb, Rock.

I really like the second line. If anyone knows Pete, or any of the Hilda crew for that matter, the line is not really that unusual.

I got out the card today and read the comments, good times college was.

This last Sunday I told my brother Tim that he now gets to have a “happy to be alive day” too. He just laughed.


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