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I paid

I paid 3.35 for a gallon of gas yesterday. A few miles away from where I bought gas, I also saw it selling for 3.28 a gallon. There are perks to living in the DFW area.

Well, I might have found an apartment. Later this week, I am going to go take a look at the smaller floor plan. It is cheaper, plus, the plan is more open feeling in the kitchen area and has a kitchen bar. I have a feeling this will actually make the floor plan feel bigger than the one with 20 more square feet.

I started packing. Most of my books and movies are now in boxes. I think this time around I might have to pick up a couple more boxes. I think I threw some out after the last move because they were so worn out.


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Well, it’s August now, which means my medical insurance has finally started up again. That was a long 6 months, but I am glad to report no doctors appointments while uncovered. No medical emergencies to speak of. I still need to find out the specifics about waiting periods on Pre-existing conditions (so it may be another year before I am able to have my “annual” cardiology exam), but I am glad that uninsured period of time is over.

I even have dental. I have Texas plates, and a new driver’s license. I even registered to vote here, so I guess it’s time to find a dentist and a primary care physician. Maybe I will even give it another go on trying to rid myself of these sinus headaches/migraines/whatever they are.

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"It can't be done," they said.

“Take it to the dealer.” “You need special tools.” That is what I kept hearing when discussing burnt out bulbs for my Jetta. The very first time a light burned out, it was a turn signal. I went and bought the aproprate bulbs only to open up the car manual and it read “see dealer.” After asking around, I learned that it was a complicated process and the only way to get a new bulb was to take it to the dealer.

Now maybe that is the case with turn signals or tail lights, but I figured they were all this way because the manual has the same message “see dealer.”

As you can expect, this becomes expensive and time consuming. Earlier this week, to my utter dismay, I discovered that one of my headlights burned out. Great. I do not have much money and I already knew I needed my car to pass inspections, in order to get my new title and registration, in order to get my new drivers license. Now I knew I needed to replace the bulb so the car would pass inspections and begin to knock down the line of dominos.

I asked around at work to see what other VW owners do. Eventually this started a conversation about VW bulbs and how I might find help online. Turns out, a co-worker found a great “how to” site. So this afternoon, I purchased a $10 bulb and changed it out myself. My hands got extremely dirty, it took me about 30 minutes, I was worried at one point that I broke something, and I had to amend the “how to” steps as they did not work for my car 100%, but in the end, I changed my own headlight bulb! Yeah, saving myself around $70. Sweet.

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It was the battery

not the starter, not the alternator, the battery. And it will be ready to pick up later today.

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my car broke today

After work today, I attempted to go home. In doing so, I tried to start my car. It wouldn’t start. The radio came on, the dashboard lit up, but the engine would not start. Not only that, but there was absolutely no attempt at the engine starting. Not even a clicking noise. (does this mean its the starter?)

I had to call AAA to come tow it about .25 miles around the street corner to where I get my car looked at. I hope to hear back tomorrow as to what the problem is. I hope it does not cost too much because I have zero to spend.


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Introducing Precious

In honor of getting my car washed today, I thought I would post a picture of it. No, this picture is not from today. It is actually from my road trip out to Chicago this past August. I really like the photo because it kind of looks like an advertisement for Volkswagen.

It was taken at my Grandparents house shortly after my dad washed it. If you look close, you may notice a few bugs remaining on the bumper. But seriously, the entire front of the car was caked with them, so this is an incredible improvement. I wanted to post the photo a long time ago but I just realized today how I could eliminate my license plate from the picture.

If you are wondering about my car’s name, it is Precious. The name has a two fold meaning. 1. It is precious to me because I worked hard to own it. I want to treat it well and be a good steward of that which has value. 2. It is from the name given to the Ring in Lord of the Rings. A reminder that that which appears to be good can also draw one into darkness. In this case, it is a reminder to me that it is just a car. A (slightly ironic) statement that materialism is to be avoided.


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The Thaw

I think the thaw has begun. It was above freezing today. In fact I even saw a temperature reading that said 43! So…I got my car washed. Finally, I can stop worrying about all the salt it has collected. I only had to wait about 30 minutes in line, which was not too bad.

I am not sure if this warm spell is going to last for awhile, but the week has mostly high in the mid forties, even creeping up toward fifty. Perhaps by the end of the week, we will be without snow on the ground.

Now, on I go to enjoy my afternoon of no class. It is President’s day you know.

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Here it is wed. afternoon, I am supposed to be writing a paper regarding a particular issue in patristic theology (that is theology discussed during the ancient church period).

My particular subject is general revelation vs. specific revelation. Some of the church fathers had interesting ideas about truth and Greek philosophy being to the Greeks as the law was to the Jews, prior to the incarnation.

So instead of writing my paper, I am blogging about the subject….I should really use this five minutes wiser. The 9 to 11 page paper is due tomorrow. What do I have written? Nothing. (but I do have a ton of note cards done, so I just have to organize them and then do the actual typing of the paper, its practically done).

So we did have a little bit of water in the basement. My landlords where here this morning to bleach out the basement.

And today I got gas for my car. I am pretty sure it has been about a month since I filled up. The last time I got gas, it was $2.89 a gallon. Today it was $2.38. The downer is that I think my car is mad at me for not driving it very much. While I was filling up gas, a random stranger saw my “go Hawks” sign and asked me if I saw the game. I grinned, acknowledged the fact that the Hawks got smoked, but yet it is only one loss.


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My car

I now own my car which is pretty sweet. The title came in the mail yesterday. BUT I also have to take my car in tomorrow because the engine light is on. Good thing I don’t have class or work tomorrow…

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32.5 degrees

Celsius that is, in Fahrenheit, 91. That’s the temperature high according to my car yesterday at 3 in the afternoon. The weather people projected it to be warmer today, but I don’t know if it actually was.

During this stretch of beautiful warm weather, I have had been able to enjoy some nice time outside. On Saturday, I hung out with some friends from church and we had a lovely game of Settlers of Catan. Using a board for our table and sitting on blankets, we were able to play the game on the lawn. On Sunday evening, I helped cheer on my church’s softball team to their second win.

Yeah for small amounts of sun so I can tan slowly without burning! Tomorrow is also going to be in the mid 80s.

The only downer to the heat, I think my light sensing, self-dimming, rear view mirror is totally falling apart. First the darker coating crept to the side of the mirror. Now there is something that appears to be an air bubble in this brown liquid that is making the mirror distorted. I read on line that this liquid has the tendency to leak out on hot days, so I put some cloths down to protect the rest of the car.

I was not going to get the mirror fixed when the dark part stopped working, but I might have to rethink that if the mirror continues to be distorted.


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