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Couple of funny things

Like I said, I don’t post videos that often, but I found these funny.

Moody Bible Institute is a school in downtown Chicago. Founded by D.L. Moody (who’s birthday is today 2/5), it is known world wide for its training of Christian students. Moody provides students the opportunity to go to college tuition paid. While sometimes scoffed at for what is seen by some as strict rules and ties to “fundamentalist” christianity, Moody does provide a great education for bible students. Several of my friends from Wheaton Grad School completed their undergrad at Moody.

Each year they have a lip-sync competition and this one of the best from 2007. I love the silliness and creativity that can be found on college campuses. I think that taking away the drinking and other typical college activities that do not meet biblical muster on christian campuses pushes these creative antics to an even higher, more perfected level.

As a slight side note, the professor in the opening minutes of the first was the leader of the UK trip I went on last may which was a Moody trip.

Another thing….Moody and Wheaton have a bit of a rivalry (for lack of a better word). Stereotypes abound. Moodies are: “Homeschoolers, not as intelligent, holier than thou, more ministry focused” Wheaties are: “spoiled, rich, arrogant, have a more culturally relevant christianity”

While most stereotypes have a reason for existing, both schools are fantastic. The fact is they have different purposes and each takes thier purpose seriously and strives to meet it. AND both have lame mascots, the Moody Archers (as in an arch on a building, not a person shooting arrows) and the Wheaton Thunder (but the logo is a bolt of lighting).

Enjoy this “recruitment” video for Moody on the campus of Wheaton.

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I thought about it…

And I decided “no.” The Oilers are playing tomorrow in Chicago against the Blackhawks at the United Center. I can get downtown easy enough, but to then try and figure out what bus to ride from the train, to the United Center..ugh. Maybe in March when they are back in town I can rally up a group of people who don’t care about hockey, but would go for cheep entertainment (tickets are like 10-20 dollars).

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Bottom of the 13th

I just want to say, this is why I love the game of baseball. Who can match the drama of a one game playoff that contains each team coming from behind only to go into extra innings? And Yes, I stayed up to finish the game. I watched the first inning. Later (around the 6th inning) I tuned in the radio and listened to most of the rest of the game. I heard the crazy bottom of the 13th.

Now that the division series start tomorrow, I am rooting for the Cubbies. (I would not mind seeing Colorado do well, as I will be in the state of Colorado in about 2.5 weeks.)

Go Cubs Go.
Go Cubs Go.
Hey Chicago whaddya’ say
The Cubs are going to Win today!

-Steve Goodman, “Go Cubs Go”

This is for Lance:

Just wait…Can you imagine if the m’s win…I can hardly contain myself for the funness I could have…



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Not too shabby! Thats the season record for the Mariners. They end 6 games out of the division and 6 games back of the wild card. While they made it close in August, they failed to keep the momentum in September. So, slightly disappointing. At the same time, what an improvement! This year was much more fun than the last few. I look forward to off-season improvements, a winter lull, and a hopeful February.

For the winter, I will cheer on the Seahawks (who are looking to destroy the 49ers) and the oilers (who went 4-2 in preseason). For the month of October, I must confess, I am rooting for the N.L. While the teams might be weaker overall, their stories are much more fun. I just cant root for the Angels. Definatley not, when it comes to the Yankees. Boston, they had their turn a few years back. And Cleveland, no thanks. Better stories run with the Phillies and the Cubbies. (It helps to live in Chi-town).

Here’s a photo from the other day at Wrigley. I did not take the picture, but basically, it is about where we were standing and it felt like we were almost this close.


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…Go cubs go!

Ok, first things first. I am sad the M’s are out. I cheered for them, I listened to games on the radio, on the internet, I watched games on tv, I even went to Wrigley by my self just to see them play. I have a mariners sign hanging in my car (which plan to take down and replaces with a “go hawks” sign). I called the station to top it all off when they were fantastic in August. Yes, I am bummed they lost and fell out of the playoff chase.

That being stated, I was in downtown Chicago tonight with some friends. we were near by Wrigleyville having coffee, so after we got outside, we noticed that the Cubs must have clenched the division. So we walked down to Wrigley. The people were pretty mild, but our section of the sidewalk did get cleared out by some very intimidating police on horses. Flags waving, people cheering, horns honking. It was fun to see. I took a photo of the famous Wrigley Field sign with the “Chicago Cubs are the 2007 National League Central Champions” but it was with my phone. Because it is on the phone it is impossible to read and I cannot even send it to my computer. It was still fun to see.

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Mr. BB King

Tonight I went to Rivinia, an outdoor music festival in Chicago. It takes place throughout the summer with a wide range of different musicians. Tonight was Joan Osborne (known for the song “what if God was one of us”) and Mr. BB King. I was debating whether to go or not the other day and someone said, “hey, he’s probably going to die soon. This could be your last opportunity to see him play.” That sold me on it (He is 81 years old). It was pretty fun. Great music. Great company. Good food. Totally worth it. And one day I might just tell my grand kids about the time I saw Mr. BB King play in Chicago.

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Yes, sometimes I call radio stations

Tonight I listened to about half of the M’s game. After the game I was supposed to be going to bed but for some reason I decided to try and call KOMO and talk to the people on the Mariners Post game show. The M’s played the white sox so I thought “if I can get through on the phone line and say I am calling from Chicago, they got to let me on.”

So I called.

And I got on.

First I had to explain that while I was calling from Chicago, I have lived here about a year and am really from P-town. Then I dropped in a “Yeah, my little bro went to the game tonight so if your listening, Hi Tim”

I then went to my main point, which is as follows: Ok, Wildcard is great. Sure, its nice to stay in front of the Yankees, or whoever else is right there, but similar to ’95, we need to focus on the Angles. “We can take ’em,” I said.

In reply they (there were 3 people doing the post game) told me I was the “2007 Jay Buhner” I said I would take that as a complement, but then they told me it means I need to shave my head (M’s fans will understand this comparison). I said I don’t know about that. We all laughed at this.

They then proceeded to ask what takes me to Chicago. I said school, they asked where. I said Wheaton College, doing an M.A. One guy, Probably Valley, recognized the school, asked me what I am taking. “Religion in American Life” He replied “that’s great.” The three then started commenting something like “she’s smarter then the three of us put together,” I just laughed at this point.

I then commented on how it’s hard to not be home rooting for the M’s with everyone else. I said I will probably move more west and can hopefully take in some more games in the future. How the only M’s game I have been to was at Wrigley, which was pretty cool.

They asked if I was listening online. To which I said yes, but while they have been playing the Sox, I have been able to catch a bit on TV. I pointed out how the announcers keep commenting on the amazing weather in Seattle, which frustrates me because Seattle is always nice in the summer.

They ended the conversation by wishing me well, telling me to take advantage of living in a two baseball team town (to which I reply “yeah and Lou Piniella”. They said Thanks for the call, call back any time. “Will do,” I replied. And with that it was over.

It must have been a good 30 seconds to a minute…definitely the longest I have talked on the radio (and I have probably been on the air at least 5-10 times).

Immediately after, I called my dad. When he answered I was like “turn on the radio.” We all know there is a delay and I hoped he would pick up quick enough to hear the tail end, but it was too late anyway. We chatted for a moment. Then I called Tim. YES! He and a friend were driving home and heard me talk. He had even called a left me a voice mail, but I was talking to my dad. To my relief, he confirmed that I did not sound like an idiot. And now it is 1 am and I don’t know how I will fall asleep.

That was my adventure for the evening.

Other than that, I spent about 6 hours helping a friend move today. I am tired and sore. Maybe that will help me sleep. Night.


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Wedding time!

Ok, so I am now back in Chi-town. Sorry to those who I was not able to see! IT was a crazy busy which was fun, but sad that I could not hang out with everyone 😦

My cardiology appointments went well; I got new glasses; hung out a bit with my super cute nieces; participated in a fun wedding; wore the tallest shoes I have ever worn in my life; and got to sing on the worship team at church. Not to mention seeing an aunt & uncle, grandparents and a cousin that I have not seen in years.

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding day. My uncle took a few with my camera since I was busy all day being in the wedding, but I haven’t put those on my computer yet. SO, these are from a few my Sister-in-law took.

It was a bit rainey on the day of the wedding so we were fortunate that the matron of Honor purchased 5 pink umbrellas just in case. They ended up being great accessories.

The Wedding Party

My Family

Here is a fun one of my dad. They took a series of photos of him doing “singing in the rain” but this one reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting.

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The Dark Knight

As everyone knows, Batman is the most wicked cool super hero of all time. What you may not know is that a portion of Batman begins was filmed in Chicago. And now The Dark Knight is filming here. Because they had such a great experience with the first film, filming for this one will be in town even longer. June to September. Tonight portions of upper and lower wacker were closed due to filming. We heard about it on the radio. All I can say is that July of 08 has one super rad movie coming out.

******UPDATE****** Saturday afternoon

We are heading downtown to try and see some of the filming! So Excited.

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Mariners Lost :(

It was a fun day even though the Mariners did not win.

Here I am in the driveway on the beginning of my trip. First I had to walk to the metra (commuter train) to go downtown. After that I had to catch the red line (subway) to wrigleyville. I noticed an older couple and their granddaughter dressed in cubs shirts and hats when I got on the Metra. While walking to the subway I saw them again and asked if they were going to the cubs game. When they said yes, I kind of asked if it was ok if I just followed them to the red line. Upon talking, they mentioned that they just returned on Tuesday from a trip to the UK & Ireland. We determined that we were not on the same flight Tuesday, but while in England, Wales, and Ireland, we went to many of the same places.

The Famous sign outside Wrigley.

These guys were playing some tunes while fans were going into Wrigley.

I had a bit of an obstructed view. Most of the time I was able to lean forward and see what was going on at second base.

And here I am. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn the flash on.

One other thing of note, the Fray (a band I really like) played a show in Chicago yesterday so they happened to be the guest conductors for “take me out to the ballgame” in the seventh.

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