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Good times altering clothing

I got this super cute skirt at the mall a few months ago (I may have even blogged about it) but I have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable shirt to wear with it. My “sister-in-law to be” & I even checked out the mall again this week with no luck.

Finally on Friday, I went back to Old Navy and found a shirt that might just work. It was on sale, but still cost a pretty penny. When I got home and tried it on with the skirt, it was still too long. (The skirt has a nice belt. If I wear a long shirt and it covers the belt, it looks really frumpy.)

So I decided to cut the shirt myself. I must have taken 5 inches off it. Then I also decided to take the trim on the sleeves so it would match. Not conventional, but it worked. The shirt is linen, so it looked like that was just the style.


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Shopping, who needs it.

So I hate shopping. I usually have a very good idea in my head about what I want. I walk in a store, scan for the item. If I don’t see it I turn around and walk out. If I see a possibility, I go look at the item.

Last week I purchased a very nice skirt for a summer wedding I will be attending. Then yesterday I decided to go find a shirt to wear with it. I was very unsuccessful. I did buy a pair of cargo pants (I have never had a quality pair before) and an additional REALLY cute skirt. Got home, realized I have a shirt in my closet that will work with the first skirt.

Then I started thinking about the second skirt. No shoes or shirt to match. Today I headed back to the store, bought a nice shirt and finally found a pair of shoes.

Went home and the shirt & shoes actually go MUCH better with the first skirt. So now I have one outfit and one skirt that still needs a nice shirt to wear with it. At least I have something nice & new to wear to church on Sunday.

I repeat. I hate shopping.


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