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Yeah more research!

Well, most of today I spent researching my next paper. I believe I still have 10 books and 3 journal articles to look through. My goal is to be done with it by tomorrow evening so I can watch the Seahawks take on the Bears. Lets be serious, I will watch the game whether I am done researching or not. 🙂

Other than that it has been a pretty boring day.

Maybe I will go to a coffee shop tomorrow afternoon to have a nice change of atmosphere for studying. We will see.


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Something new for me

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Naperville. Reading a famous speak by Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

I am required to write a page reaction to this sermon taking into account the historical context, biographical information of Edwards, and the context of the Sermons collection that I read from.

Upon writing this reflection, I am struck with something completely new to me. Up until a few years ago, I would insist that I do not like to write. That I am terrible at writing. And while my ability to write well (or is it good?) is debatable, I find myself completely enjoying the process of putting words together to express my thoughts. Who knew I would like to write papers. Perhaps this one will be a-typical because I do not need to do a ton of research so the background work is considerately less than future papers, but regardless, I am enjoying the process.

Here I sit, music (switchfoot, Audio A, dc talk, U2, coldplay, FFH, Relient K, Chris Tomlin) rushing my ears with sound, drowning out my surroundings. I close my eyes and type – fingers flying, uncontrollably slamming individual letters – thoughts pouring out and thus a paper of reflection is created. The best part is, its my reflection, wrong answers are impossible to derive.

Back to the work I must go. As I labor on this “labor day” our time of work is almost over. We did not go down town as planned due to weather, but later we will take a break and watch a movie. Until then…I must immerse myself in my studies.

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What an exhausting week! Tim is doing much better.

This evening my other brothers & I got to spend some time with our pals from Washington who now live up here.

Got a good laugh in when my eldest brother tried to beat me to an automatic door. His feet slipped out from under him and it was like he was trying to slide in to third base or something. We laughed so hard we could not help him up. He was not injured although had he been, the door we were about to enter was the hospital. He did succeed in getting the door to open.

Had a great meal at a little restaurant called Earl’s. Watched the end of a U of A hockey game in which they won, advancing to the national championship. Caught the last bit of the UCLA / Memphis game.

Today I also won a coffee in the Tim Horton’s “Roll up the Rim to Win” game. I better get my free coffee tomorrow. We are planning on flying out on Monday.

Finally, today I tried my first game of Sudoku. I really like it. Finished 2 easy games, finished 2 medium games, got stuck on one medium game and am in the middle of another medium game. Definitely getting a book of them when I get home.


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Got my new Toque

Tim is recovering nicely. “Slow & steady wins the race”

I got my Canadian toque today. I had it mailed to Tim a few weeks ago because they would not ship to the US of A. After living in Canada for 3 years, I had no clothing that said Canada at all. For the last few years I have been on the lookout for a nice hoody.

When the Olympics came around this year, I decided I really like the white toques the Canadian team had. The one with the red maple leaves and red strips. I look forward to wearing it in Chicago.

Got to have coffee with an old school friend today. It was great to be able to catch up. I have a few more individuals that I would love to spend some time with. It seems like one visit a day or two visits a day is working out nicely. Plus it is a chance for me to escape the hospital for a while.

I think my goal for tomorrow will be to eat a bit more food. I tend to lose my appetite when I travel.

And tonight, more time for reading Pride & Prejudice. After reading Emma, I did not think Pride & Prejudice could top it. Now however, I understand why it is the “masterpiece.”

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Free coffee

Can a weekend be any odder than this?

I should start by saying this has been an all around stressful week. A computer at work was not working, we got a new one, old printers did not plug in to the new computer. Mass ridiculousness.

Then on Friday morning, on my way to work, I stopped to get a coffee. In the drive through line, I was getting really frustrated with the guy in front of me. He kept not pulling his truck up all the way. I just wanted to pull up, put my car in park and wait until the next car drove away. (I hate sitting with my foot on the brake). By the time I got to order I was so annoyed!!! Then turns out the guy in front of me likes to do these “random acts of kindness”. My coffee was paid for.

I felt like a jerk! I thanked the Lord, asked for forgiveness for my attitude and said, “today is going to be a great day.” That free coffee was the highlight of the day. Though my attitude was better, it all went down hill from there.

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