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Hooooow Dooo You Doooo?

Alice learns from the Queen of Hearts how to curtsey.

I really like the second one because it looks like I just got really tall.
Alice eats both the cake & part of a mushroom that make here grow really tall



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One of the Grad student houses is throwing a halloween party. The theme is movies. I am drawing a blank on who I should dress up as. Any suggestions?


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Let the Games Begin…

I am just about to go watch the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. I really like the Olympics. I think the winter Olympics are much more fun to watch than the summer ones, so I am really glad it is winter this time around.

After this, I have to wait 4 more years, and then Vancouver BC hosts them. Close to home, except I won’t live here then. Maybe I’ll have to come visit…

The sock hop dessert thing I was going to tomorrow was cancelled 😦
I am really bummed that I no longer have a reason to wear my poodle skirt. It was suggested to me that no one is stopping me from wearing the skirt tomorrow, but hanging out at my house with a poodle skirt on is just not the same. Next time. Now I have more time to put off fixing the hole.

What’s that? The games are about to begin, you say? The music is starting? All right, I’d best get going.

Everyone together now…. “What time is it? GAME TIME, HUH!”

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My Hair Dryer Broke

Yep, just bought a new one. This morning while I was getting ready for church, my hair dryer stopped working properly. Good thing it was right at the end of drying my hair for today. It still blows out air, but it should be 3 different options on temperature, cool, warm & hot. Now they are all cool.

So this afternoon, I stopped by the store. I ended up buying the exact same kind. Since it was less then 20 dollars, it could last as long as the old one did and still be worth the price. I think I had the old one about 2 – 2.5 years or so. Not quite sure.

I also purchased some shoes for the Valentine Sock Hop. yes, shoes for a Sock Hop. Last night after blogging, I did discover a hole in my skirt, but it is on one of the seems and it should be pretty easy to fix. Now all I need is a scarf for my hair.

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Lack of Creativity

Here it is Saturday evening and I am a little bored. Didn’t do much today, other than the laundry. Watched a bit of TV, did a little reading, took a nap. Not feeling very creative this week. For a while on Wed, I toyed with the idea of creating my own line of office supplies.

This week I learned that the word “Tele” is Greek and means “far” which is why it is used in words such as, telegraph, telephone, television, and teleprompter. I really like that with the world teleprompter. It is someone out there who is “prompting” from afar, by use of computer and a little screen. If you type your own stuff, I guess you are also Prompting from afar in both space & time. Hopefully knowing the definition of Tele will be useful someday in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

I heard that the annual Valentines Talent Show/Desert Extravaganza that the church youth put on each year has a 50’s theme. Those in attendance are supposed to dress in outfits from the era. Fortunately for me, when I was in, oh probably 9 or 10th grade, there was a similar youth event. So I happen to have a home made poodle skirt. (Those other three out there who also made theirs the same night I did, one who I know occasionally reads this, I still laugh at our 4 seemed skirts.) I remember trying it on last year, and I thought I ripped a hole in it. I tried it on again this week and to my delight, no hole can be found and it still fits!

Now all I need are some Keds and a blue scarf to tie in my hair. I am actually looking forward to the event. Last year I did not attend because I figured it would be annoying to go by myself, but this year I will probably go anyway.

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