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Closing Down

I’m closing down my bank account today – finally got everything matched up with my husband’s account. Not quite in time though – still charged a $12 fee yesterday. ūüė¶

I also need to take in the most recent batch of rolled “Pennies for Debra” which is around $10. (Almost covers the bank fee.)

The SpamBots are starting to pick up my email address and link it with job finding. Look SpamBots – I am an Email Specialist, I know what good email looks like and I know what junk email looks like. *Reported & Deleted.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I have a consultation with a client today. We will be discussing their goals and objectives to best plan how they should implement social media to better engage with their customers.

I’m also planning on drinking Shamrock Shake which will then require me to brush my teeth extra well before my afternoon dentist appointment.

PS don’t forget to finish your bracket. They close at 12 pm EST. Still looking for a group to join? Play on Yahoo with: “Win Troy’s Stuff”

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Working from Home

This is a new experience for me.

My hubby works from home all the time as a freelance “creative problem solver” (check him out here), but I’m not used to being in my house all day, working, losing track of time, and never seeing people face to face.

So here I sit in our loft (because heat rises and the rest of the house is freezing!) typing, reading, and thinking.

Perks of working from home:
Working in my pajama pants
Making BBQ on the grill for lunch
Having the entire contents of the pantry and fridge at my bidding for an afternoon snack

Thing I miss about office life:
Laughing with coworkers
Collaborating on ideas
Working quickly as a team – almost well oiled machine
Celebrating accomplishments together

Where do you work? And what are the perks of your situation?


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BBQ with ‘Family’

I just got home from a BBQ. It was hosted by a ‘recently former’ co-worker.

The activities of this Monday were so quick, that not all the proper goodbyes could be made.  To end of the week with a fun BBQ together was perfect. We all had a chance to process over the last few days and tonight felt more like a celebration of moving forward.

Yes, it was bitter-sweet. The reality is there were some people in that house that I will probably never see again. ¬†Some I might just have an “across the bandwidth pipe-line relationship” with via social media. ¬†Others I hope to stay closer in touch. An occasional lunch. Perhaps a baseball game or two. ¬†And I will continue crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, down the road I will have an opportunity to work with some again.

We were surprised with one former co-worker (who moved across¬†country 9 months ago) appearance via Skype. We all greeted him, laughed (and booed) together. And we remembered the years. As we were doing so, I thought that this group of people are like family. My community. For the last 3 years, people I “do life” with. Day in – day out, 8-5, weekend updates, evening plans, random conversations, laughter, gallon challenges, nerf gun wars, tight timelines, fantastic production. Every day.

At my church there is a strong push for community groups. Groups that are more than just a Bible study, they want us to live life together and dive in deep.

I was struck tonight that this group of friends from my day job, were really like a large community group. We cared about each other. And maybe (in the church sense) not all share my set of beliefs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love and support one another. I do not understand how people survive in a world of isolation.

And with that I say “To True Friendship, Cheers.”

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6 Days

That’s how many work days I have left in 2009.

This week, plus Next Monday. Then I’m done for the year. ¬†I took a few days off around Christmas and than my company decided to close the entire week after Christmas. It turns out with that few days off… I will have a 19 day stretch where I only work 1 day. And the best part – the fact that the office closes, so it’s not like I’ll be getting behind on my work.

sweet. It will be nice.

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1 year later

Today celebrates my first anniversary working at Pursuant.¬† Its really good to be a little settled here. I love the people I work with and often lines of co-worker and friend blur tremendously.¬† It’s also super rad to work at a place that helps non-profits.¬† It’s nice to make a small difference in the world.

Here’s to the first year, and hopefully many more, of “Helping those who do good, do better.”

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Blogging up a storm!

We are under a tornado watch right now…
Anyway, I wanted to give a penny update. ¬†As of today – 1866 Pennies have found a loving home at “Pennies for Debra.”
Also for our daily trivia game at work, I started out quite dismally with an 0-4 record. Finally on the fifth day I got one right.  Before this week began, I was still at a sorry 2-5 record.
I am happy to announce that I had an amazing 5 for 5 record this week! ¬†The best of all participants. So my running record is now 7-5. ¬†I have to be honest, I was a little nervous and feeling the pressure heading into today’s question. ¬†One other individual was also 4 for 4 before today’s question, but he did not get it right today. ¬†We play in two week segments (after two weeks, the scores are wiped back to zero), so next week, I will be trying to stay ahead and add to my one point lead heading into next Friday.

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