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BBQ with ‘Family’

I just got home from a BBQ. It was hosted by a ‘recently former’ co-worker.

The activities of this Monday were so quick, that not all the proper goodbyes could be made.  To end of the week with a fun BBQ together was perfect. We all had a chance to process over the last few days and tonight felt more like a celebration of moving forward.

Yes, it was bitter-sweet. The reality is there were some people in that house that I will probably never see again.  Some I might just have an “across the bandwidth pipe-line relationship” with via social media.  Others I hope to stay closer in touch. An occasional lunch. Perhaps a baseball game or two.  And I will continue crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, down the road I will have an opportunity to work with some again.

We were surprised with one former co-worker (who moved across country 9 months ago) appearance via Skype. We all greeted him, laughed (and booed) together. And we remembered the years. As we were doing so, I thought that this group of people are like family. My community. For the last 3 years, people I “do life” with. Day in – day out, 8-5, weekend updates, evening plans, random conversations, laughter, gallon challenges, nerf gun wars, tight timelines, fantastic production. Every day.

At my church there is a strong push for community groups. Groups that are more than just a Bible study, they want us to live life together and dive in deep.

I was struck tonight that this group of friends from my day job, were really like a large community group. We cared about each other. And maybe (in the church sense) not all share my set of beliefs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love and support one another. I do not understand how people survive in a world of isolation.

And with that I say “To True Friendship, Cheers.”

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6 Days

That’s how many work days I have left in 2009.

This week, plus Next Monday. Then I’m done for the year.  I took a few days off around Christmas and than my company decided to close the entire week after Christmas. It turns out with that few days off… I will have a 19 day stretch where I only work 1 day. And the best part – the fact that the office closes, so it’s not like I’ll be getting behind on my work.

sweet. It will be nice.

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1 year later

Today celebrates my first anniversary working at Pursuant.  Its really good to be a little settled here. I love the people I work with and often lines of co-worker and friend blur tremendously.  It’s also super rad to work at a place that helps non-profits.  It’s nice to make a small difference in the world.

Here’s to the first year, and hopefully many more, of “Helping those who do good, do better.”

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Blogging up a storm!

We are under a tornado watch right now…
Anyway, I wanted to give a penny update.  As of today – 1866 Pennies have found a loving home at “Pennies for Debra.”
Also for our daily trivia game at work, I started out quite dismally with an 0-4 record. Finally on the fifth day I got one right.  Before this week began, I was still at a sorry 2-5 record.
I am happy to announce that I had an amazing 5 for 5 record this week!  The best of all participants. So my running record is now 7-5.  I have to be honest, I was a little nervous and feeling the pressure heading into today’s question.  One other individual was also 4 for 4 before today’s question, but he did not get it right today.  We play in two week segments (after two weeks, the scores are wiped back to zero), so next week, I will be trying to stay ahead and add to my one point lead heading into next Friday.

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Update from "Penny"

Three new things on the Penny front.

First, the current count is 1626. 

Second, today in a penny contribution, I was given a nickel.  I tried to return it but the contributer didn’t want it.  When I saw it was from 1940, I insisted they take it back. They said “no! why do I want a dirty old penny.  I would just want to throw it away”.  So in addition to 129 additional pennies from this contributor (one of which was a 1955 “wheat-head”), I received a very old penny.
Third, we are playing a daily, afternoon Trivia game at work.  It just started this week and before one could participate, they needed to have a nick name.  While my family had nick names for me growing up (Miss Chif) and some people occasionally call me Deb, neither would work for this.  Therefore, my co-workers had to come up with one for me.  And so, in the game, I am Penny.


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Crazy Cool!

So Michael W. Smith has a concert at my church tonight. I heard about it a few weeks ago, but with ticket prices, could not go. (it’s a charity concert).

Found out this morning that someone at work purchased several tickets in order to donate to the charity, but was giving them away free to anyone who wanted them. SO, my self and 3 friends from church are going! Very excited about this!

ALSO – yesterday we were talking about Chipolte. I haven’t had a chipolte burrito in a very long time and the conversation made me crave one. I got home from work and there in my mail box, the only piece of mail, was an ad for Chipole that contained a Free Burrito! No strings attached. Nothing else to buy. One free Burrito – I’m going to go eat it for lunch.

Oh, yeah, and “Pennies for Debra” is now up to 640.


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Search for the Shamrock Shake

Thanks to the reminder from someone at work, many of us at Pursuant talked about how we wanted a Shamrock Shake. One person drove down to McDonalds to try and get one, but they did not have them.

This made me sad, so I contacted McDonalds. Here are the results of the Search for a Shamrock Shake:

I wrote McD’s and said:

“I just moved to Texas. Is it true that they do not have shamrock shakes here!?!?! Our main local McDonald’s doesn’t. Is that true for the entire state?

That makes me very sad.”

Their Response:

“Hello Debra:
Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s. We appreciate your interest in our Shamrock Shake.

The Shamrock Shake is a “promotional” product offered for a limited time only. Since the decision to offer promotional products is made on a region by region basis, I have forwarded your comments to the McDonald’s regional office in your area for their consideration in deciding if they will offer the Shamrock Shakes to their customers next year.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s and sharing your comments with us. Hopefully, the Shamrock Shake will be offered at your local McDonald’s next year.

McDonald’s Customer Response Center”

(The moral of the story is…have everyone you know email in for shamrock shakes and maybe they will show up next year)


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Update on Homeless Pennies

The following is a copy of a blog post on our inter-office communication application. So far there has been a very positive response, including two additional contributions:

A fellow coworker (who shall remain nameless) told me that she throws pennies away! I was SHOCKED! Throw them away? Didn’t her mother ever tell her that money does not grow on trees? (Well, technically, paper money does…but pennies do not.)

Upon hearing this, I asked if she would give them to me instead of throwing them out. She said sure, and handed me three.

This got me thinking…how many homeless and unloved pennies are out there? What would it be like if I started collecting pennies that no one else wants? So I set out a sign with the three pennies. “Pennies for Debra* – Now accepting contributions.” By the end of the day, the three grew to 138.

Do you have abandoned and neglected pennies? Do they sit lonely in a dark drawer? The plight of the penny is tugging on your heart! 138 pennies found a new meaning to their existence. Which penny will be next?

Please consider contributing to Pennies for Debra. Your unwanted pennies need to have a sense of purpose again. Won’t you consider giving new life to a penny today? Drop off any unwanted pennies at Debra’s desk, no questions asked.

*”Pennies for Debra” will be consolidated, taken to the bank, and applied toward college loans or other debts to be determined at the time of turn in date by a very wise and judicious Debra.


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Pennies for Debra

I was talking to a friend at work who told me she throws away Pennies. In fact, up until not that long ago, she threw away nickles too!

I told her she should stop throwing the pennies away and just give them to me instead. So she gave me three that she had in her desk.

Then I decided to make a sign on my desk that says “Pennies for Debra – Now Accepting Contributions”

I also tweeted about it.

A short time later, another coworker came over, read the sign, left, returned with a gigantic handful of pennies.

My ultimate plan is to put them toward some bills I owe on.

So I amended my sign to say “Pennies for Debra(‘s College Loan) Now Accepting Contributions”

Make sure to read the update Here

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Have you heard of the gallon challenge?

This is a challenge to drink 1 gallon of milk in an hour and then keep it down for an hour.

This morning at work, after much hype, talk and excitement, three people gave it a go.

It was HILARIOUS! (and gross)

If you want to see some of the results (although view at your own risk): Click Here
or Here.

Thanks to Cabeeb for the videos.

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