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Tornado Warning

I got to “hide in my safe room” – well make that “safe cabinet” yesterday evening as the Tornado sirens sounded. I decided that one of my cabinets makes for the safest place in the house. It’s a big cabinet. It was only a little scary.

I don’t think there were any tornado’s that touched down in our area, though the same storm is responsible for tornadoes and a few deaths up in Oklahoma.

Other than that, life has been decent. Work is still extremely busy (It’s a quarter to 7 right now and I am about to head home. I’m taking some work with me to do while watching LOST). We had a HUGE meeting today at work as well. Check out the cool things that are happening at Pursuant!

I am also learning all sorts of new things at work. I hope to learn enough HTML to be able to put together my own blog – as far as the design and lay out go – maybe I’ll even be able to move over to and lose “blogspot” all together. That won’t be any time soon though.

I also am excited about how church has been going. This last Sunday I finally got matched up for a small group, so that starts this week and I am looking forward to actually having friends or knowing people at my church. Well, that’s not quite right, I do know some people who I also work with, but the church is pretty large so I do not usually see them.

Oh yes, and I am busy reading. Book 8 of the “Wheel of Time” series. I also picked up “Tolkien: Author of the Century” from the library but I fear I need to renew it. Because of a show I watch (LOST) and because I have regreted never taking physics, I am on physics kick. I am reading a biography on Galileo and as well as working through “Physics for Dummies”.

All that and no internet, thus the infrequent blog posts and one Very long one. I’m Impressed, you made it to the end of this post!

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I Learned

Today at work, I learned how to edit audio clips. I kind of already knew the basic idea because of a cd I made for my nieces, but now I know how to do it with the sound clips and the software I have on my work computer. Everyone kept telling me, “Oh, that’s easy!” and they were right, it is. But I still think it is fun to learn something new.

I watched the Fringe yesterday. I missed the first 10 minutes because I forgot about how central time works with tv shows. I practically missed the next 30 minutes because I was trying to get my antenna to pick up the signal and have a clearer picture. Over all, it seemed ok, but I did miss a good 40 minutes out of about 90. Maybe I will catch the encore on Sunday before I make up my mind.

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The End of the Day

At 5:30 on Tuesday, I nervously awaited the scheduled pick up of an overnight letter. As the minute hand ticked ever closer to the six, I was fearful that UPS was not coming. Still burned into my mind was the false hope I experienced at 4:50, I saw the truck drive by, but it never came into the parking lot.

The truck came down the road again, but I was skeptical it would do anything other than pick up the items from the drop box down the street. (The drop box is always the backup plan, except that in this case, the last pick up for the box was also 5:30 – if our scheduled pick up did not come, it would be too late for the drop box.) I handed the letter off to Lance, thinking, that if someone needed to sprint down the road to catch the truck, he would be much faster than I. To my pure delight, the truck did not pass the parking lot; it turned in. And this lead to the most magnificent event of my entire front desk experience.

Did you know they are considering a new event for the Olympics? It’s called “the 3m Man to UPS truck relay,” an event that I happened to miss while looking away for a fraction of a second. I caught a glimpse of a quickly moving brown truck through our parking lot. My first thought was that we missed him, which then changed to confusion. How was it that Lance no longer held the letter?

In fact, Lance had actually won the above mentioned Olympic event. With letter in hand, he stepped off the curb to hand the letter to the UPS truck driver. He thought he was saving the driver some time. Right. He thought the truck was going to slow down. Wrong. He did not realize how much time (an extra 2.326 seconds) he was saving the driver. The truck continued to barrel down the road, not slowing down. Lance leaped onto the curb, lifted up the letter, and jammed it into the outstretched hand of the driver, who was still going the same speed, had rolled down his window and stuck out his hand. Apparently it was amazing. I missed it, but Lance experienced it and Slay witnessed it. Gold medal.

So ends my time up front.

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Cement Patch Please

I discovered a down side to my favorite reason for being up here. Once again, I was fortunate enough to notice the large chunk of missing cement with my eyes, not my chair wheel.

Wednesday was a bit calmer than Tuesday. It went by pretty quick and I don’t really remember it so it must have been ok. As to be expected, both Thursday and Friday were quiet.

I decided Friday was the perfect day to try using a scooter for the first time. Apparently, the task is more difficult than it appears. On my first attempt, I inadvertently started to do a wheelie, which resulted in a near crash. The next several tries resulted in either a shaky scooter (which is impossible to have good balance on) or going so fast I could not turn. Fortunately, I was confined to a small space so my idea of “fast” is extremely relative. Also in the fortunate category, I quickly learned how to jump off to stop. Sweet. Thus concludes the five minute long event which will hereby be referred to as the “Great Scooter Olympics of 8-8-8.”

Will I be acquiring a scooter of my own any time soon? No. I think it would look one part silly and another part ridiculous to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads while working at a desk job all because of the interoffice transportation.

The rest of those two days were as follows:

And I answered the phone. And I learned how to listen to voice mail. And I proofed a few sends. And I went home at three (on Friday, five on Thursday).

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Stories from the Front lines

***Qualifyer: the following post, as well as the next two, are from my work blog. They chronicle my time filling in at the front desk. It has been slightly edited for content***

As most know, I am filling in at the front desk for the week (and a couple of days next week, but who’s counting?). The following is an account of my first two days in exile.

Each day, I enjoy having so many people come visit me, but I do see through the “Hello Debra” façade, to the true, “I really just want chocolate” reality. That is perfectly ok with me. (*edit, please don’t complain about lack of chocolate selections. It is what it is.)

Day one started out with a scanner that would not scan, and then proceeded to a printer that would not print. Moving past the fact that the operator of said printer tried to print a page two that did not actually exist, these two technical problems were quickly resolved.

The telephone gracefully gave me an entire three hours before it decided to ring. During this time of peace, I inadvertently locked myself out of a needed program due entering an incorrect password too many times. Fortunately after a two-hour waiting period, this problem remedied itself and no harm was done. While waiting to be allowed back into the program, I only fielded one prank call (you know who you are!) as well as a accidental hang-up on one person. Again, my on again-off again good luck pulled through and the person I hung up on was a Pursuant employee, not a client.

Then we all went home, so ends day one.

Day two was busy. With the help of my fulfillment friends cranking out work, a personal best was set in tasks completed. Day two also saw an improvement on how to use the telephone, with the exception of my ignorance in how to simply pick up the phone and call someone else in the building.

In the afternoon, the front door blew open on several occasions. At first I thought it was just someone exiting the building while I wasn’t looking, and then running away as fast as they could, which is why I didn’t see them outside when I looked up. My next idea was that someone was trying to escape by crawling out the door. It turns out that neither was the case and we were just being hit with a bit of wind. Thanks Edouardo.

So ends day two.

I must note that Kelly has an extremely difficult job, at which, she is fantastic.

To conclude, my favorite thing about sitting up here is the speed at which this chair slides across the cement floor. Carpet sure slows us down.

Until next time (should I survive to see more days), have a marvelous one.

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A night at the movies

So I changed my mind. For the very first time in my life (other than one point when a very kind old man wearing a cubs hat in p-town was so thankful I was able to fix his glasses he gave me a dollar), I got tips this week. I decided to spend my hard earned dollars on a movie of my choice. I was planning to go see Indian Jones 4, but several people have told me that it was only “ok” or not very good at all. So I changed my mind.

This evening I went and saw Prince Caspian. I really enjoyed it. Yes, its kids acting, its predictable, its a little hokey in spots and it is a children’s story, but I really liked it. When I was younger I always wished there were more chronicles of Narnia. I always felt as I heard or read the tale of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that I wanted to tale to continue, to be longer so that Narina would not disappear.

I read the first two books (LWW and Prince Caspian) several times and started the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but kept getting stuck. Finally, I got through it, and read the rest, still wishing there were more. In my minds eye, I was right there with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. The movies are fantastic because they allow us to go back to Narnia once more.

With this movie, I was struck with the character of Edmund. He is not Lucy, the innocent who perceives truth the quickest, yet he is the first to trust her. He knows both sides of the line (good and evil) and he was saved. He knows what could be and what is. He both stands next to and stands up to High King Peter. He both knows his place in times of humility and times of boldness. Perhaps it is because of his actions in the first story and his new self in the second that he seems the most human and fallen yet at the same time redeemed and righteous. Is he perfect? No. For he has not learned all he can from Narnia, thus he is intented to come back. Perhaps a little “already and not yet” in the story line.

Anyway the following is what I initally came to my blog to post. C.S. Lewis’ world of Narnia together with my favorite band. Pretty hard to top this (probably only cold be done with something from the world of Tolkien).


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Not much to say

Other than I am very sad at the latest losing streak by my Mariners.

I have been to the pool a total of three times so far. (It is hot here.  I think close to 100 today.)
Work is going ok.  Learning new things is very overwhelming.  Today was the first day that our store was open (I trained at a different store).
I am now more than halfway through season 3 of LOST.
I finished Curtain.  Turns out, I read it along time ago.  I am now reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.
I discovered that if I eat skittles at the same time as SweetTarts, it tastes like I am eating Chewy Spree.
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, but I worked today and work the next 4 afternoons (well I think it might be the morning on Monday) so I am planning on making myself a little barbecue dinner Monday evening.
Today was my first payday at my new job, but I forgot to pick up my check.
And last but most definitely not least, a very dear friend of mine from Edmonton got engaged this week. YEAH!
I guess I did have something to say.

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I know…I guess I should comment :(

Yes, I know. I have not been ignoring them. Its just that it makes me SO SAD! Not that I am give up any hope. Of course not, its only 32 games into the season. That means 130 games left. The M’s are going to improve! The rangers are playing in Seattle tonight (maybe that means I can watch a game some time in this series!?!?!) There have been injuries, there have been roster changes, there are guys called up who instead of igniting the offense just joined the hitting slump parade. No excuses, they are playing pretty terrible.

Now that they are tied at the bottom of the West/entire AL (and only one game better than the worst in the NL: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Colorado, & San Diego) Its time to KNOCK IT OFF! come on guys, you have the talent, lets play better than this!!!!!

So I start my new job this afternoon. Hello Starbucks, here I come!

Let see, what else…I finished LOST, season 1. I like it. On to season 2.

I watched the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, I was rooting for 2 horses: 1. Pyro (finished 8th) and Eight Belles (finished 2nd, after the race broke both front ankles and was euthanized on the spot). I am rethinking watching the Preakness. It just seems scientifically odd, such huge animals, small little feet and pushing them to the limit…

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Wicked Weather

Today we had a wild bout of weather. At lunch, I looked online at the radar to see if any rain was coming in and there were some large sections of very hard rain coming. Around 3:15 or so, the wind started kicking up and the rain came. It was so black, I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark in the middle of the day due to rain.

Right in the middle of helping a student, our power went out. It came on shortly later. I booted up the computer, logged in got to the screen I needed saw what I was looking for to help the student right before the power went out again. (Some would be proud, this student was from Detroit, so as I waited for the computer to bootup, we talked hockey). The power kept coming on & off, then when out for a long time.

Finally someone came down the hall and told us there were severe storm warnings and we needed to get downstairs away from windows. So off we went. It is the first day of new student orientation, so there were students, parents, and workers all hanging out in the hallways. I ended up in a nice section of the building that had a few emergency lights and an nearby office that had brought out some chairs.

After the main storm passed, we headed back up stairs to finish working for the last hour of the day.

I made it home fine although there were several places that did not have power at the traffic lights. My house has power, but here we are at 5:40 and they just put up some more severe weather warnings. I hear the thunder coming. All I can say is it is great that the new place I live has a basement.

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Its too Early

Its about 6:30 in the morning. I have already been awake for about 30 minutes, but my alarm is about to go off which means I Need to get going on the day. I am enjoying my summer job at the Finaid office. Great people to work with. Its just that I am so not a morning person! And I hate it when I wake up too early and my mind turns on so I cannot fall back a sleep. See what I mean? I think too much.

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