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Emealz week 7

We just went to the store and purchased our groceries for this week.  As our items rang up, and we paid the total:  $33!  I realized that one thing I didn’t factor in during my week 6 post is that we’ve been purchasing bulk items.

Things like frozen chicken breasts, fish filets, and ground beef, either at the grocery store, or bulk stores (both Sams & Costco). So that would have made our bills higher this last month, for food we have not really eaten or factored in yet.  We didn’t need to purchase any meat today, so that made our bill much smaller.

All that to say, the ultimate money savings will be easier to factor out when we are able to take a couple of months and average them.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out E-Mealz for yourself.

** bonus side note, we swung by the grocery store after church and it took about 30 minutes. LOVE quick trips to the store (and knowing I won’t need to go back until next week)!

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Emealz 6 weeks in

We’ve been trying EMealz for 6 weeks now and basically, I Love it!

It saves me so much time trying to figure out what to make.  I go into the grocery store armed with my list and I’m usually back in the car in less than an hour.  For a girl who hates shopping, this is spectacular.

We are enjoying how much variety we have for meals.  We usually eat left overs for lunch, which helps us actually use up the food I buy at the store.  And because I’m not staring in the fridge without a plan, we don’t go out nearly as much.

That being said, I’m trying to keep track of what we’ve saved – and overall, it’s been hard to tell specific numbers what we’ve saved.  I think this is due to the fact that I have to buy most of the ‘basics’ that are in the meals. I expect that this will drop off.  (my first stop at the store on week one was around $98 – the last couple of weeks have been around $60)

One other change we’ve noticed (and this affects the fact that our first Emealz budget was not that far off from pre-Emealz) is that we had a few nice meals out.  So rather than several 5 & 10 dollars of fast food, we had only a couple of nicer meals.  So, outside of Emealz, we’ll be working on that.   And I’m expecting over time, there will be a noticeable difference in the monthly amount we spend on food.

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“Talked” e-mealz today

Well – chatted via twitter.  They are good people. It really is a shame they are in Alabama and not Texas or I’d be knocking on their door wanting to work for them. 🙂

Check out the story of their founders:

E-Mealz Blog

Anyway we are in week 2. I did some prep work this week after I went grocery shopping (things like boiling eggs, cubing some ham, & cooking sausage). Overall – this has saved me time when it comes to actually making dinner.

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E-Mealz – Week 1 review

Just finished up our first week with E-meals. Loved it!

Not only did I save time and energy not having to plan, but we were able to enjoy 5 meals that I would not have made on my own.  They were unique, and not the standard “Debra’s crock-pot stew” that is my go to dish.

My hubby’s tastes and my tastes are very different so it makes our final agreed upon review a little tricky, but we did both try at least something this week that was new, enjoyable, and even going in the ‘repeatable’ category.  Plus, I think we ate more complete meals than we’ve had in a long time.

Each following day, we eat the left overs for lunch, and because the proportions were smaller (meals for 2) we wasted much less food than normal.

I’ve already reviewed my shopping list for next week, making sure I don’t buy what I already have – and I’m actually looking forward to shopping tomorrow (when does that happen!?!).

We don’t know if/how much money we are saving yet – that one will tell with time.

Last, I’ll end by saying that tonight’s grilled salmon salad was amazing. I didn’t think that a meal using salmon, soy sauce, honey, avocados, and peaches all in one dish would work out well- but it was a surprisingly delicious and wonderfully light meal.

If you are interested in trying it for yourself just click on the image below.

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Something New!

Have you heard of it?  I’ve heard of it for a while now from  my sister in laws and they love it.  It’s a subscription meal plan that plans out your meals, gives you a shopping list and helps you save time and money.  It’s only $5 a month and they have tons of options (we are trying out the 5 meals a week for 2 people).

Today was my first shopping trip using the plan. I felt like I spent a lot of money, but I have a feeling that was more a result of our fridge being empty since we were out of town.  I’m excited that this next week meals are already planned and I don’t have to spend time thinking about it.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. If you want to check it out for your self – you can find it here:


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Or more properly said, “Bacon Lardons.”

A week or two ago, we attended a fun birthday dinner at a lovely local Texas Winery.  As we perused the menu, we noticed what seemed to be a very delicious salad. But we were nervous. It contained “Bacon Lardons.”

WHAT are Bacon Lardons, we wondered.  Getting up enough courage to ask the waiter (we feared it was a blob of lard!) he explained they are thick, kind of cubed pieces of bacon.

As we all know “Bacon makes everything better.”  So that made us happy. Sure we were interested in trying a wonderful salad with spring mix, gorgonzola, pecans, strawberries, topped with a vinaigrette, and, oh yes, Bacon Lardons.

Sure enough, the salad came out and it tasted wonderful. For a girl who loves (and I mean seriously LOVES) bacon, I couldn’t get enough of it. Just as promised, Bacon Lardons are simply square, thick pieces of bacon.

My husband was offering his bits of Lardon around the table for our friends to try, and he reasoned, that ultimately it can’t be healthy so he was doing himself a favor giving them away. I, on the other hand, shared (in all honestly, probably because it would have been rude not to) one piece. I then proceeded to scarf down the salad and all of my share of the Lardons.

If you every happen to see “Bacon Lardons” on a menu, don’t be afraid. And order it asap.

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USA Today Mention

USA Today online ran an article that appears to mention the Shamrock Shake Revolution.

I say “appears” because they listed a Facebook fan page, but they added and extra space and didn’t link up to the Revolution page (like they did other web pages in the article). But they did quote someone that “Likes” the revolution.

I’m still trying to get my membership confirmation email, so I can comment on the article.

Have you had a shake today? Did you like us on Facebook?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I have a consultation with a client today. We will be discussing their goals and objectives to best plan how they should implement social media to better engage with their customers.

I’m also planning on drinking Shamrock Shake which will then require me to brush my teeth extra well before my afternoon dentist appointment.

PS don’t forget to finish your bracket. They close at 12 pm EST. Still looking for a group to join? Play on Yahoo with: “Win Troy’s Stuff”

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Tomorrow is the Big Day!

for the Shamrock Shake!

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Crock Pots, Glasses, and Hearts

It’s been a busy day so far. I woke up a little early, so I got up and started putting together dinner.  Tonight we will be eating Country Pork Ribs with Sauerkraut and Apples.  (YUM!). It’s currently cooking in the crock pot — smelling delicious.

I also had an eye appointment today, first time in 2.5 years.  My glasses are old (ish) and my eyes were starting to bother me. Plus, my vision insurance runs out at the end of the month.  I picked out a pair similar to my old ones, but a little more square, and the underlining color is green.

Finally, I just submitted an application to the American Heart Association.  They are basically down the street from my house and I’ve always been interested in working there (for obvious reasons).  Well, they were hiring for an Email/Web Support Specialist” and the job description sounded a lot like my previous position at Pursuant as a web developer.  Plus some of the items sounded like the skills and knowledge I gained as a Project Manager would be extremely useful.

Now I just wait to hear back.

With that application in, I have already turned in 5 applications. I did hear back from one and was told they would pass along my resume up the ladder. Hopefully I’ll start to hear back from some to start setting up interviews.


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