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15 girls & a baby in a booth.

What did you do this evening? I went to my small group. I’m leader for a group of 9th grade girls at our church’s student ministry.

My co-leader and I were persuaded to have dinner out tonight during small group, because the majority of our girls were going to be gone for cheer try outs.

Little did we know that the two of us, and her baby, would soon be packed in a both with the 4 girls who could make it to group – AND the 11 girls who finished cheer tryouts in time to join us.

Several hurried orders of queso, tortillas, sodas later – our frazzled waiter wisely put it all on one check.  Good thing we made sure everyone tipped well.


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Shamrock Shake Revolution!

To my utter shock and delight… Yesterday a friend texted to say “The Shamrock Shake has arrived in Dallas!”

Wait, What?

That’s right friends after two years of work, twitter campaign, radio story, facebook page and many submissions to McDonalds, The Revolution has succeeded!

To see the plight of the Texas Shamrock Shake, see past posts here.

They are not at all McDonalds in the DFW Area (I went to two yesterday, but only found the shake at the second stop) but they have arrived.

Thanks for all of the help friends.  Keep spreading the word. More people should learn about and enjoy the shake. Plus, we want the shake to do well so we don’t have to worry about next year. 🙂

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2 months

so… the posts become more spread out. 🙂

Today, on our second month anniversary, I can happily report that thank you notes have all been written. *phew!*

Also, not sure if how much I’ve mentioned this, but at the end of last year, I transitioned to a new position at work. I’m now a Web Developer. It’s been a challenge (and occasionally, easy), but also fun.

This last week I’ve been making huge progress forward in learning and working with PHP. We had a training class (where I got 100% on the worksheet) and a practice project. The practice project is not completely done, but it did give me an opportunity to use “Pennies for Debra” as my ‘client’. (The current count by the way is 9252.)

Other than that, I’m busy looking forward to the Mariner’s baseball season starting. Less than a month until Pitchers and catchers report.

Lastly, no, I haven’t finished War & Peace yet. I did however start reading book 13 in the Wheel of Time series.

OH. one more thing – don’t forget the Shamrock Shake. It’s almost that season again. Please contact McDonalds and help us get the Shake in Texas.

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How Goes the Planning?

Well, We have a date and a location.

oh, and I have my shoes. 🙂

There are a lot of things partly done (guest list, invites, place to get cake, some of the registering).

There are several things that have at least been thought about and discussed, and maybe even a little researched.

But I must say, who ever says planning a wedding is ‘fun’ – that is not the word I would use. Maybe this has to do with I’ve never been one of those girls who had her entire wedding planned out… Most items I’m pretty apathetic. As long as it gets done, and done well – I don’t have huge opinions on what the cake looks and tastes like – I don’t have an already thought out high concept for the  centerpieces. My bouquet? I don’t know, just need a couple of flowers tied together with ribbon I guess…if I have too… 🙂

The important things are already in place. The Bride & the Groom. The fact that we intend on honoring God with our ceremony and even more so with our marriage.  And that we want dear friends and family there to celebrate with us.

Thats it… and technically, we could do that in Jeans and a t-shirt. And we could all eat pizza after… What’s everyone doing this weekend. 😀

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ouch… it’s been a while

So. the streak of life being busy, blogging being non-existent continues.

I needed to check in to say “Pennies for Debra” is still going strong. The current count is 7450. So yep, nearly $75 of ‘free money.’

What else is going on beside that… The Mariners are playing horrible. I’m utterly disappointed. Before the year began I really thought that with their pitching they would be winning more games. I’m sad Cliff Lee had to be traded, and to the Rangers of all teams!?!?!

It’s hot here. My car said 111 degrees yesterday.

I’m currently reading a new Dorothy L. Sayers book. (a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery of course)

I’ve been eating a lot of BBQ. though I haven’t been grilling as much as I wish I were. I did make more beef jerky in the dehydrator (oh yeah! and tomatoes.)

I’ve just finished my annual cardiology check up. All good results. Little to no change over the last three years. So my ‘future heart surgery’ (which is expected, just not on the calendar) is still probably years and years away. All very encouraging news from the doctor.

I’ve been spending more time with people, friends, those important to me. Thus the drop off in blogging.

I’ve been to San Antonio twice since May. Went to Sea World both times. In fact, on the 3rd of July, that’s where we watched fireworks. The wind was blowing in our direction, so at first it was the smoke, then bits of cardboard, then bits of gritty sand/gun powder residue. We held our own for a time, while all of the families with little kids made a mass exodus of our area. Then we too, moved on.

I think those are the things to share from the last two months. It’s been a really great couple of months and as far as I can tell, it will be this way (only growing better) for the next many more. Thanks for stopping by!

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wow. burnout?

It’s been a while. I don’t know if I have had a longer ‘no post’ time in the last 5 years…

Not too much happening here. Or rather, too much happening here.

Lets see. Here’s a list of what’s been going on:

*Search for the Shake ended for 2010. We’ll pick it up again in 2011

*I’ve been playing lots of games, Settlers, Speed Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico, and just learned a new one today Carcassonne. Oh, and I purchased ‘Bang!’ (a mafia type card game) on ebay.

*Got two new tires for the front wheels of my car.

*Enjoying the final season of LOST.

*My roomie & I planted a garden. Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Snow Peas, Dill, Chives, & Basil. (also strawberries, but no luck with them yet).

*Went to two Dallas Stars Games.  One happened to be an Oilers game, and we were 12 rows up from the glass.

*Started up the grill. Corn, broccoli, chicken, salmon, steak, hot links, brats, potatoes, green beans, kabobs, peppers. Yummy!

*Started a one month trial of Netflix. 2 weeks, four movies watched.

*A friend from Wa State came for a visit. We took a road trip to San Antonio.

*Saw the Alamo. (3/6/1836 – & 10 years later Texas became a state.)

*Said Friend from Wa State, myself, and my roomie went to see the Mariners play on 4/11. They got beat pretty badly, but it was fun to see them play during opening week.

*Also on 4/11 we celebrated “Happy to be Alive” day – the 27th anniversary of my open heart surgery.

*Tried Nutella.

*Accidentally left the sun roof of my car open just a crack all night – while it rained. I was fortunate to not have any water in the car the next morning.

*Learned that people like to talk about PB & J on facebook & twitter

*Learned I’m a “terrible tour guide” which resulted in a driving tour of my neighborhood and surrounding area.

*Stayed up way too late past my bed time on numerous occasions (tonight being a prime example)

*I’m sure there is more but because of the item right above this… I can’t remember. 🙂

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The Search for the shake…

is a no go. 😦

The day before St. Patricks day, we got a tip from McDonalds that there may be one local McD’s that carried the shake. They even called them to double check for us.

So we planned on St. Patricks day, to drive about 20 mins from work to check it out for lunch.  My roomie got there first, and asked about the shamrock shake. She was told “yeah, we have that, but the machine is being serviced.”

When I got there, I order lunch, from a different employee. I too asked about the shake. While I encountered a bit of a language barrier, I was told by a woman that 1. she had worked there for 3 years, 2. she had never heard of the shamrock shake & 3. She could offer me chocolate or vanilla.

This left us to concluded: someone lied to the McDonalds customer service person. Then when some girls showed up the next day asking for the shake, he lied that the “machine was being serviced.”  Because if the machine was broken, the woman who helped me wouldn’t have offered chocloate & vanilla shakes as an alternative to the “Shamrock Shake” she had never heard of.

While it was disappointing, it was  a fun adventure. As the Month of March, and thus Shamrock Shake Season winds down we conclude a partial success. Simply in raising awareness, and spreading the word, we have built momentum for 2011. Right now there are 93 fans on facebook and 119 followers on twitter.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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On the Radio!

For those who missed it, The Shamrock Shake was featured in KRLD’s “The Other Side of the News” this morning.

You can hear it at 3:40 pm (CST) streaming live online.

Or you can listen to the archive that is already up on KRLD’s Site.

Want to get involved in the Revolution? Take these action steps right now:

1. Join the fan page

2. Follow @shamrockdfw on twitter

3. Contact McDonalds

4. Spread the word!

One additional treat for today (my apologies for the quality… it is from the early 80’s):

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Here we go…

Today is the first anniversary of Pennies for Debra. I was going to count up the numbers today, but I got sidetracked. A good portion of my lunch was used up by the Shamrock Shake Revolution.

1080 KRLD’s morning Host Mike Rogers called today and chatted with me about the movement. I don’t know when the story will air, but I’m betting it will be an “other side of the news” story – which is great because then there will be an online archive. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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Shamrock Season

@shamrockdfw was contacted by a local News Radio station (1080 KRLD).

I think it was just a “hey, were interested – “the Movement” might be an interesting story- get in touch with us”  type of deal. So contact info has been given and pass along to whomever might potentially be interested in a story.  I’ll keep everyone posted if anything comes of it.

As always – Follow @shamrockdfw on twitter – Make sure to use #shamrockshake in your tweets, whether you are enjoying them or wishing you could have one.

As a side note–KRLD is the station I listen to everyday for news and traffic.  It’s my DFW version of 710 KIRO, which is pretty rad.


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