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Gold medal

I wanted to share some thoughts I posted yesterday on my Facebook page.

Driving to church this morning, I found myself thinking about last night’s game – AND BAWLING!

1. I was very tired.

2. I was thrilled with the outcome.

But more than anything:

3. Games like that, verses Canada, take me back to all the wonderful memories of college & dear friends that I am so incredibly grateful for.

While we had (have) a good natured rivalry, and I (15 years ago) had to give a nod to their 2 gold medal wins during my graduation speech, it’s mostly about friendship to me. Sibling love. Our closest ally.

From living there when 9-11 happened (and the fear of being stuck outside of your homeland when the borders closed) to the Salt Lake games or grieving the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, there’s no other Country and friend I want on my side more.

To the True North, see you in Beijing 2022 ❤️


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BBQ with ‘Family’

I just got home from a BBQ. It was hosted by a ‘recently former’ co-worker.

The activities of this Monday were so quick, that not all the proper goodbyes could be made.  To end of the week with a fun BBQ together was perfect. We all had a chance to process over the last few days and tonight felt more like a celebration of moving forward.

Yes, it was bitter-sweet. The reality is there were some people in that house that I will probably never see again.  Some I might just have an “across the bandwidth pipe-line relationship” with via social media.  Others I hope to stay closer in touch. An occasional lunch. Perhaps a baseball game or two.  And I will continue crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, down the road I will have an opportunity to work with some again.

We were surprised with one former co-worker (who moved across country 9 months ago) appearance via Skype. We all greeted him, laughed (and booed) together. And we remembered the years. As we were doing so, I thought that this group of people are like family. My community. For the last 3 years, people I “do life” with. Day in – day out, 8-5, weekend updates, evening plans, random conversations, laughter, gallon challenges, nerf gun wars, tight timelines, fantastic production. Every day.

At my church there is a strong push for community groups. Groups that are more than just a Bible study, they want us to live life together and dive in deep.

I was struck tonight that this group of friends from my day job, were really like a large community group. We cared about each other. And maybe (in the church sense) not all share my set of beliefs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love and support one another. I do not understand how people survive in a world of isolation.

And with that I say “To True Friendship, Cheers.”

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The Big Event

The wedding was very fun. The Bride looked like a princess in her gown. It is such a joy to see two individuals who love the Lord so much following him down this path called marriage. They are so much in love and with their focus on the Lord, I have no doubt they are just starting out on a spectacular adventure together, striving to serve him.

The reception was at a very nice golf club and I ended up sitting with “the rowdies.” At our table of 10, there were only 3 girls to try and maintain some order. Four of the guys were old classmates of mine from college and their crazy antics were extremely entertaining.

Crazy antics include, but are not limited to: chanting the Groom’s name when he was being “dinged” to kiss the Bride, holding up score cards to judge the kisses, and lining up the spouses/boyfriends of the Bride & her bridesmaids so each girl could be kissed. We laughed so much and fortunately, even though we were the “rowdy” table, we still were just under the line of over the top obnoxiousness.

This is the first wedding for any of the girls in “the crew.” Fun thing is, she married a guy from our college crew, so I had the privilege of being friends with both the bride & the groom.

Here is a picture of “us girls.” Three of us lived in dorms and we hit it off with the Bride who was a commuter student. We spent a good 2 years building some pretty tight friendships.

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Everyone is scared to death of dying here alone

That is a line from a Switchfoot song called “Easier than Love”

The song talks about how society fills its plate with empty “love” and psuedo relationships just because no one wants to be alone.

I cannot relate to “empty love” scenario, but I can with the psuedo relationships, even if it be just friendships. Do you ever look around and think, “Wow, I do not really have any friends”? I do on occasion. It seems like everyone has some one else and there is no room left for me. I don’t want to be a tag-a-long or an afterthought.

Part of that is my fault; I am not good at making friends. Been burned too many times that it takes a lot to trust people. Add to that a bit of timidness & being shy, doesn’t really equal success in the friend department. What do I do with these realizations, not really sure. That line has just been in my head for a week or so, so I thought I would make a comment about it.

Sorry if I am a bit of a downer today.

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