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My car, the gigantic piggy bank.

Have you ever left the sun roof on your car open? Have you ever left it open in an uncovered area and it rains?

After a lovely drive Saturday afternoon, I parked my car in its spot (on the street) rolled up the windows, battened down the hatch, and went in for the night.

Late that evening I thought “oh! Did I close the sunroof completely? Yep, I know I closed it. I remember turning the dial.”

The evening came to a close and I went to bed.  At about four in the morning, I woke up to rain. Not just any rain, but extremely boisterous rain. A beautiful, yet treacherous melody.

Sunday morning, my car, the window, and the rain must have been on my mind because the first thing I did when my alarm went off was look out the window. To my despair, I saw my car, sitting in the rain, sunroof cracked open slightly. I just stood. And stared in silence. After a minute or so, I got dressed, grabbed a stack of towels and went out to inspect the damage.

Expecting the worst, I discovered no evidence of water in the vehicle. Shocked and also very relieved, I turned the car on and moved the dial from the last setting to the closed setting. Operator error as I must have not turned the dial all the way.  I also noticed a very shiny penny sitting on the passenger seat. Odd. I guess it could have fallen out of my purse the day before. Funny I didn’t see it Saturday afternoon…

As regular readers know, I collect pennies for “Pennies for Debra” – a fund that takes unwanted, homeless pennies and gives them a new purpose, paying off my loans…

As I drove to church, I heard what sounded like coins sliding around. I discovered another penny. Hum…a suspicion grew in my mind. Did ‘someone’ decide to take advantage of the open sunroof and pretend that my car was a giant piggy bank?

I relayed the story to my roommate and we both agreed that it would not be an action all too surprising from our friends who happen to live next door. I didn’t say anything to them about it, as I didn’t want to look foolish if I was wrong, nor was I ready to acknowledge the brilliance of such an idea if my suspicions were correct.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon, I finished work and got in the car to drive home. It was a gorgeous day, so I attempted to open the sunroof. It would only tilt up in the back, but it was stuck and would not slide open at all. I was, at first, discouraged with the thought that perhaps the rain did do some damage after all.

I got out of the car, looked around at the top, tried to find if something (such as a leaf) was preventing the roof from sliding. As I reached up on the interior, my fingers came across a Penny. A penny jammed in the space between the glass and the metal. Pulled it out – no luck, still stuck.

I texted my neighbors letting them know I was onto their scheme, but both denied involvement.  As I drove home, each red light, taking a moment to trace the window track above my head, fingers getting grimier with each attempt, I found two more pennies. Removed each, retested the window. No luck.

I got home. Got out of the car and started my search.  One more penny stuck, this time in the actual tracking of the window. Successful removal of the penny. Successful reinstatement of working sliding window. And all was right with the world. Plus, I had a total of 6 more pennies to put toward the fund.

As far as the ‘culprits,’ I did have the one who thought up the idea, acknowledge that fact. He also explained how they stopped due to getting some stuck in the window, though I have yet to discover who his accomplice was.

And the number of pennies, that is unknown. I found one more, so there were at least 7, though he couldn’t give me a definitive number. I’m betting there are at least a couple more Pennies lost, sitting kittyWampus, somewhere in the interior of my car, er…I mean gigantic piggy bank.


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Have you heard of the gallon challenge?

This is a challenge to drink 1 gallon of milk in an hour and then keep it down for an hour.

This morning at work, after much hype, talk and excitement, three people gave it a go.

It was HILARIOUS! (and gross)

If you want to see some of the results (although view at your own risk): Click Here
or Here.

Thanks to Cabeeb for the videos.

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Oh no, I got behind again.

If you recall about a year ago (maybe a little longer) I attempted to watch all of Strong Bad’s emails over at At about 120 I became too busy. They keep making more so now I am behind again. There are 195 now. The problem is that there are a few that are super hilarious. Most are probably mediocre, at best, perhaps getting a smile, but not an out loud laugh. In order to find the few laugh out loud funny, you have to watch them all. So I guess I have another 75 to go…

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Let the Voting Begin

I need a new do. Today I was having fun manipulating my own photo with a handful of new hair cut options. I also added a bit of blond and red highlights (my “typical” colors on the maybe 3 occasions I have had my hair colored.)

As a visitor to my blog, it is now part of your responsibility and duty to vote on which hair style you think works best.

Also, I was hoping to go shorter because the weather is so warm here, but I think it is more difficult to find a short style.

So, Let me know which you like best.








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Couple of funny things

Like I said, I don’t post videos that often, but I found these funny.

Moody Bible Institute is a school in downtown Chicago. Founded by D.L. Moody (who’s birthday is today 2/5), it is known world wide for its training of Christian students. Moody provides students the opportunity to go to college tuition paid. While sometimes scoffed at for what is seen by some as strict rules and ties to “fundamentalist” christianity, Moody does provide a great education for bible students. Several of my friends from Wheaton Grad School completed their undergrad at Moody.

Each year they have a lip-sync competition and this one of the best from 2007. I love the silliness and creativity that can be found on college campuses. I think that taking away the drinking and other typical college activities that do not meet biblical muster on christian campuses pushes these creative antics to an even higher, more perfected level.

As a slight side note, the professor in the opening minutes of the first was the leader of the UK trip I went on last may which was a Moody trip.

Another thing….Moody and Wheaton have a bit of a rivalry (for lack of a better word). Stereotypes abound. Moodies are: “Homeschoolers, not as intelligent, holier than thou, more ministry focused” Wheaties are: “spoiled, rich, arrogant, have a more culturally relevant christianity”

While most stereotypes have a reason for existing, both schools are fantastic. The fact is they have different purposes and each takes thier purpose seriously and strives to meet it. AND both have lame mascots, the Moody Archers (as in an arch on a building, not a person shooting arrows) and the Wheaton Thunder (but the logo is a bolt of lighting).

Enjoy this “recruitment” video for Moody on the campus of Wheaton.

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Now I get it…

I was thinking today (and yesterday) that the quotes I posted from Ichiro are pretty funny.  Not only are they funny, they sound kind of familiar.  Not familiar as in I have heard them before, but familiar as in the humor is strikingly similar to something else. 

Well today I figured it out.  Ichiro is…..Strong Bad!  If you are at all familiar with Strong Bad (especially his emails) re-read the Ichiro quotes….can you hear them being said by Strong Bad?   I can!

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More pictures

This at dinner on the first night in London. I ordered Fish and Chips with a side of mushy peas. It was very good. I honestly wish I could have fish and chips for lunch today.

This is one of my favorite photos. It was taken from our trip to Westminster. I am not sure if these guys are washing the windows of the Parliament building or not. If it is parliament, then I think I pointed out the wrong building in a perivious post. I just thought it looked cool.

This photo has an entire story attached. We were in Cambridge looking at, I believe Trinity College. I guess Eric Little (from the chariots of fire story) ran around the quad at Trinity College. So we made someone from our group run around it. He was a little over halfway when the security guys stopped him. It a pretty funny sight to see. As we were watching him run, we could see the little guys across the way starting to head him off and talking into their radios. I guess as he got closer to them he yelled “I am doing Chariots of Fire” the guys yelled back “we don’t care!” They took him into their office and made him say “I am sorry, I will never do it again.” then they let him go. This photo is right before he started running. I have one of the guys heading him off, but it is really far away and the people are so small.

This was at Warwick castle. The little British kids were so cute!

This is another favorite picture. Conwy castle is the “the castle by the sea” I like to call it Cair Paravel.

At Conwy, we got to climb many of the towers.

This is a picture from our hike in the mountains of Wales. It really did feel like being in Lord of the Rings.


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Birthday Photos

Ok, as promised, here are a couple of photos from my birthday.

This is from our Friday night dinner downtown. We (my roommates and I) are a little on the “damp” side due to a thunder storm. My hair started out the evening straight.

Here are two pictures of my cake that my roommates made me.

Trogdor the Burninator!


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Funny e-mail

For all of you homestarrunner fans out there, I am trying to watch all of the sb emails from the first to the last. I just ran across a pretty funny one today. If you haven’t seen it check out “kids book.”

If you have no idea what I am talking about disregard this post.

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Words are quite odd. Sometimes you learn new ones and then they seem to show up everywhere. (or as was pointed out to me the other day, its just that you now notice it. It had been used all along, it just escaped your attention)

Sometimes there are words that are used quite often in a certain setting with a certain group of people and as you become aware of the use of the word, it too shows up everywhere.

Such is the case with “problematic.” One of my roommates likes this word and uses it on occasion. As a result, I have started using it more often. And now I am noticing it EVERYWHERE. Just today, I ran across it in both my research and on Homestarrunner. If it is used too often, I think that it will begin to be problematic.

Here is a list of some of my favorite words:


And finally, a word I love to use that should be in the English Language:
Imaginate (combo of imagination and create)…Underconstumble?


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