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Oh no, I got behind again.

If you recall about a year ago (maybe a little longer) I attempted to watch all of Strong Bad’s emails over at At about 120 I became too busy. They keep making more so now I am behind again. There are 195 now. The problem is that there are a few that are super hilarious. Most are probably mediocre, at best, perhaps getting a smile, but not an out loud laugh. In order to find the few laugh out loud funny, you have to watch them all. So I guess I have another 75 to go…

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Now I get it…

I was thinking today (and yesterday) that the quotes I posted from Ichiro are pretty funny.  Not only are they funny, they sound kind of familiar.  Not familiar as in I have heard them before, but familiar as in the humor is strikingly similar to something else. 

Well today I figured it out.  Ichiro is…..Strong Bad!  If you are at all familiar with Strong Bad (especially his emails) re-read the Ichiro quotes….can you hear them being said by Strong Bad?   I can!

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Birthday Photos

Ok, as promised, here are a couple of photos from my birthday.

This is from our Friday night dinner downtown. We (my roommates and I) are a little on the “damp” side due to a thunder storm. My hair started out the evening straight.

Here are two pictures of my cake that my roommates made me.

Trogdor the Burninator!


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Funny e-mail

For all of you homestarrunner fans out there, I am trying to watch all of the sb emails from the first to the last. I just ran across a pretty funny one today. If you haven’t seen it check out “kids book.”

If you have no idea what I am talking about disregard this post.

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Words are quite odd. Sometimes you learn new ones and then they seem to show up everywhere. (or as was pointed out to me the other day, its just that you now notice it. It had been used all along, it just escaped your attention)

Sometimes there are words that are used quite often in a certain setting with a certain group of people and as you become aware of the use of the word, it too shows up everywhere.

Such is the case with “problematic.” One of my roommates likes this word and uses it on occasion. As a result, I have started using it more often. And now I am noticing it EVERYWHERE. Just today, I ran across it in both my research and on Homestarrunner. If it is used too often, I think that it will begin to be problematic.

Here is a list of some of my favorite words:


And finally, a word I love to use that should be in the English Language:
Imaginate (combo of imagination and create)…Underconstumble?


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Well, I did it. I finished that paper and gave the presentation. It went ok.

Also, I hung my seahawks sign in my car. They play the bears this week. Go Hawks.

And tomorrow is friday at last. Not that it really matters because I have a ton of work to do. But atleast my time is my own after 5 pm tomorrow.

Also for all you homestarrunner fans, I was told of another good sb-mail. the Techno one. If you haven’t seen it, its funny. I decided to watch all of them now that I have a fast internet connection. Tonight I made it through 1-22.


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