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An "evil" class

I am taking a class called the Theology and Problem Evil. It is taught by Dr. Henri Blocher and it is Amazing! I am in the middle of writing a book review for a book called “Can God Be Trusted?” by Dr. John Stackhouse. The entire conversation of the class is very complicated and filled with theological and philosophical arguments. The main point: we can still maintain hope in Christ and through Christ and perhaps evil is not intended to be comprehend, rather to be fought.

Sadly, the class is over on Friday. Dr. Blocher lives in France and just comes to town to one month a semester to teach. Happily, that will free up three afternoons a week to study for comps.

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Last class

I went to my last class today. Gave a short presentation on my last paper. The paper has about 5-6 pages done. It is supposed to be 8-10 pages, although the professor said it could be up to 15 pages. Oddly enough, I will probably be longer rather than shorter on this one. So much more to say.

I am going to get up early tomorrow and work on the paper. Hopefully I can get it entirely written and then only have editing to do. Other than that…its time to pack!

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Wrapping up

I have a final tonight. I think I have done a decent job preparing for it, so I am not worried about it. (last semester, I had one final that I felt totally unprepared for. Glad it is different this time around).

I also have a paper due tomorrow evening. I finished researching for it last night. The plan is that tonight after my final, (which means my evening class tonight will be shorter then it usually is) I will organize all my research into the outline. If I can do that, then I should have no problem writing the entire paper tomorrow. By the time I have all my research organized and I sit down to write a paper, I can usually do two pages an hour. SO, it should take me 5 hours tomorrow to write it. It might be pushing it a little, but the class does not start until 6:30 tomorrow evening.

After tomorrow night, just one more 8-10 page paper (due the 2nd) and packing up my house and moving on the first. It is actually looking quite manageable. Probably because the research is already done for my final paper.

Anyway, thats how the outlook is here. This last weekend we had mid 70’s and sunshine. I can’t wait until after May 2nd when I can enjoy the nice weather.

Well, I best be going…I have to be heading to work in a half hour. Have a fantastic day!


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Happy to Be Alive Day

Today is “Happy to Be Alive Day” that is, the anniversary of my open heart surgery (24 years ago today). In part because of this (and also homework that needed to be done) I decided to not go to class tonight. Instead, I have been doing some reading while listening to the Mariners game.

Well, it is now the 8th inning and I guess I was not listening as closely as I should have. Turns out Felix Hernandez was pitching a no hitter through 7 innings. He just gave up the first hit in the eighth. On one hand, bummer, It won’t be a no-hitter. On the other hand, I am kind of glad because that would have been a bit of a bummer to listen to an entire no-hitter without realizing it. I would have been disapointed that I missed it at the same time as listening. Perhaps next time Hernandez pitches, I will pay much more attention.

One inning to go…M’s up 3-0. Whoo Hooo!


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I just wanted to dedicate this post to Lily Ann. I am so excited to meet you in July. To see pictures of this beautiful girl, as well as her proud new mommy and daddy, click on the link to the Grubers blog.

Other than that, Lily will have 3.14 as her birthday which we all know is PI Day (as in the Greek letter, not pie, what you eat). Tomorrow the insanity begins! I am looking forward to following basketball for the next few weeks. Go Cougs & Zags!

Now I need to go do some reading for class tonight, have fun filling out your bracket!


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Week 7 was quick

This week flew by! (as opposed to today which has been rather slow)

I only have one paper left and one class to attend in my historiography class.

Also, one of my papers was extended until the week after spring break. On one hand, Great! on the other, that shortens the time between this paper and the next to only one week. I better get it done during week 8 so I can work on the next one during spring break and week 9.

Other than that, I did not do much homework today. Instead, I spent the day being bored and wasting time. Why? I am not really sure. I hate days like today. But I guess its my fault it was such a day.

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Canadian Christianity

I am now done with going to class.

I have a few more things to get done, like the book I am supposed to be reading right now. It is called “Borderland Religion: The emergence of an English-Canadian Identity, 1792-1852” The overall topic is pretty interesting, Its just that my brain has already started checking out. I have about 160 more pages to read and then write a paper about it, which is due on Monday.

Other than that, I have a final on Wednesday that I need to study for and with that final is one take home question that I need to finish before I go to take the test.

I cannot wait until Wednesday after 3:30!!!!

Oh, right, I also have work all of next week which is a good thing. And birthday celebrations for one of my roommates, and cleaning and packing to do before I head to WA state. Should be a good, yet busy week.

Now I just need to keep plugging away on my book….


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one more

After Class this morning, I will only have:
one more class to attend
one more book to read
one more paper to write
and one final to take.


Lets see…only 10 days until I get to go home for Chirstmas. That’s pretty sweet as well.

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Next on the Docket

Ok, so now I am working on a paper about Martin Luther and his doctrine of 2 kingdoms and its eventual influence on political theory, specifically, the politics of Germany. So far it has been pretty interesting, but I still have a ridiculous amount of research to do. I can’t wait until Tuesday Night and this one is handed in. (that plus a one page paper for something another class due Monday).

We register for classes on Monday. I will be taking 2 additional credits for the first half of next semester, might be difficult to do, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

My classes will be:
World Christianity 19th Century
The Reformation—–REALLY looking forward to this class
Biblical Theology
Historiography (this is the 2 credit class – and it ends in March)


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I spent about 2 hours sharpening pencils. And I got paid for it. The funny thing is that the electric pencil sharpener kept overheating and turning off, so we went and found another one. Then I just switched off between the two. The second sharpener eventually stopped working. I am not sure if it overheated or just plain broke.

It reminded me of the time at my last job when the pencil sharpener broke. I unplugged it, got out a screwdriver, opened it up and proceeded to fix it. That’s right folks, the office girl at the home building company knows how to use tools and fix things. Then it broke again a few days later so we eventually bought a new one.

Right now I am listening to Game 4 of the World Series, Go Tigers!

And I am reading about Pentecostals for my class tomorrow morning.

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