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Paper – rough draft, check.

Now onto studying for the final, finding a job, a place to live, and listening to the Hawks Smoke the Cardinals!

Perhaps a sunday afternoon nap as well.

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Its saturday night

Here I am writing my last paper! I have 2.5 pages done (it is supposed to be 10-15 pages) so I am just getting started. I know the material well, its just the lack of motivation to sit and write it.

For all of the time I have wasted today, it could probably be done.

Graduation is on Friday. Can you believe it? I am done. That was a very fast one and a half years. Next on to…. I am not sure. In the next 2 weeks (or so) I need to find a new place to live and a job. Woohoo, that will be fun (slightly sarcastic). I will probably be wishing I was writing a paper 🙂

So, back to the paper I go…



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How's it going?

Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving.

Its time to get stuff done around here. I only have 2 papers left, but I am having a bit of trouble getting them done.

Other than that, we have a bit of leak in the basement, so both the water and the furnace are turned off right now. Hopefully, it won’t get too cold on up here on the second floor. And hopefully the water problem will be fixed before we all need showers and have to use the washroom.

Well, I guess I should get some work done.
Have a nice evening.

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The Seahawks just completed their win against the bears! That makes me smile.

Its been pretty busy around here. Lots of reading and researching. I am writing a paper tomorrow, so it will be nice to check another one off the list.

Well, I am off to get some dinner and then back to reading.

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Writers Strike

I am absolutely fascinated by the writers’ strike taking place right now.


Well…people are starting to freak out because their favorite TV shows my not have new episodes for a while. Hollywood is scared of grinding to a halt. There are some potentially funny/comedic situations happening on the picket lines. Did you see the cartoon that has a bunch of individuals picketing but they are holding up blank signs?

But really, I am most captivated by the heart of the argument. Its all about “intellectual property rights.” Which is a huge rights issue. The writers believe that their intellectual creativity that produces scripts is then sold and (if super successful/long running/syndicated TV shows) continues to make money. It a very complicated issue.

At the same time, do you realize that people who write, can’t help it. If they are creative or passionate about writing, the words come to them and must be written down. So its not as if they are not writing at all. I bet some go home after time on the picket line and write about their experiences….Maybe we will see these events in future TV & movies. Life is the inspiration for written word.

Being 4 papers out of finishing my masters, I am glad we are not on a “writers strike.” It would prevent me from finishing up and finishing strong.

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still chugging along

Well, now that comps is over, I don’t feel like doing homework anymore. Very Problematic!!!! In fact I have 2 papers due on Thursday. I wrote one this evening and tomorrow, I am finishing the research/reading for the other AND writing it. I don’t know if I have ever pushed a deadline so close before….

After these two are turned in, I have 3 smaller papers still to go and two Big papers.

Not to mention tons of reading still to do and one Final to study for.

With only 1.5 months left, I am starting to feel the pressure of getting all of this done, Plus selling furniture, planning how transportation will work for moving, thinking about future living arrangements. It will probably be just one of those periods of life when I look back and think “what on earth was I thinking!??!?” and “How in the world did I ever get all of it done?!?!?” I can tell you the answer to the second question right now…”But by the grace of God”

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up, Up, and AWAY!

I am off. (well, in 6.5 hours, I am getting picked up to head off) Tomorrow …I mean later today, I am flying to Colorado to visit some friends and check out the area. I also (super exciting!!!) have a job interview on Monday morning there, so if you think of it, I would appreciate your prayers. 10 am Mountain time. Its an “history” type job in a fantastic para-church organization. (If you remember, the one I mentioned briefly in a mid august post, when I initially applied for the job.) Perhaps I will share more later…

I am taking some study material for the plane ride (comps do not disappear even as I enjoy fall break).

Also, I got my “Moses 2.0” paper back. (that is “Jesus as the New Moses as presented in Matthew”) I was very pleased with the grade so, yeah, very encouraging.

Oh, and Yes, I did finish the 455 page book, wrote a summary/write up on it in time for the group study session. Comps…one week from today! Sweet!

alright, Later.


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Hello all. Had a great time with my mom over the weekend (she flew out from Washington to visit.)

I finally just finished reading my 455 pages that needed to be “read” so now I am off to try and write some kind of book review/summary thing. I think I will get started on it, go to bed, and get up early to finish it.

Other than that…Go Rockies! (and I am glad Cleveland is up in their series as well)

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Done for real!

This morning, I unpacked my computer so I could print out my paper. Then I read it over, edited, and printed off the final product.

I headed over to school to turn it in, this is how it went.

*First I parked and headed into the BGC (BIlly Graham Center) to check my mail and turn in three books to the BGC library.
*Then I set out to walk up the hill to Blanchard.
*While Crossing the street, I met Maria. She was in her van and needed directions to a place on campus for a job interview. I explained where she could park and then waited for her to walk across campus. (the campus is a bit confusing and since I had time, I figured I would walk with her). She parked, right next to my car which I had parked about 10 minutes earlier, and we headed up the hill. Maria is from Chicago and has been without solid work for about 5 months. In that few minutes, it was great to get to know her and help her out in an obvious stressful situation. After making sure she was where she needed to be, I was off again to Blanchard.
*I went to the history department and turned in the final paper.
*I also took a moment to introduce myself to Nancy, the office coordinator for the history department. Nancy & I had emailed a couple of times for my job in marketing communications when Nancy was putting together a History Lecture Event.
*Then it was off to Buswell, the main library on campus. I turned in my last five books from my paper I just completed.
*On my way back down to the car, I stopped off at the bookstore and purchased two wheaton t-shirts from their end of the year sale extravaganza.
*I continued down the hill and ran into a guy from church. We chatted very briefly and I explained one part of the financial aid process (since I work there and that is where he was headed).
*Then I got to my car, but in the parking lot, I saw Maria (from the job interview). I pulled over, asked her how it went. She said it was quick and went well. I told her I would be praying for her and the hope that she gets this job. Then I was able to assist in pointing her in the right direction to the washrooms in the BGC and off I drove.
*after a quick drive to Wendys, I came home and ate lunch. Now here I am…about to start packing.

It has been a wonderful day so far. Hope yours is going as well.


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I just finished my last paper. I still need to do some final editing, but I am done writing it. It ended up being the longest paper I have written all year, 14.5 pages. I think it is probably my best paper so far for grad school…yes, even better than last semester’s Luther paper.

It is now about 11 pm and I was going to read a “fun” book before bed, but I packed them all. Then I thought that I could at least watch a movie for a while, but my computer only has a little bit of battery power left and I can’t plug it in because we are having a bit of an electrical storm. Then I thought well, I might as well print out my paper and have it all ready to edit tomorrow morning (you see, I have to print off of my desktop computer and I already packed up the monitor), but then I realized this was no good because I would have to plug in that computer to get it to work.

So maybe I will just lay here and listen to the thunder.

Tomorrow, I am finishing the paper and turning it in, along with my last remaining library books. I will pack up the pantry and kitchen. Finish up the bathroom stuff and any other little small things lying about plus my bedding. Maybe I will even take apart my bed tomorrow. That would not prevent me from still sleeping on the matresse…hum…Just a thought.

Ok, off I go to watch the lightning and listen to thunder….its about a mile and a half away right now. Good night.

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