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Last class

I went to my last class today. Gave a short presentation on my last paper. The paper has about 5-6 pages done. It is supposed to be 8-10 pages, although the professor said it could be up to 15 pages. Oddly enough, I will probably be longer rather than shorter on this one. So much more to say.

I am going to get up early tomorrow and work on the paper. Hopefully I can get it entirely written and then only have editing to do. Other than that…its time to pack!

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Wrapping up

I have a final tonight. I think I have done a decent job preparing for it, so I am not worried about it. (last semester, I had one final that I felt totally unprepared for. Glad it is different this time around).

I also have a paper due tomorrow evening. I finished researching for it last night. The plan is that tonight after my final, (which means my evening class tonight will be shorter then it usually is) I will organize all my research into the outline. If I can do that, then I should have no problem writing the entire paper tomorrow. By the time I have all my research organized and I sit down to write a paper, I can usually do two pages an hour. SO, it should take me 5 hours tomorrow to write it. It might be pushing it a little, but the class does not start until 6:30 tomorrow evening.

After tomorrow night, just one more 8-10 page paper (due the 2nd) and packing up my house and moving on the first. It is actually looking quite manageable. Probably because the research is already done for my final paper.

Anyway, thats how the outlook is here. This last weekend we had mid 70’s and sunshine. I can’t wait until after May 2nd when I can enjoy the nice weather.

Well, I best be going…I have to be heading to work in a half hour. Have a fantastic day!


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A Mariner from Calgary Alberta

This afternoon (although I am only now listening to the game while I study) Mariner, Chris Reitsma, who grew up In Calgary Alberta was interviewed. He commented on the snow and how in Calgary, school is not canceled unless it is minus 30 and three feet of snow. He said as a kid you just learned to deal with it, “with the jacket on and touque and gloves…” The next question “explain the touque.”

Oh, the Triple A team for the M’s used to be in Calgary…cool. Of a city of 1.2 million, he is may be the only MLB player…Its a hockey town and there is no where to play baseball in doors. He still lives there.

Ok back to my homework


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I was just looking at a list of books that I will be reading over the summer in preparation for comprehensive exams.

Here are just a few…

*God’s Long Summer – Charles Marsh
*The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitefield, and the Wesleys (Rise of Evangelicalism) – Mark A. Noll
*Fundamentalism and American Culture (New Edition) – George M. Marsden
*America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln – Mark A. Noll
*The Civil War as a Theological Crisis (The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era) – Mark A. Noll
*Jonathan Edwards: A Life – George M. Marsden

(if anyone has copies of these that they want to give me for little-to-no expense…let me know…In a couple of weeks I will probably have to buy them online, so if I can save some money and help you clean out books off your shelf it would be a “win-win”)

And if I were smart, I would get a copy of *Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Noll and re-read that as well. Plus I have read a couple of chapters of *Upon the Altar of the Nation: A Moral History of the Civil War by Harry S. Stout for a class this spring. Its really good…but we were only assigned a couple chapters…so perhaps I will attempt to read the entire thing.

I know this is a ton of reading, but I have 3 months before I will have homework again and I think that all of the topics are very interesting. I LOVE American history!

For those who did not know, I changed my program to an MA in History of Christianity, Concentration in Religion in American Life.

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Happy to Be Alive Day

Today is “Happy to Be Alive Day” that is, the anniversary of my open heart surgery (24 years ago today). In part because of this (and also homework that needed to be done) I decided to not go to class tonight. Instead, I have been doing some reading while listening to the Mariners game.

Well, it is now the 8th inning and I guess I was not listening as closely as I should have. Turns out Felix Hernandez was pitching a no hitter through 7 innings. He just gave up the first hit in the eighth. On one hand, bummer, It won’t be a no-hitter. On the other hand, I am kind of glad because that would have been a bit of a bummer to listen to an entire no-hitter without realizing it. I would have been disapointed that I missed it at the same time as listening. Perhaps next time Hernandez pitches, I will pay much more attention.

One inning to go…M’s up 3-0. Whoo Hooo!


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I finished! yeah. Both papers….and it is only 7:15. Whoo Hooo. I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite part of the day. The sun is just going down and the breeze coming in the window is the perfect temperature. I think after sneezing about 20 times today, I might have allergies. But every once and a I can breathe enough to smell the scent of the outside. It truly smells like summer.

Ok, now I need to get going on some research for a paper.


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High of 79

That’s right, Spring has most definitely sprung. Yesterday I did some reading while sitting out side in shorts and a tank top to soak up some sun.

Its a little humid too, which in combination with my slightly stuffed head, makes for a slightly more difficult time breathing. I took some Flonaze so hopefully, I will be on my way to an unstuffed head.

Right now, It is three in the afternoon, I am sitting on my bed and the sun is streaming in the window. The window is open too so there is a wonderful breeze. The way my room is set up, my bed kind of becomes a window seat. top of the bead is actually a couple of inches higher then the bottom of the windows (which line almost the entire wall that my bed is up against). I have to finish one paper and write another really short one. It kind of feels like writing a paper outside, minus the bugs and the bright sun causing me to squint.

Not much else going on here. Tons of homework. My bracket ended in a terrific crash. (yes, the tournament is still going, but all of my picks are done)

Oh, I am going to a Shane and Shane concert on Friday. Pretty stoked about that. The tickets were only 6 dollars and I just learned today that Shawn McDonald is opening. Should be a good show.

I was hoping to bbq today, but I think I am going to wait to use the bbq grill until we move. Then I can use it on the patio and it will not be all dirty for the moving process.

Ok, I need to go write those papers.

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Here we go…

Go COUGS!!!! Ok, I know I know, I need to do my homework. Hey, Give me a break, I did read some….about 12 pages so far today. And I am leaving in an hour or so to go to a St. Patricks day/Watch Basketball party.

OK, game cast + book reading…I’m on it.

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That was almost pointless…

Well spring break is over. I did not get as much done as I planned on doing. Why? I guess if I am being honest I have a huge lazy streak. I did read one fun book and am now 1/2 way through another. So that was kind of productive even though it has nothing to do with homework.

I still have an 8 page paper due on Tuesday. I know what I am writing on and my outline takes up one page, not double spaced (it is a fairly detailed outline). As a result, I should be able to sit down for a few hours tomorrow and pound it out.

Uhm…I am excited for College Basketball this year. I am in a basket ball “pick’em” group but I tried to fill out my bracket this afternoon and it would not save…hope that problem is fixed soon.

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Spring Break update

Well, spring break has been a bit of a bummer. It has been a little boring and I have not gotten as much homework done as I planned. At this point I would be content with finishing the two books I am reading and then writing an 8 page paper on Saturday.

As a treat for myself, I just made (and then quickly consumed) a fantastic meal. Steak and mushrooms. First I made a dry rub (chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper) and put it on the steak. While the steak started to broil, I melted some butter, added salt and then fried up some mushrooms in the butter. The mushrooms, I might add, were not from a can. They were from the produce department, nice and fresh. Then when the steak was done, I sprinkled some gorgonzola cheese on top. YUMMY!!! I think it is the best steak I have made in probably a year.

And now, I am going to listen to the M’s game from earlier today (sweet, they archive the entire game) and do some reading.


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