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Week 7 was quick

This week flew by! (as opposed to today which has been rather slow)

I only have one paper left and one class to attend in my historiography class.

Also, one of my papers was extended until the week after spring break. On one hand, Great! on the other, that shortens the time between this paper and the next to only one week. I better get it done during week 8 so I can work on the next one during spring break and week 9.

Other than that, I did not do much homework today. Instead, I spent the day being bored and wasting time. Why? I am not really sure. I hate days like today. But I guess its my fault it was such a day.

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only 100 more?

Yep, It has taken me over a day to read only 100 additional pages. Oops. Now I have 300 on the reformation to get done. Instead of reading I have been spending a lot of time just doing nothing.

I was able to go shopping yesterday. I noticed this week that one of my pairs of jeans had sprung a couple of holes so I got a new pair. And I have done some cooking. There is a pot roast in the slow cooker making me hungry as I type.

I also watched the last 2.5 hours of the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice. Wonderful as always.

I guess I should stop blogging and start reading. Its 3:30 in the afternoon and I have read 2 pages today….ok. here I go!


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100 down….

400 to go. pages of reading that is. I don’t need to get them done this weekend, but it would certainly make this next week a bit easier, so that’s the goal.

WOW! Week 6 is done. Only two more weeks until the end of A Quad classes and the beginning of spring break! It will be wonderful.

This weekend both of my roomies are out of town. It is nice to have the house to myself. Currently, I have the tunes turned up and I am thinking about having a movie night tomorrow.

Other than that, not much is happening.


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Back on track

Now that week 5 is done, I feel like I am back on track. Even on my way to getting a little ahead in my reading. Next on the docket is about 300 pages in a book on the reformation. It needs to be read by the 23rd, so I am thinking if I read a little a couple nights this week, it should be no problem to read all 300 pages.

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One month done!?!?!?

I am now one month into the semester. This means my “A” Quad class is half done. This week was definitely a doozie with all three of my night classes having papers due. Now I am a little behind on my reading, but I can catchup.

I was supposed to work on reading all afternoon. Instead I spent time looking for some clothes to wear while watching the Superbowl tomorrow. That took quite a bit of time. Then I spent some time burning cds with music I have purchased over the last few months. Which is sweet because I can finally listen to Oh! Gravity. in my car. That, plus, I have had the same 6 cds playing in the car since I started out on my road trip to move out here. Seriously in need of some new tunes in the car. Now that it is 6 in the evening, I really should go read.

Have fun watching the game!

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One biggie done

I just finished my first big paper of the semester. It was for my Biblical Theology class looking at the how Covenant can be seen as holding all of scripture together.

Though I did not “enjoy” actually writing the paper, I find the topic fascinating. Of course it takes me back to my days at NABC when in O.T. Tyler Williams taught us about covenants and the idea that God’s faithfulness is an overarching theme of the Old Testament (well, all of scripture really, but it was an O.T. class). No matter how many times his chosen people turned away from the covenant, God remained(remains) faithful to them always calling them, Us, back to him.

Anyway, It was a privilege to spend an afternoon thinking on such things.

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3rd (week) down and

2 (papers) to go. That’s the same two papers from last week. Oops. My head cold last weekend prevented me from being able to think clearly enough to work on the papers. They are due this Tuesday and Wednesday so this weekend is it for getting them done.

The week went well. Fairly uneventful. I find that it is easier these days to speak up in class now that I know most of my classmates. Now that I talk, I just need to work on making my comments more intelligent sounding. By that I mean I need to improve my vocabulary and state my views and questions in a more succinct manner.

I worked on my taxes tonight too. It looks like good news for Debra, so that was encouraging.

It was about 40 degrees out today, which was very pleasant. I briefly considered washing my car. Perhaps tomorrow…although I am supposed to be writing a paper tomorrow…we will see.

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Week 2

I have a bit of a head cold this week (bummer!), but week two is now done. It actually saw me getting a paper done about 4 days ahead of time not counting editing. So my plans of working ahead is working for the time being.

I have another write up to do this weekend, 2 papers to research (one of which I really need to have written by Monday night), and at least 200 pages to read by Sunday night. I think it is doable.

Other than that, I started working on my taxes tonight. Slightly confusing, yet kind of fun. I think I will get a chunk of money back from the Gov which is fantastic because it will go towards paying for my Europe trip. Other than that, I need to get them done so I can do the good ‘ole FAFSA. (remember last year? Fun with FAFSA at 12:07 am on 1-1-06.)

Also, it looks like I have most likely secured a job for this summer. This is a great thing to not have to worry about especially considering the two weeks I will be in Europe as well as having at least one wedding to attend. So, yep, that was nice to have taken care of.

It snowed a bit this week which was kind of nice. After it snowed, it has gotten pretty cold, today it was 18 degrees give or take a few. Well, the high may have been 28 or so, but it was not that warm every time I looked at the temperature.

Well, I best get going on that homework if I want to reach my goals by the end of the weekend.

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One week of class

It is now one week into the semester. (well, ok, I still have one more class tomorrow before a full week has been completed)

So far, it looks at least 3 of my 4 classes will be pretty intersting. Again, tons of reading this semester. A handful of papers. Most are on the shorter end of things because they are book reviews or response papers. I think there is only 2 larger research papers and perhaps 2 presentations. Not too bad. PLUS, for a bonus, come March, one of my classes is done!

Well, off I go to read.

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can't sleep

Hey, Check it out. Switchfoot’s new cd is number 3 on the top albums that are being sold on itunes. Right above The Fray. Both very good cds.

Interestingly enough though, it might be selling well, but not one person has written a review for “Oh! Gravity.” The more I hear it, the more I love it.

Ok, now that it is almost 2 am, I should seriously try to sleep.

As a side note, today (or rather yesterday) was very productive. I bought all of my textbooks and even read one entire “course assigned readings” This is a packet of articles that the professor wants to have as assigned reading so they make a ton of photocopies, put them in a little book and then charge between 4 to 13 or so dollars at the book store (to cover paper and copying fees). I will try and read another one tomorrow. (or, today I guess) that will be a great start on my “I am going to do my homework with less procrastination” goal.

ok, seriously…off to sleep I go.

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