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Paper – rough draft, check.

Now onto studying for the final, finding a job, a place to live, and listening to the Hawks Smoke the Cardinals!

Perhaps a sunday afternoon nap as well.

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Its saturday night

Here I am writing my last paper! I have 2.5 pages done (it is supposed to be 10-15 pages) so I am just getting started. I know the material well, its just the lack of motivation to sit and write it.

For all of the time I have wasted today, it could probably be done.

Graduation is on Friday. Can you believe it? I am done. That was a very fast one and a half years. Next on to…. I am not sure. In the next 2 weeks (or so) I need to find a new place to live and a job. Woohoo, that will be fun (slightly sarcastic). I will probably be wishing I was writing a paper 🙂

So, back to the paper I go…


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One to go

Well, my paper plans changed slightly. I got the second paper (with the 13th due date) done first. On Saturday, I wanted to go to the Library to finish up some research for the first paper. After running around doing errands all morning, I got home just as it started to snow. I thought I was going to have a couple of more hours until the snow came, but no, it came early.

On top of that, when I got home, there was a yard project that my roommates were hurrying to get done, so I helped with that.

The weather got progressively worse, so I did not want to drive in the sleet/rain/snow mix to the Library to finish the research.

While it warmed up overnight, the library was closed all of Sunday, so there was no way to finish my research.

Instead, I wrote the second paper. It was a very unique paper in which we did not need very many sources, so I was basically ready to begin writing anyway.

Now that the second paper is done, I am kind of excited about the fact that deadlines will require me to finish the second one by Tuesday (research today, write it tomorrow). And then, I am done! (except for my final). So really, I am glad the weather got bad and I could not get to the library. It probably helped me in the long run, not procrastinate right up until another deadline.

The end is near….I can almost taste the sweetness of success.

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I am now working on the last of 2 papers. For the current paper, the rough draft is due on Thursday. I hope to complete the research today and get it written by Monday night. (the final draft is due on the 20th)

The final paper is due on the 13th, which is the same day as the final exam for the that class. Hopefully (if I can get the above mentioned paper done Monday), I can begin this second paper on Tuesday.

(Wednesday & Thursday are no homework days this week because of a busy schedule). This would mean next weekend I am completing the final paper and wrapping up studying for the final…

I can’t wait to be done!!!!!

I feel as if these last few papers have been the toughest to just get done.

Also, as far as “what’s next” for me…

After a lot of thinking, praying, attempts to find a job, and finally decisions being required to be made …I am going to stick around here for at least the next few months. I would appreciate prayers for my finding a job and housing. I am need of a place to live after Dec 31st. As you can imagine, this is quickly approaching and my current time seems to be used up by wrapping up my school work.

Admittedly, I tend to procrastinate because I don’t want to do homework, but I really need to buckle down and get this work done! (Which is why it is Saturday morning and I have been up since 6 am working on papers). If I get the work done, I can get going on other tasks so that come January, I don’t need to live in a cardboard box.

Other than that, we hope to see a few snow flurries later today. That should be nice.

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How's it going?

Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving.

Its time to get stuff done around here. I only have 2 papers left, but I am having a bit of trouble getting them done.

Other than that, we have a bit of leak in the basement, so both the water and the furnace are turned off right now. Hopefully, it won’t get too cold on up here on the second floor. And hopefully the water problem will be fixed before we all need showers and have to use the washroom.

Well, I guess I should get some work done.
Have a nice evening.

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The Seahawks just completed their win against the bears! That makes me smile.

Its been pretty busy around here. Lots of reading and researching. I am writing a paper tomorrow, so it will be nice to check another one off the list.

Well, I am off to get some dinner and then back to reading.

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Writers Strike

I am absolutely fascinated by the writers’ strike taking place right now.


Well…people are starting to freak out because their favorite TV shows my not have new episodes for a while. Hollywood is scared of grinding to a halt. There are some potentially funny/comedic situations happening on the picket lines. Did you see the cartoon that has a bunch of individuals picketing but they are holding up blank signs?

But really, I am most captivated by the heart of the argument. Its all about “intellectual property rights.” Which is a huge rights issue. The writers believe that their intellectual creativity that produces scripts is then sold and (if super successful/long running/syndicated TV shows) continues to make money. It a very complicated issue.

At the same time, do you realize that people who write, can’t help it. If they are creative or passionate about writing, the words come to them and must be written down. So its not as if they are not writing at all. I bet some go home after time on the picket line and write about their experiences….Maybe we will see these events in future TV & movies. Life is the inspiration for written word.

Being 4 papers out of finishing my masters, I am glad we are not on a “writers strike.” It would prevent me from finishing up and finishing strong.

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I learned that regarding the job I interviewed for, no decision has been made. It looks like they are still waiting for one individual to come back from out of town/being sick to come to any decision.

Also….I learned that “informally” I passed comps. What does that mean? Well, From a very informed person at school (professor/advisor) I was told I passed. Although the official notification has not come yet and I don’t know when it will. Thanks so much for everyone who prayed for me and my “day of doom” test.

With that down, I just have 3 classes to pass and the MA is done! (THATS CRAZY!!!!)

oh yeah…how could I have forgot for so long (its not like I have been busy or anything) but only 5 days and then it is my Birthday!


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still chugging along

Well, now that comps is over, I don’t feel like doing homework anymore. Very Problematic!!!! In fact I have 2 papers due on Thursday. I wrote one this evening and tomorrow, I am finishing the research/reading for the other AND writing it. I don’t know if I have ever pushed a deadline so close before….

After these two are turned in, I have 3 smaller papers still to go and two Big papers.

Not to mention tons of reading still to do and one Final to study for.

With only 1.5 months left, I am starting to feel the pressure of getting all of this done, Plus selling furniture, planning how transportation will work for moving, thinking about future living arrangements. It will probably be just one of those periods of life when I look back and think “what on earth was I thinking!??!?” and “How in the world did I ever get all of it done?!?!?” I can tell you the answer to the second question right now…”But by the grace of God”

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No matter what happens with job interviews and future decisions, I am moving out of my current house come end of december. The lease is up and I opted not to renew it. This leaves me the challenge of “what do I do with all my stuff?”

After talking to my brother and listening to his suggestion, I have listed my couch (yes, the beloved, green, retro, super comfy couch) on craigslist. Hopefully it will sell, which will earn me a little cash and eliminate the “what do I do with it” problem.

I am also considering listing the wardrobe I purchased from IKEA. I really like it, but its too big and heavy to move. I never put the back paneling on it when I moved into this house, so it is a bit wobbly, but I still have the backing. I figure it just needs to be attached and then it will not wobble at all. The hardest part is figuring out how much its reasonable (not to high, not to low) to list for a price.

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