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One down

Well, one almost down. I just finished writing a paper that looks at how the Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the New Moses. By almost done, I mean that it is written, but still needs to be edited. I will do that probably on Wednesday evening.

Other than that, it is really hot here. Got up to 91 today. Not only that, but it is pretty muggy. Its nice to have a few last days of summer heat even while the leaves are all changing and starting to fall.

And in case you need a reminder, three months from tomorrow is Christmas.

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Hey….New Safari, New Options

Ok, so I just got the new version of Safari and it has all the new options (video, bold, etc.) and the spell check even works! Alright!

Obviously, I had something to say that brought me to Blogger before I noticed the nice features on new safari (I tried to get to blogger on FireFox, but it quit responding again!) BUT, I don’t remember what I was going to type. I have class tonight. I did not finish the reading, nor do I think I will. You just can’t do it all. Sometimes my brain needs a break and this time around, It was NT theology textbook reading that got left out.

I turned in my first book review/paper today. I think it was ok. I realized that for my Religion & Politics class, we have to read 4 books, plus selected chapters from the textbook and a few article hand outs. Well, the book review due today was on the second book. Plus, I have already read a third one for the class….that leaves me with only one more book to read and I think it is not until November. Perfect! after the super crazy month of October. I should be going…I do have some things to get done before class.

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Ok, this is just a small notice/apology, but I need to email several of you out there. If you have emailed me in the last month or so….I am sorry to say it might be a little while before I am able to get back to you. Most of my “down time” (that is time not in class or at work) is spent reading. If I am not reading, I am either taking a much needed break (which means I just sit there and zone out), or I am spending time with people here (so that we do not all become lonely, people deprived beings), or I am sleeping.

School work has got me booked out through October, so please be aware that I like you, I want to email you, but to send out quality individual emails to each person that I need to…the thought is overwhelming.

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thats just the way it goes

So we are now two weeks into the school semester. I finally had a chance to sit down and write all of my major assignment due dates on a calendar along with other major things going on in the next few months. It will be a tight squeeze, but I think doable.

On other things, if you happen to think of me, please be praying that I can get some insurance stuff straightened out regarding my summer appointments. As a student, medical insurance is limited and I have filled out some additional paperwork to cover costs, but I think the entire “pre-existing condition” thing might be a problem in this specific scenario. So, please be praying that the proper paperwork is completed and the insurance company picks up the bill. If that doesn’t happen, that the UofW & I can work something out to cover the bill.

I was able to have some previous charges, uhm…forgiven for lack of a better word, so perhaps I will need to go through that process again. I am not super worried as God is sovereign no matter what the outcome will be (and thats just the way it goes), but your prayers are appreciated.

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I watched Cops this evening. I was flipping through the channels and thought I would pause for a moment and see if they were wearing “pierce county” badges. Yep. And even more than that it was the “south hill precinct.”

In other more productive news, I have 13 books to read for this semester. I am pleased to report I just finished one of them, a fantastic 370 page book called “Spirit and Flesh: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church.” The author, Dr. James Ault spends three years in a Baptist church studying its members, eventually making a documentary. He gives a very balanced view of the individuals, their faith, and their actions. I would highly recommend it. In addition to being an interesting topic that is written about very judiciously and with great discernment, it reads like a novel.

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So yesterday included a tornado…

Or at least some type of funnel cloud in Wheaton. All the info I can find says that the national weather people don’t know if it actually touched down but here is small portion of the warning that went out yesterday

“… A Tornado Warning remains in effect until 400 PM CDT for northern
dupage and northern Cook counties…

* at 312 PM CDT… National Weather Service radar continued to
indicate a tornado near Wheaton… and moving east northeast at 45 mph.”

Other than that…GO MARINERS!

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Wicked Weather

Today we had a wild bout of weather. At lunch, I looked online at the radar to see if any rain was coming in and there were some large sections of very hard rain coming. Around 3:15 or so, the wind started kicking up and the rain came. It was so black, I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark in the middle of the day due to rain.

Right in the middle of helping a student, our power went out. It came on shortly later. I booted up the computer, logged in got to the screen I needed saw what I was looking for to help the student right before the power went out again. (Some would be proud, this student was from Detroit, so as I waited for the computer to bootup, we talked hockey). The power kept coming on & off, then when out for a long time.

Finally someone came down the hall and told us there were severe storm warnings and we needed to get downstairs away from windows. So off we went. It is the first day of new student orientation, so there were students, parents, and workers all hanging out in the hallways. I ended up in a nice section of the building that had a few emergency lights and an nearby office that had brought out some chairs.

After the main storm passed, we headed back up stairs to finish working for the last hour of the day.

I made it home fine although there were several places that did not have power at the traffic lights. My house has power, but here we are at 5:40 and they just put up some more severe weather warnings. I hear the thunder coming. All I can say is it is great that the new place I live has a basement.

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books, books, books, and more books

I have now purchased all the books I need for this upcoming semester. I saved money because I bought each one one line most being at least a couple of dollars cheaper even when I factored in shipping.

Classes begin one week from tomorrow. I am pretty excited for this term because: 1. I am excited about all three classes and 2. After this semester I will have my Masters Degree completed.

They told me this was a fast program and boy they weren’t kidding.

I also got my other school supplies today (binders and paper and pens) so I am almost ready to go. I think I just need to pick up a parking permit.

Other than that, (and more importantly) if you did not know, Lance & Katie and the girls are on a road trip right now. Lance is visiting customers and the family is going along for the ride. As a result, yesterday took them through the Chicago area so it was wonderful to see them. I got to show them my where I live and point out a few places around town. We went out for REAL Chicago pizza (completely different than Papa Murphy’s take and bake) for dinner. So yeah, it was pretty cool having family in town even for just the afternoon. Only downside being that it reminds me how much I miss everyone.

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The semester starts a week from Wed. I am excited for all three of my classes and I already have 7 of 13 books with one more on order. I started reading one book last night and I am enjoying it a ton! I had to make myself stop reading and go to sleep. I think I will read some more this evening.

Other than that, I applied for a job yesterday. A job for January, after I am done with school. We will see what happens.

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One Year

Can you believe as of today, I have now lived here one year?!?! Time has gone So fast! I find it almost unbelievable that come December, I might be moving again.

I finish my masters program and graduate on December 14th. After that, I am not exactly sure what I am doing. I would like to head “more west.” Illinois has been an interesting place, some parts good, some parts bad. I do not want to extend my stay here any longer than December if at all possible.

If you happen to think of me, please pray that God would direct me in whatever step is next; that I would make prayerful, thoughtful, and wise decisions. (While I don’t like to admit it, even if it means God wants me to stay here for awhile longer, that I would do that.)

I am looking into several options right now so well see what happens. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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