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An article by John Ortberg that I found interesting discussing the term “evangelical.”

References to Bebbington, Noll, and Wheaton, along with other people and places I have studied made this an enjoyable read to me.

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So, those who have known me for a very long time can vouch for this, I love Michael W. Smith!!! Before Switchfoot, before Newsboys, MWS was my favorite!

The very first concert I ever went to was on Sept 19, 1993. dc Talk opened for MWS at the Puyallup Fair. It was a youth group event and because it was at the fair, we also got to go on rides and play games. I happened to win a green stuffed animal (I think it was a cat???) It had a tie on and perhaps sunglasses…I don’t quite remember. Anyway, I named him MdubS.

My first cassette tape, the Project.

My last cassette tape, The First Decade. One of my first CDs Michael W. Smith: The Wonder Years. A two disc compilation set with a sweet book. Seriously, he is awesome and I love his music!

And today, I got to see him speak and play. He was the speaker for Chapel today. My current roommate is a prof, so she gave me a heads up that he was coming. Because I went with her to chapel, we got pretty decent seats (in a packed out auditorium, I am sure no students skipped today). Two of Smitty’s daughters were sitting in the row in front of me with MWS and his wife, Debbie, in the next row up.

funniest moment, while he was speaking, someone yelled “friends!” So he abruptly stopped, walked over to the piano, sat down and started playing. All of a sudden, from the auditorium filled with students lighters appear. With lighters lite, and waving in the air, MWS looks up and sees what is taking place. He stops playing and just starts cracking up, and then directs the audience to start waving their arms while he finishes of the chorus of “friends.” this may not seem funny to you, but this is WHEATON, students sign a covenant with no smoking, no drinking, and other codes of christian conduct. And here they are waving lighters in chapel, perhaps the most lighters ever on campus at one time. It was hilarious. It also made me chuckle that people (MWS’ kids too) started taking photos of the students. Anyway, it was an enjoyable event and I am glad I could go today.


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It has been a while since I posted an photos. Most of my recent pictures have many people in them (whom I have not gotten permission to post from) so I have mainly put stuff on facebook. (which is a bit more “controlled” and I have privacy settings set up. This blog on the other hand is open to whoever, so I am more picky about what I put up.) The result of this is that my blog often lacks pictures. Plus, I have not taken very many photos in recent months.

Here are just a few pictures from the last few months

My Uncle Bob took this photo. It was at graduation.

I am not sure who took this one, but it after the graduation recognition ceremony with my parents.

This is photo of Blanchard Hall. It is my favorite building on campus and is often referred to as “the castle building” I have often intended to take some pictures of campus, but have not. Finally, on Monday, my last day on campus, I took just a couple photos of Blanchard.

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So yesterday included a tornado…

Or at least some type of funnel cloud in Wheaton. All the info I can find says that the national weather people don’t know if it actually touched down but here is small portion of the warning that went out yesterday

“… A Tornado Warning remains in effect until 400 PM CDT for northern
dupage and northern Cook counties…

* at 312 PM CDT… National Weather Service radar continued to
indicate a tornado near Wheaton… and moving east northeast at 45 mph.”

Other than that…GO MARINERS!

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Wicked Weather

Today we had a wild bout of weather. At lunch, I looked online at the radar to see if any rain was coming in and there were some large sections of very hard rain coming. Around 3:15 or so, the wind started kicking up and the rain came. It was so black, I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark in the middle of the day due to rain.

Right in the middle of helping a student, our power went out. It came on shortly later. I booted up the computer, logged in got to the screen I needed saw what I was looking for to help the student right before the power went out again. (Some would be proud, this student was from Detroit, so as I waited for the computer to bootup, we talked hockey). The power kept coming on & off, then when out for a long time.

Finally someone came down the hall and told us there were severe storm warnings and we needed to get downstairs away from windows. So off we went. It is the first day of new student orientation, so there were students, parents, and workers all hanging out in the hallways. I ended up in a nice section of the building that had a few emergency lights and an nearby office that had brought out some chairs.

After the main storm passed, we headed back up stairs to finish working for the last hour of the day.

I made it home fine although there were several places that did not have power at the traffic lights. My house has power, but here we are at 5:40 and they just put up some more severe weather warnings. I hear the thunder coming. All I can say is it is great that the new place I live has a basement.

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One Year

Can you believe as of today, I have now lived here one year?!?! Time has gone So fast! I find it almost unbelievable that come December, I might be moving again.

I finish my masters program and graduate on December 14th. After that, I am not exactly sure what I am doing. I would like to head “more west.” Illinois has been an interesting place, some parts good, some parts bad. I do not want to extend my stay here any longer than December if at all possible.

If you happen to think of me, please pray that God would direct me in whatever step is next; that I would make prayerful, thoughtful, and wise decisions. (While I don’t like to admit it, even if it means God wants me to stay here for awhile longer, that I would do that.)

I am looking into several options right now so well see what happens. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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shoot…I forgot to mention it

I meant to put this in the previous post, but forgot. Then I attempted to make it a comment, but it got to long, so here is another post.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said the following:

“Suburbia: Where they chop down all the trees, and then name the streets after them”

So true…

One street is “Elm Street” yes, that is “the” Elm street that was in the title of a movie about a nightmare. The producer of “A nightmare on Elm street” is a Wheaton College alum and though the addresses are all different and the story is obviously made up, it is the movie is set in suburbia, IL and it is our “elm” street.

[hello Sarah, I am guessing you get to read this tomorrow 🙂 I thought of it after the fact, then I thought I should say “hello”]

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Tornado Watch

Tonight we had our first tornado watch of the season. I didn’t know until I got home at about 9:15 and saw my dad had left me a phone message. Where had I been? Up the Tower!!!!

There is a tradition at Wheaton College that when someone gets engaged they get to go to the bell tower at Blanchard. At the beginning of the year, we did not know of the tradition, so we jokingly asked our professor how could we get up to the bell tower. (It looked pretty cool and we had “made it our goal”). It was then that we found out you have to get engaged. The engaged couple can take a few friends with them.

At that point, my two roommates and I made an agreement that if any of us got engaged, we had to take the other two up the tower. We bought some sparkling cider and glasses to take with us if we got to go at some point during our time at Wheaton.

This was August and none of my two roommates or I were dating anyone.

Well since then one roommate started dating a guy from her church and just a couple of weeks ago, they got engaged! So tonight was the night. Where were we during the tornado watch? A the highest place possible to be in Suburbia.

We call Blanchard the castle building, and I occasionally have class there. We did not get to go to the very top outside where the bell actually is, that was locked up.

Here is a photo of Blanchard, my favorite building on campus.

Here is a photo of the four of us in the tower. (left to right, Sarah S., Me, Sarah G. and Scott)

You may be wondering about the “graffiti.” Couples write or paint their names and the date on the walls (or stairs or where ever). They also get to leave behind something that represents them.


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Oh! Gravity. (i think they might be crazy.)

I just heard / watched a new song from switchfoot. “Oh! Gravity” what these guys come up with….If you seen the video, I love the part where the wrong piano notes are hit and they keys fly off the piano. Mostly, the jury is still out for this switchfoot fan.

The Wheaton Record (school newspaper) reviewed thier single that is out “Dirty Second Hands” I have only heard a second or two of it, so I can’t really say what I think. The review in the paper was very positive. I guess we will have to see.

The band was just here in Chi-town last month. The new cd comes out Dec 26th.

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Retirement…40 years and counting…

Don’t you get to retire at around age 65? Well this week I took the first step to having money when I retire, by starting a retirement fund. Yeah, which means that now I am broke. That’s ok though because now I won’t feel like I am behind the eight ball. I always hear people say, “Start saving when you are young!” Even though I am still relatively young, I was starting to feel guilty that I was going to miss out on my opportunity to start my “nest egg” early.

My roomie & I were laughing because I still have some dental work that I need to get done. My thing is “I don’t have any money to pay for it” but at least come old age I will have money to pay for dentures. Just kidding!!!! I will get the dental work done this year too.

Other than that, I now have more info from Wheaton so I can start figuring out what it will cost to go to school. I got a small grant, which is super cool. I also qualified for work-study, so I can get a job on campus and get paid by the government. Sweet eh?

Dude! It certainly takes a long time to attach files to e-mails when you have dial up. I am only staying up to finish the e-mail and I thought I could blog while I wait. But now I have run out of things to blog about and it is still going….



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