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Take 2

We had a wonderful few days – lots of playing and laughing.

We watched the Indy500. (We randomly picked cars to root for at the beginning. Z’s crashed. Mine got 2nd place.)

JJ and I even snuck in a spontaneous date last night.

Today we went up to my brother’s house for a BBQ and left the boys there.

Caring all 56 pounds of my boys.

Carrying all 56 pounds of my boys. Z is saying “cookieeeeeeee.”

Surgery is bright and early tomorrow. 6am.

I can’t eat after midnight so… I’m off to have a snack.


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The last three days have not gone at all, as expected.

It’s been stressful because, heart surgery aside, I’m a planner. I like to make lists, complete tasks, check things off, and move on to the next thing.  When a plan changes, it’s stressful to me. When stress happens, or more accurately, once the stress factors start to end, I get migraines. (One of my other big migraine triggers is weather change. Have you seen the weather forecast for the next 2 days!?!)

I’m so thankful that we got the green light for me to take my migraine medicine in the next few days, as needed.

All of this back and forth is great in reminding me that God is in control. And that I’m so glad us humans are not!

Other than that, Little E started figuring out how to clap in the 24 hours he was gone. I LOVE seeing him proudly show off his new skill.



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New surgery date

Tuesday, May 31st, 6am.

As long as no one else more urgent pops up.

We are picking up our boys now so… I guess they got a “trial run” for next week.

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Still waiting

We are still waiting to hear about when my new surgery date will be.

Part of the wait is they need the surgeon’s input and She is busy right now 😉

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Still me here

We were about 20 minutes from walking out the door and got a call, Surgery Postponed.

Someone needs a transplant.

So here I sit, drinking a coffee I’m not supposed to have, being thankful that I’m going to have heart surgery soon(ish), in part to avoid congestive heart failure and NOT end up on the transplant list. I can’t imagine the emotional roller coaster involved in transplants.

Also, I guess this is what happens when one has the best doctors. 🙂

This is all I know. We hope find out more regarding a rescheduled time and then go from there regarding picking up my boys (or not).

Thanks for the continued prayers!
God is Good.

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Thanks for stopping by

If you are new to my blog – more heart surgery updates will be posted tomorrow.
If you want to read (and see) some of my story, and why I’m having heart surgery…

Start here: It All Started At the Beginning

(January 25th, 2016’s post)

As always, Thanks for the continued prayers!

No matter what happens tomorrow, in all things, God is good!


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Pre-op went well, so we are a go for tomorrow (unless someone needs a transplant or the ICU is full), for 10 am.

We just dropped off the boys. E could not care less. Z is torn between “I’ll miss you.” and “Hooray, I get to play with cousins!”

Just a few “house keeping” notes.

*The next day or so my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, will be updating the blog.

*When I’m out of surgery, the first 24-36 hours I will be in ICU. No visitors at that time.

*Once I’m out of ICU, please contact JJ directly before heading to the hospital to visit.

*They estimate a 3-6 day stay. Shockingly, it’s possible this will be a shorter stay than either of my two c-sections.

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Strike that, reverse it.

We just heard from the hospital, surgery is back on for tomorrow.

We are headed to the hospital now for pre-op appointments so we should learn more details regarding tomorrow.

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Quick update. Surgery has been postponed!

***New Date***

Friday, May 27th

An infant needed surgery on Tuesday and they didn’t want the team doing back to back days, so Friday was the next opening schedule for the OR and the team.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

I am disappointed. (We had the boys all packed, ready to leave this afternoon and drop them off and I just want to get the surgery over with.)

But when they said “Could you?” I thought “Yes! Someone probably was bumped for me when I was an infant.”

Then I talked to my mom and she told me someone WAS bummed for me when I was an infant. An old man needing gall bladder surgery. LOL!

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One week out

Some updates on past posts and prayer requests:

*The van is fixed. It turned out everything was under warranty.  The ‘faulty part’ that landed it in the shop to begin with was probably ‘faulty’ because our van required something a little more hefty. So it’s fixed and running well – and didn’t cost us other than time.

*JJ’s work has gone well. It’s been a little slow the last week or so, but God continues to provide us what we need financially and it’s been nice to have him home a little more. We were able to go to the zoo last week and even today, we had a nice afternoon of running errands and then hanging out as just our little family of four. It’s nice to be able to make a few family memories before we enter a hard season.

*E is still waking up somewhere between 4-6 am to eat. I’m bummed he’s not sleeping through the night but he is pulling up, saying da-da-da-da, and crawling a bunch.  My guess is these developmental milestones have ratcheted up his appetite.

*My mom comes in at the end of the week – looking forward to seeing her!

*We seem to all have allergies (or head colds) but so far surgery is still on schedule and I’ve been improving.

*My dad flew out yesterday after visiting for a week. It was great to have him in town.  –> Prayer Request … My dad isn’t able to be here for the surgery because he’s helping one of my brothers’ family.  My nephew, Jack, has some medical tests in the midwest next week so my dad is going to be helping drive across country. Please pray for that trip. Safe travels and successful medical tests and procedures. We are hopeful Jack (born at 27 weeks, now almost 4 yrs old) will have some good news about long term status of his esophagus (he currently has a trach). The little guy’s biggest procedure day is also May 25th, same day as my surgery.

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