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Tango un dolor de cabeza

If I remember correctly, I think that says “I have a headache” which I do. Is it the adjustment to being in Texas? (different weather) I don’t know.

So the M’s won one and then were promptly routed. The game is on tonight. They better win!

Ok, well…I am waiting for a phone call and do not have much else to be doing right now. Later.



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I'm cold

We just had a couple of days where we had highs that were 61 & 62 degrees. Today, it is cold again.

My head cold is still hanging on, but I feel much better now. I know 100% is just around the corner.

I got a hair cut today. I think the last time I had one was in July on the morning of my brother’s wedding. It was time. I wanted to go a couple of months ago, but life was too busy.

Also, GO HAWKS!!!! Saturday’s game was fun to watch and I am looking forward to the next one. Green Bay will be a challenge, but Go Hawks Go!

Another friend is back from Christmas break, YEAH. It was good to see her.

Other than that, I have another job (in my field) I am applying for…well see.

Well, back to my applications, room cleaning, and book reading. Have a nice day.

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3rd (week) down and

2 (papers) to go. That’s the same two papers from last week. Oops. My head cold last weekend prevented me from being able to think clearly enough to work on the papers. They are due this Tuesday and Wednesday so this weekend is it for getting them done.

The week went well. Fairly uneventful. I find that it is easier these days to speak up in class now that I know most of my classmates. Now that I talk, I just need to work on making my comments more intelligent sounding. By that I mean I need to improve my vocabulary and state my views and questions in a more succinct manner.

I worked on my taxes tonight too. It looks like good news for Debra, so that was encouraging.

It was about 40 degrees out today, which was very pleasant. I briefly considered washing my car. Perhaps tomorrow…although I am supposed to be writing a paper tomorrow…we will see.

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Week 2

I have a bit of a head cold this week (bummer!), but week two is now done. It actually saw me getting a paper done about 4 days ahead of time not counting editing. So my plans of working ahead is working for the time being.

I have another write up to do this weekend, 2 papers to research (one of which I really need to have written by Monday night), and at least 200 pages to read by Sunday night. I think it is doable.

Other than that, I started working on my taxes tonight. Slightly confusing, yet kind of fun. I think I will get a chunk of money back from the Gov which is fantastic because it will go towards paying for my Europe trip. Other than that, I need to get them done so I can do the good ‘ole FAFSA. (remember last year? Fun with FAFSA at 12:07 am on 1-1-06.)

Also, it looks like I have most likely secured a job for this summer. This is a great thing to not have to worry about especially considering the two weeks I will be in Europe as well as having at least one wedding to attend. So, yep, that was nice to have taken care of.

It snowed a bit this week which was kind of nice. After it snowed, it has gotten pretty cold, today it was 18 degrees give or take a few. Well, the high may have been 28 or so, but it was not that warm every time I looked at the temperature.

Well, I best get going on that homework if I want to reach my goals by the end of the weekend.

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dinner, papers, and headaches

This evening we had dinner guests. It was an enjoyable evening with lots of laughs.

I also wrote an extremely small paper today. It was so small that it was hard to write. You know when something is so simple, you tend to make it harder than it is? Well that’s how this one page paper was.

Finally, for those of you who know that I occasionally deal with headaches, I seem to be having them more frequently here. I am not sure if there are allergens in the air that I am not used to, but for the last week, I have been unable to shake my headache. (prayers for relief of this headache would be appreciated). Some times it goes away for a little while, but it comes back and just seems to hang on. My head does not actually hurt that badly or that sharply, but the continual dull pain and pressure makes life more difficult. It definitely makes thinking harder as well as sleeping. Hopefully, whatever is irritating my sinuses and producing these headaches will go away as winter comes.

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What an exhausting week! Tim is doing much better.

This evening my other brothers & I got to spend some time with our pals from Washington who now live up here.

Got a good laugh in when my eldest brother tried to beat me to an automatic door. His feet slipped out from under him and it was like he was trying to slide in to third base or something. We laughed so hard we could not help him up. He was not injured although had he been, the door we were about to enter was the hospital. He did succeed in getting the door to open.

Had a great meal at a little restaurant called Earl’s. Watched the end of a U of A hockey game in which they won, advancing to the national championship. Caught the last bit of the UCLA / Memphis game.

Today I also won a coffee in the Tim Horton’s “Roll up the Rim to Win” game. I better get my free coffee tomorrow. We are planning on flying out on Monday.

Finally, today I tried my first game of Sudoku. I really like it. Finished 2 easy games, finished 2 medium games, got stuck on one medium game and am in the middle of another medium game. Definitely getting a book of them when I get home.


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Got my new Toque

Tim is recovering nicely. “Slow & steady wins the race”

I got my Canadian toque today. I had it mailed to Tim a few weeks ago because they would not ship to the US of A. After living in Canada for 3 years, I had no clothing that said Canada at all. For the last few years I have been on the lookout for a nice hoody.

When the Olympics came around this year, I decided I really like the white toques the Canadian team had. The one with the red maple leaves and red strips. I look forward to wearing it in Chicago.

Got to have coffee with an old school friend today. It was great to be able to catch up. I have a few more individuals that I would love to spend some time with. It seems like one visit a day or two visits a day is working out nicely. Plus it is a chance for me to escape the hospital for a while.

I think my goal for tomorrow will be to eat a bit more food. I tend to lose my appetite when I travel.

And tonight, more time for reading Pride & Prejudice. After reading Emma, I did not think Pride & Prejudice could top it. Now however, I understand why it is the “masterpiece.”

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In Edmonton

Life is crazy here. Keep praying for my Brother. He is doing good. Still very serious, but the most recent news is positive. Check out the updates on

While here, I have been able to connect with a few friends so far. It has been great to catch up, as well as feel loved that they too are concerned about my bro.

Yesterday, one of my friends is a med student at the U of A. so I got a little tour of the place. We stopped by her locker so she get her stethoscope and listen to my heart. She wanted to know if she could hear my murmur. After she listened a while, she handed it off to me. I don’t remember actually listening to my heart before.

Then the funniest thing happened. My heart “skipped a beat”. Doctors have been listening for years to try and hear it do this. Couple weeks ago I even carried around a monitor to try and record my heartbeat when it does this. Though the monitor did get some good recordings, I don’t’ think a single doctor has ever been listening to my heart when it beats irregular. Then with in a moment or two of listening, I got to hear it. Pretty crazy!!!! My friend the med student also was heard it while she was listening. Unbelievable.


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Tim update

Hey, thanks for your continued prayers. There is now a blog that will be updating info on Tim.


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Please Pray For Tim

Most may already know this, but my younger brother Tim collapsed today in Edmonton. We don’t know much, but it appears that he has blood on his brain. He was able to answer a few of the doctors questions so we will see….

Right now my parents are flying to Edmonton. After we learn more, there is a chance my other brother & I will be flying up too.

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