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Last day of vacation

It is not yet “tomorrow” here on the west coast (though this post will likely show as being a 1-4-07 post). Tomorrow I head home. It has been a nice visit. Very low key, which is a nice contrast to last semester and the up and coming one.

It is kind of odd this time around because when I moved in August, I kind of figured I would visit WA state for christmas. Now I will probably not be back until July (for my brother’s wedding). That is seven months away! Perhaps by that time I will need a break from the Illinois heat and humidity. Hey…it will be summer…I should try and go to an M’s game….

Alright…Bring on the school work! On Friday, I am buying all my books. class starts monday and “We’re Off!”


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Merry Christmas!

The family just finished opening all of our gifts! (Yes, we realize it is only the 23rd) In order to have everyone present, and avoid the business of tomorrow being Sunday, we opted to open gifts tonight.

The last week has been very relaxing. A bit of book reading (fun books), listening to music, hanging out with my nieces, watching movies, and sleeping. (oh, and just took a break from blogging to dance with the neices to Audio A “Big House”)

Tomorrow, GO HAWKS!


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one more

After Class this morning, I will only have:
one more class to attend
one more book to read
one more paper to write
and one final to take.


Lets see…only 10 days until I get to go home for Chirstmas. That’s pretty sweet as well.

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