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One more V-day post

I wore both pink AND red today. And then I proceeded to spill coffee on myself about 15 minutes into my work day. I laughed at the imperfections of reality.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Singles Awareness Day (as one of my friends calls it)
Happy V-Day (not like as in the war).

I am wearing Pink tomorrow (while I type this it is 7 minutes until tomorrow).

Honestly V-day bugs me a bit. I don’t like how the consumer driven world turns V-day in to some big commercial spending blitz. It might be “good” during the (lowercase r) recession for the country to be out spending money, but it depends on the perspective. To spend that which you don’t actually have is detrimental. Not to mention the world is attempting to achieve this so called idea of love by buying things. It is a big day of pressure. Do you know how many people have awful stories all because of the pressure that comes about when the world tells you this day must be perfect?

My suggestions (from the theoretical perspective – extremely limited experience gives the advantage to an outsider, a somewhat more reasonable perspective):

1. Spend time not money
2. Laugh at the mishaps and imperfections of the day. Life is imperfect therefore any attempt at capturing and displaying an idilic and “romanticized” view of love, will result in imperfections
3. Don’t build unrealistic expectations. They are, unrealistic.
4. Wear pink or red just because its silly. (even if you are single and absolutely hate the day. be silly. it might just make you enjoy yourself a little)
5. Instead of tomorrow, do something on 3/12/08 (or any other random day!)

Just a few suggestions.

Things not allowed: moping, getting angry, being frustrated, being impatient, and wearing black.

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Hello 0h-8!

It is going to be a fantastic year!!!! Why? I don’t know. I just felt like saying it is going to be.

I am now moved into my new home. I still have plenty of boxes to finish unpacking and at least one trip to goodwill to make to rid myself of just a small portion of the “too much stuff” that I have.

After moving, I seem to have worn myself out just a bit. I don’t know if this bitter cold (in temperature) has anything to do with this brutal cold (in my head) that seems to keep me sneezing, but I am hoping that I am now on the mend. Thanks to some Benadryl and 15 hours of sleep yesterday, I am actually feeling a bit more like my old self again.

I am excited because one of my friends called tonight and is back in town. It has been a drag having most (not all- My Christmas eve/new years eve buddy was a blast to hang out with!!!) not in town.

On New Years eve, a friend and I went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. What an adventure. First, it was snowing, then we could not find the theater. We saw the sign on the side of the road, but where was the actually theater!?!?! We did find it only to go inside and wonder if anyone was there. After standing at the counter a while, a guy came out, sold us tickets (and a drink and popcorn to me) then we went and watched the film. It was entertaining. After the film, we waited around a little while because it was still 20 minutes to midnight. We went back out to the lobby and literally, there was no one there. We decided to leave and found that the doors were chained and padlocked. (did they forget we were there!?!?!?) For a brief moment, we thought we would have to call the police to come let us out of the building. Fortunately, there was one door not chained shut. We walked around the parking lot for awhile, started clearing off our cars and waited for the last few minutes of 07 to pass. Then we cheered, my friend threw snow in the air, the snow plow guys (in the parking lot) thought we were crazy, and we went home. I will remember that one for a long time.

Here’s to eating Kinder Surprise in Empty Theaters, while creepy music is playing! All in good fun to ring in the new year. Like I said, 08 is going to be grand.

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Merry Christmas!

Watch my christmas greeting.

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Everyone's gone

Well, the holiday is almost here. Basically, almost everyone I know has left town. Which means….I get to park the car in the Garage!!!! Which is fantastic because we are supposed to get some yucky weather in the next few days. Today was quite warm, 48 degrees with fog, but tonight, the temperature is supposed to drop and some snow is on its way. Tomorrow, I will not have to scrape windows or brush off my car in order to get to church. YEAH!

Other than that, I have been packing. Most of my kitchen stuff is now packed (not counting food/pantry items). My desktop computer, most clothes, and all books are packed up. I don’t understand how I can have so many things packed (and even moved to my new place) but still have such a disorderly room.

I have also been watching a few movies. AND a wonderful thing happened today. Over the last several months (and by that I mean it must have been before May when I moved to this house because I remember this item missing then) I have been missing the first disc to my West Wing season 1. This means the first 8 episodes were “gone forever.” I looked everywhere I could think of. in fact, I even think at one point when I was home, I looked in all of my parents dvd cases and asked an old roommate if she had seen it.

Well, just yesterday someone asked if I was missing it because they found the first disc to ww, season 1 and did not know where it had come from. Because I own WW1, they asked me if it was mine. YEAH!!!!! So as of this morning, the disc is no longer missing.

You know what….I think I may just go watch it now.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a marvelous Thanksgiving!

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Are you kidding me?

I just drove home from work. I turned the radio on. The “Peanuts’ Christmas” song came on the radio.

And its still 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!?!?!? Good thing I like Christmas music. Did you know that Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas CD out? Tim was telling me about it. I LOVE MWS’s other Christmas cds, so I must get a copy of this one.

Other than that, Life finally settling down a bit. This week I have an little bit of a lighter class load (my tues/thurs class I only have to go to on Thursday for a thirty minute meeting and my 3 hour Thursday night class in meeting for a slightly shorter time period this week). Plus I do not have any major deadlines this week. I have a little assignment that I need to finish tonight, but it is doable.

So yeah, nice to finally breath a little easier.

I am still waiting to hear about the job thing. Called last week, and emailed today…hopefully I will know something soon. If its a “yes” its good to know so I can move on to apartment planning. If its a “no” I need to know so I can piece together a plan B.

Man…it is getting windy out there. I best go run my errands before it gets too cold and too dark.

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Canadian Friends, I hope you had a great thanksgiving.  

I am currently in the middle of putting together a timeline that covers major historical people, events, and even ideas of Religion in American Life.   I have been working on this for a good 4 hours so to balance out my complete inundation with all things Americana (I was even listening to the Cleveland/New York game for a while), I am now listening to the Oilers.  Lets Go Boys! We only need one more to tie.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about studying Religion in American Life.  I am so thankful! (after-all, it is thanksgiving day) Thankful that I only have to be “an expert” on 400 years of religion in American instead of 2000 years of the history of Christianity in the Whole World!  I am thankful that I finally have a large chunk of time to start studying for comps.  (this is the first day I am specifically studying for comps)  I am thankful that I have a group study session on Wednesday so it forces me to have a deadline for this timeline.  Most of all, I am thankful for the privileged of learning about my faith as it relates to the history of America.

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Limited Internet

I am sad to say I will have limited internet access at home for a while. This translates into a blog that will be not updated as often. (Currently, I am typing from work while I eat lunch).

I am hoping it will only be a week or so before my housemates and I get the situation figured out, but with the upcoming holiday, it may be a little longer.

Yesterday I planted some pepper plants in the backyard and today I am going to get a couple of tomato plants. On Monday, we are having a bbq with some friends from Grad school. On Wednesday, I am helping out at church for the big Fourth of July party and then heading to a church friends house in the evening. Their home is located near the local fireworks display so that should be fun. Then on Friday I head to MI to go to a friends wedding. Before I know it, we will be halfway through July!

If I don’t have a chance to blog much in the near future, the above mentioned activities, in addition to lack of internet, will be taking up my time.

SO, on that note, I would like to take this moment to wish all of you a happy Canada Day on the 1st and a wonderful 4th of July.

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Happy Easter

This weekend, my friend (and former roommate) Rachel came to visit me. We had a great time hanging out. Today, being Easter, we went to church and then in the afternoon attended a dinner hosted by one of my roommates Sarah S.

Later this evening, we had fun with peeps. The following video is my first attempt to capture life at grad school and the entertainment we come up with. I call this masterpiece “Three Little Peeps”



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