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The holiday

Happy 4th.

First things first: The sonics. I am sad. I am disappointed, I am mad. I honestly don’t see the WA state legislature getting anything done by the end of 2009 so the NBA is probably gone for good. I don’t even really like NBA basketball, I just like Seattle and like usual, East Coast bias, it’s all about money, and the fans get short changed. I was thinking this morning, if it was the M’s leaving, I don’t know what I would do. Honestly, I think I would cry.

Now for the Holiday. I don’t have any specific plans. The big fireworks show in town “Kaboomtown” is taking place right now. And I was not about to go by myself to an extremely over-crowded-with-people event. No thanks. Instead, I am listening the M’s game (currently winning!) and after this post, I am going to do some reading.

Tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in. I am also going to put some steak on the grill along with some corn on the cob. The only catch is, I need to grill for lunch because I am not about to be outside in the late afternoon heat standing over a grill. I would like to not die of heat exhaustion thank you very much. I am also doing chores tomorrow like consolidating loans, apartment shopping and laundry.

Thats about it. I may be hanging out with a friend on saturday and on Sunday there is church.

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Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all my friends in the north.

I was reading relevant magazine just now, and they said something that made me laugh

“As we anxiously await the celebration of our nation’s independence, here’s another reason to celebrate: Today, July 1, is Canada Day, a day to celebrate all of the things our cousins to the north have given us. We love you, Canada. Signed, America …” Then they have a link to a bunch of clips of Dudley Do-Right set to the music of “Don’t want to be a Canadian Idiot” by Weird Al.

Also, today I set a new life goal: to use “y’all” and “eh” in the same sentence.

To all my American readers, just wait, only 2 work days to go!

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Happy Leap Day!

Did you know….Leap Day will not fall on a Friday again until 2036? Therefore, Enjoy your day. Have fun! Celebrate.

In celebration of Leap Day:
**At McDonalds, free McSkillet Burrito on February 28 and 29 with purchase of a medium or large beverage (during breakfast hours).

**Einstein Bros. Bagels, coffee for just 29 cents to anybody who visits our restaurants and says “Happy Leap Day” to the order taker on February 29.

**Papa John’s will give customers special online offers on Friday, like three large pizzas with three toppings, all for $29.29

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One more V-day post

I wore both pink AND red today. And then I proceeded to spill coffee on myself about 15 minutes into my work day. I laughed at the imperfections of reality.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Singles Awareness Day (as one of my friends calls it)
Happy V-Day (not like as in the war).

I am wearing Pink tomorrow (while I type this it is 7 minutes until tomorrow).

Honestly V-day bugs me a bit. I don’t like how the consumer driven world turns V-day in to some big commercial spending blitz. It might be “good” during the (lowercase r) recession for the country to be out spending money, but it depends on the perspective. To spend that which you don’t actually have is detrimental. Not to mention the world is attempting to achieve this so called idea of love by buying things. It is a big day of pressure. Do you know how many people have awful stories all because of the pressure that comes about when the world tells you this day must be perfect?

My suggestions (from the theoretical perspective – extremely limited experience gives the advantage to an outsider, a somewhat more reasonable perspective):

1. Spend time not money
2. Laugh at the mishaps and imperfections of the day. Life is imperfect therefore any attempt at capturing and displaying an idilic and “romanticized” view of love, will result in imperfections
3. Don’t build unrealistic expectations. They are, unrealistic.
4. Wear pink or red just because its silly. (even if you are single and absolutely hate the day. be silly. it might just make you enjoy yourself a little)
5. Instead of tomorrow, do something on 3/12/08 (or any other random day!)

Just a few suggestions.

Things not allowed: moping, getting angry, being frustrated, being impatient, and wearing black.

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Hello 0h-8!

It is going to be a fantastic year!!!! Why? I don’t know. I just felt like saying it is going to be.

I am now moved into my new home. I still have plenty of boxes to finish unpacking and at least one trip to goodwill to make to rid myself of just a small portion of the “too much stuff” that I have.

After moving, I seem to have worn myself out just a bit. I don’t know if this bitter cold (in temperature) has anything to do with this brutal cold (in my head) that seems to keep me sneezing, but I am hoping that I am now on the mend. Thanks to some Benadryl and 15 hours of sleep yesterday, I am actually feeling a bit more like my old self again.

I am excited because one of my friends called tonight and is back in town. It has been a drag having most (not all- My Christmas eve/new years eve buddy was a blast to hang out with!!!) not in town.

On New Years eve, a friend and I went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. What an adventure. First, it was snowing, then we could not find the theater. We saw the sign on the side of the road, but where was the actually theater!?!?! We did find it only to go inside and wonder if anyone was there. After standing at the counter a while, a guy came out, sold us tickets (and a drink and popcorn to me) then we went and watched the film. It was entertaining. After the film, we waited around a little while because it was still 20 minutes to midnight. We went back out to the lobby and literally, there was no one there. We decided to leave and found that the doors were chained and padlocked. (did they forget we were there!?!?!?) For a brief moment, we thought we would have to call the police to come let us out of the building. Fortunately, there was one door not chained shut. We walked around the parking lot for awhile, started clearing off our cars and waited for the last few minutes of 07 to pass. Then we cheered, my friend threw snow in the air, the snow plow guys (in the parking lot) thought we were crazy, and we went home. I will remember that one for a long time.

Here’s to eating Kinder Surprise in Empty Theaters, while creepy music is playing! All in good fun to ring in the new year. Like I said, 08 is going to be grand.

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Merry Christmas!

Watch my christmas greeting.

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