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Where are we now

WOW! Did I really go an entire month without posting!?!

In 8 years of blogging that has only happened a few times.

I guess after doing 22 “by the numbers” and not having much to report – I took a little break.

As far as our emergency fund goes, it’s about the same – 50% done.

We did have our foundation fixed which cost 3,700 so – that was money that DIDN’T make it into the emergency fund (but it also didn’t create more debt since we cash-flowed it).

Other than that November was crazy busy!

*Z had 2 doctor’s appointments and I had one.
*We went to the Bush Library Museum & the Perot Museum
*My Parents came for Thanksgiving.
*I made my first Thanksgiving Dinner
*My brother and his family moved back to Texas
*We helped them get some painting done
*I had a birthday and we had our third anniversary.

What a great (and exhausting!) month it was.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a marvelous Thanksgiving!

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Are you kidding me?

I just drove home from work. I turned the radio on. The “Peanuts’ Christmas” song came on the radio.

And its still 2 weeks until Thanksgiving!?!?!? Good thing I like Christmas music. Did you know that Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas CD out? Tim was telling me about it. I LOVE MWS’s other Christmas cds, so I must get a copy of this one.

Other than that, Life finally settling down a bit. This week I have an little bit of a lighter class load (my tues/thurs class I only have to go to on Thursday for a thirty minute meeting and my 3 hour Thursday night class in meeting for a slightly shorter time period this week). Plus I do not have any major deadlines this week. I have a little assignment that I need to finish tonight, but it is doable.

So yeah, nice to finally breath a little easier.

I am still waiting to hear about the job thing. Called last week, and emailed today…hopefully I will know something soon. If its a “yes” its good to know so I can move on to apartment planning. If its a “no” I need to know so I can piece together a plan B.

Man…it is getting windy out there. I best go run my errands before it gets too cold and too dark.

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Happy Thanksgiving

To all my Canadian Friends, I hope you had a great thanksgiving.  

I am currently in the middle of putting together a timeline that covers major historical people, events, and even ideas of Religion in American Life.   I have been working on this for a good 4 hours so to balance out my complete inundation with all things Americana (I was even listening to the Cleveland/New York game for a while), I am now listening to the Oilers.  Lets Go Boys! We only need one more to tie.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about studying Religion in American Life.  I am so thankful! (after-all, it is thanksgiving day) Thankful that I only have to be “an expert” on 400 years of religion in American instead of 2000 years of the history of Christianity in the Whole World!  I am thankful that I finally have a large chunk of time to start studying for comps.  (this is the first day I am specifically studying for comps)  I am thankful that I have a group study session on Wednesday so it forces me to have a deadline for this timeline.  Most of all, I am thankful for the privileged of learning about my faith as it relates to the history of America.

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Finally, the finals finale!

That’s it, One semester in the books. SWEET! 4 sleeps until I get to visit WA state.

Tonight I went to a grad celebration for one of my classmates who just finished this semester….(wish that was me). I am really looking forward to doing some relaxing without homework hanging over my head (like at thanksgiving).

Tonight was also fun because I got to meet some of the wives of my fellow classmates, so hopefully, we will be able to hang out a bit next semester.

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School Update

Remember that list of assignments I was working on? Especially the two with “pretend” due dates? Well items 1-4 have now been completed and turned in, BUT the two with pretend due dates did not get done before thanksgiving. (The procrastination monster got the best of me.) I got the research done for the large paper that I wrote on Saint Francis, yet I could not get myself to actually write the paper before I went to Dallas. In the end, it worked out ok. I wrote the paper this past Wednesday and it was due Thursday. So those who called me a “keener” [and you know who you are 😉 ] may need to rethink that label.

This morning I have the first page of my last essay due. I could not get myself to write it yesterday, too many other better things to do. One thing, I should note, is Watch the Seahawks WIN! So this morning I got up early and wrote the one page. Now I find myself with an hour where I could have been sleeping, but to fall back a sleep is probably impossible….oh well.

I did find out that one of my finals is canceled and that I got a good grade on my Luther paper. Both of those things were very encouraging.

Hey its only about 9 degrees out right now (-3 with windchill). I am loving the cold. Yes, it is a little annoying, but it is also very refreshing and invigorating. ok, off I go to figure out what to do with this extra hour in my day.


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22nd of November

This morning I flew into Dallas to visit family for Thanksgiving.

One of our activities today was to visit the site where JFK was shot. Amazingly as we started at the first part of the museum with our audio devices on, my brother noticed the date on which JFK was killed, November 22, 1963 (43 years ago today) and he was shot at 12:30 in the afternoon. At 12:30 today, we were on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, at the windows from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot his rifle. We could not have timed it better had we tried.

Also, out on the “grassy noll” was John Lennon’s piano (from which he composed “imagine”). They are doing a campaign for peace in which they travel around and take pictures of the piano at various sites around the world. The “grassy noll” was the first place to have a photo for the campaign.

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Letter from the past

I’ll warn you. This post is going to be long.

I have intended to post the following letter for some time. I thought about doing it around thanksgiving. It is a letter I wrote to dear friends when I left Edmonton a few years ago.

I found saying goodbye so difficult that I wrote it down in advance. I was never able to share the letter with more then a small handful of those it was intended for. Why did thanksgiving remind me of this? Thanksgiving, because the light shines through the dark. Thanksgiving, because the second to last sentence is within view. It has been a long, strenuous wait, but finally the joy comes.

So, here it is. If you were one of the treasured friends for whom this letter was written, you do not fade from my memories, but I must continue moving forward. This is one more step ahead.

“As this day, rather this era in time, this moment slows to a stop, the thoughts in my mind torment me. My sorrow overwhelms me. As I set out to ‘ride off into the sunset’ by myself, my grief cannot be contained.

Such great sorrow is riding on the wings of trust, love, care, and true friendship.

I cannot help but question, ‘Why, God, do you provide for my needs of love and friendship (needs I did not even know I had) only to take away?’

But this is incorrect. It is better and more true to be grateful, thankful for the time we have had. Had God not set up this life circumstance, no, I would not face the pain, the sadness, but I would not trade in my hurt now. To do so would require trading in all the good. All the laughs, the tears, the memories. As we all know ‘It is better to love and have lost than not loved at all.’

I could not trade away what I have come to love, that is, those whom I have come to love.

As I sit and reflect, cry and laugh (and read a certain book – The Jesus I Never Knew), I am reminded of Christ. He knew the ultimate goal. He understood the big picture yet in the garden he felt sorrow, aloneness, and even asked to have ‘this cup taken.’ In the end he was still obedient. The plan, God’s will, his design was the most important. Christ said not my will but yours.

Granted I am not going to die soon [so I hope :)] but I have prayed with sorrow and loneliness and pleading for God to allow me to stay. In the end, I have decided that we are all called to live as Christ. At this turning point in life, I must choose as Christ. Not my will, but his.

I cannot see the big picture. I still continue to pray for God to work out something that will allow me to rejoin ya’ll, but at this moment, I must move on.

It will be hard to transition to a different life then here. I am scared, tired, and just plain unsure of what my next life step is. Your prayers would be much appreciated.

As you may know, one of my kind of life themes is God’s faithfulness and our faithfulness in response. I know God is faithful even at this crossroad. In my leaving, I envy you who stay, but it with much hope that I trust in God’s faithfulness. I am confident that this is not the end of our friendship. I refuse to sit back and let time and distance completely eradicate these bonds we have formed.

I am sure we will gather together again and share with excitement the paths that God has taken us on.

One day this time of sorrow will be easier to understand, easier to look back on with tears of joy from the light and the love we have learned from each other.

Until that day, the joy of the Lord is my strength”

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