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Between Notes – Second Screening!

So – LOVED “Between Notes” even more the second time around.

And if you missed it at the Angelika – Lucky for you – they added a second screening.

This time around, it’s at the Angelika in Plano — 4:30 on Friday (4/8).

Get your tickets here.

Check out the trailer here.

And watch some video footage from the world premier here. ¬†(I’m the one in purple, with the crazy hair saying something about the film being made for 10K. ūüôā ¬† )

Last, but not least, Check them out on facebook:


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Between Notes

So excited to head down this evening and watch Between Notes!

If you are in DFW – I’m not even sure if there are tickets left, but if there are – I highly recommend checking out this film tonight. As far as I know, this is the only time it’s playing at the Dallas International Film Festival.

You can get tickets (if there are any left) here. (actually, looks like there might only be tickets at the door now available)

You can watch the trailer on Apple Trailers here.

And you can buy the soundtrack here.

The music is Amazing! And the film itself is very well done. Considering their budget was 10K – it is quite an accomplishment.


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Between Notes – Dallas International Film Festival

Huge congrats to all my friends who worked, sweated, bled, and pour life into “Between Notes”.

Their film was selected as a Special Presentation for the Dallas International Film Festival.

Check the film out on facebook:

It’s playing on Saturday April 2nd at 10:15 pm. Tickets are only $10 each, so I highly encourage you to go (yes, I have seen it – it’s quality story telling). Tickets can be purchased here:¬†

Finally, You can check out a trailer here:

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wow. burnout?

It’s been a while. I don’t know if I have had a longer ‘no post’ time in the last 5 years…

Not too much happening here. Or rather, too much happening here.

Lets see. Here’s a list of what’s been going on:

*Search for the Shake ended for 2010. We’ll pick it up again in 2011

*I’ve been playing lots of games, Settlers, Speed Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico, and just learned a new one today Carcassonne. Oh, and I purchased ‘Bang!’ (a mafia type card game) on ebay.

*Got two new tires for the front wheels of my car.

*Enjoying the final season of LOST.

*My roomie & I planted a garden. Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Snow Peas, Dill, Chives, & Basil. (also strawberries, but no luck with them yet).

*Went to two Dallas Stars Games.  One happened to be an Oilers game, and we were 12 rows up from the glass.

*Started up the grill. Corn, broccoli, chicken, salmon, steak, hot links, brats, potatoes, green beans, kabobs, peppers. Yummy!

*Started a one month trial of Netflix. 2 weeks, four movies watched.

*A friend from Wa State came for a visit. We took a road trip to San Antonio.

*Saw the Alamo. (3/6/1836 – & 10 years later Texas became a state.)

*Said Friend from Wa State, myself, and my roomie went to see the Mariners play on 4/11. They got beat pretty badly, but it was fun to see them play during opening week.

*Also on 4/11 we celebrated “Happy to be Alive” day – the 27th anniversary of my open heart surgery.

*Tried Nutella.

*Accidentally left the sun roof of my car open just a crack all night – while it rained. I was fortunate to not have any water in the car the next morning.

*Learned that people like to talk about PB & J on facebook & twitter

*Learned I’m a “terrible tour guide” which resulted in a driving tour of my neighborhood and surrounding area.

*Stayed up way too late past my bed time on numerous occasions (tonight being a prime example)

*I’m sure there is more but because of the item right above this… I can’t remember. ūüôā

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Where the Wild Things Are

I went to see the movie this morning. Wow. Most certainly not a children’s movie.

The Wild Things are scared, sad, angry, and lonely. They are searching for meaning in a mixed up world. For love in a lonely, dark night. As a result, their actions and words are scary and mean, sometimes even laced with an occasional swear. The Wild Things, large, oversized, and dangerous, reside in the dream world of Max, and they live life in a similar fashion to the thoughts and emotions of Max as he tries to process and understand the world.

The film itself is hauntingly beautiful. Dry, unexpected humor mixed with grit, dirt, and sorrow. Texture abounds in the clumpy, greasy hair, the dust, and in stick structures. Mixed with the dirt clods are moments of warmth both in cinematography and scattered glimpses of joy and laughter.

Adding to the mood is an amazing soundtrack, reflecting the inner and outer child’s search for adventure; adventure that has cookies and milk waiting when the roof of life unexpectedly caves in.

This film is for anyone who has known pain or trepidation on any level in his or her childhood. And by anyone, I mean everyone.

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The end of Summer (hours)

Today was the last day of Summer hours at work. Shucks. Does this mean fall is now here? Is Fall weather coming soon? I hope so!

I’ve been muddeling around with words again. Mostly in my head. ¬†I really need to get them down on paper.

Something I don’t think I’ve mentioned is that I finally started my book. ¬†Well, I actually started it about two years ago… but I didn’t get very far. ¬†I’m not ready to let you know it’s premise yet, other than to say it’s a fictional story set in Seattle. ¬†(No – it’s not about baseball.)¬†

finally, sticking to the post title theme about summer and¬†parenthesis. ¬†I’m going to go see (500) Days of Summer tonight.

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still here

Wow! that was a huge blogging break!

Let see, what’s happening… Well, I have a new¬†niece! She was born on July 1st, Canada Day.

It’s really hot here. ¬†we’ve had several 100+ degree days. There should be some clouds moving in tonight, even some possible rain! Bringing with it a “cool down” ¬†mid to low 90s.

Finally, I am looking forward to Saturday. ¬†Why? Harry Potter 6! ¬†I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, so I figured I’d go to a 3.25 matinee. ¬†Hard to beat the price. ¬†And I am also planning on making Ribs Saturday in the slow-cooker. ¬†It should be a fantastic day.

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Star Trek!

I’m going to go see Star Trek tomorrow – woo hoo for super cheep matinee showings! ¬†I am very much looking forward to it.

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A week already

wow, here it is wednesday evening and my last post was almost a week ago.

Lets see, I have been spending a ton of time researching apartments. It has actually been a very frustrating task. They are more than I want to pay, or not safe. I think my budget is right on the line between the unsafe section of town and a little too expensive.

I saw the Dark Knight again on Saturday, loved it!

I have been thinking about how I need to start packing, almost bought some more packing tape.

I have also been strategizing about how I can potentially ship some of my belongings here. I could organized it in October when I am in Wa. Any one driving from WA state to Texas anytime soon? Want to take a couple boxes on your trip?

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I am going on vacation. I have not been to a family vacation or family reunion since 2001. There have been a few that I missed just because I was a student and the summer was my only time to make money. There have been other times I missed (like christmas this year) when I just did not have enough money to go home. While I am not going home, I am excited to see some of my family that I haven’t seen in years. AND some of my immediate family that I have not seen since last July.

I will be heading to Amish country so probably no internet access. Most likely you won’t hear from me until I get back, but in the mean time, GO SEE THE DARK KNIGHT! It’s incredible.

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