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Just got back from the advanced screening of TDK. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. All I can say is Wow! It was fantastic. Yes, you must see it in the theaters.

It took me just over 30 minutes to get home. Would have been less, but when I got just outside the street where I live, the entire town’s police & fire departments had blocked off a section of the road. Something must have happened at the gas station so they had to seal of the area. I am still kind of new, so I was not sure how to get home if they wouldn’t let me drive on that road. Turns out it was easy enough, but the asking of directions and driving a little out of my way put me just over the 30 minute mark. Not bad. Google maps says 41 minutes and up to an hour & 10 minutes in traffic. Good thing there is not traffic at one in the morning.

Oh yeah, the All Star Game…I just remembered it was on tonight, and I hear it was a long one! Go AL. ok, night I have 5 hours until morning.

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2 Days

Only two days until The Dark Knight! I bought a copy of Batman Begins. I watched a little yesterday and I am going to finish it tomorrow so it is fresh in my memory for Tuesday.

I read a book this weekend. Twilight. It was ok, but I honestly don’t get the all of the intense excitement surrounding the series. The best part, it is set in Forks Washington. They even mention Mt. Rainier.

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Ha Ha Ha

I was supposed to be asleep hours ago BUT the coolest thing happened. Remember when I explained what ARG’s are? (fun with ARG’s) Well tonight was the big payoff.

Two nights ago, the ARG for The Dark Knight had a live gathering in both Chicago and New York City. A Bat Signal appeared on a building in each of the cities. Tonight (corresponding with some other online activities) the bat signal was Jokerized. All of the Gotham sites were jokerized as well, which lead to a puzzle. The puzzle then pointed the way to…


So Tuesday night I am heading into Dallas with friends (it worked out amazingly that a friend from work and his girlfriend were also able to get tickets) to see an advanced screening of the Dark Knight. From seeing Gotham a year ago to this, such a fun ride!

I got involved with the ARG because I like batman and I was hoping to get a copy of the Gotham Times. This is way better!
And I am so excited I can’t sleep!

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Non-spoiler Hancock

Yes, I saw Hancock this weekend. I just want to say there is a twist, but seriously, I saw it coming a mile away like a freight train heading toward your house in the middle of the night in a planned “surprise attack.” Trying to be sneaky doesn’t work when your loud and obvious.

Even though I picked up on the truth of the film really early on, it did not ruin it. It was still ok. Tons of swears (I could have done with out that) but it was ok. Compared to TDK next week, hancock was garbage. 🙂

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The Countdown(s)

12 days! Until The Dark Knight comes out!!!! (I saw a movie this weekend and they showed a trailer for TDK. I have seen it before, but it was fantastic on the big screen.)

13 days! Until I get to go to Ohio! (assuming we leave saturday morning and not friday night)

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Harvey Dent for DA (or fun with ARGs)

Who is Harvey Dent? What is an ARG? Glad you asked those questions.

Harvey Dent recently ran for District Attorney for Gotham City. The Election was held this week and Mr. Dent won by a landslide! (you can see his Website Click here)

What you say? Gotham City is not a real place? I beg to differ. Check out these photos from the last time I was in Gotham.

A Gotham cab

Looks like they may be having some issues with Crime these days in Gotham. There were several SWAT trucks and police cars out the day I was there

Rumor has it that there is a man running around Gotham (quite possibly the owner of the truck in this photo) who dresses up like a clown. I am not 100% sure about that, but I guess this particular day must have been garbage day.

(you can also see my previous gotham posts here , here and here)

Why do I say all this? And are you still wondering what an ARG is? Well let me explain. ARG stands for Alternative Reality Game. In short it is a game that combines the web, viral marketing, puzzles and occasionally (as in the case of the Dark Knight) real live participatory events.

The idea is 1. to produce a viral media/marketing campaign for whatever product is being sold and 2. to give a fun activity, which often fills in the back-story of a movie or tv show, for the fans to get involved with. In this case, there have been online puzzles and scavenger hunts all to give Gotham a seemingly real feel. The “prizes” for events and puzzles are often a sneak peak at trailers or pictures before the rest of the world sees them. This particular ARG contains a police department, a bank, a couple of restaurants, The Gotham Times, and sites pertaining to the election just to name a few. Because I registered and voted on monday at the GothamElectionBoard, I now have a Gotham Address. Its all just a bit of fun.

The real thing that got me curious about ARGs is the Octagon Global Recruiting ad and website for LOST. Apparently there were two ARGs between season fleshing out some of the LOST story line that the show would never have time to cover. Again, it adds to the Myth, gives weight to the Epic (and helps uber-fans make it through the summer and fall until the show returns in January).

So its all in good fun. And let me give you a heads up. If you like Batman, and you like dominos pizza, you may just want to order the “gotham special” on Monday. Trust me, it will be worth it. (Just spreading some of the GothamCityPizzeria love that I learned while in my alternate universe today)


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Good, Evil, and In between?

I was spending some time thinking about the types of stories and tales I like. If you have known me for any length of time (or don’t know me buy regularly read this blog) its pretty obvious. I like stories with epic history. Stories of fantasy. Stories of the unbelievable. Stories of mystery.

Here is a short list of the stories I have been into:

The Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Lord of the Rings

I have also been known to enjoy StarTrek (specifically TNG) and a little Stargate SG-9 (come on! It has “Macgyver”)

Anyway, I digress. Something I have been thinking about it how good and evil is portrayed in these stories. Some have very distinct Good and Evil. Characters are on one side or the other. The “moral compass” of the story is very defined and unmovable. Others lean towards clear definition, but make use of the gray. Others have characters running around making “in between” decisions based on what ever seems right in that moment. There is some type of vague moral compass, but it is extremely hard to define. And still others are almost purposely completely undefined (or perhaps upside down) with all characters moving to the center, none completely good or innocent, none completely evil.

Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia fall into the first category. Good/Evil exist and each character is on one side or the other.

I think Harry Potter falls into the second group. There is a clear defined evil, but the “clear defined good” is less evident. Good characters are allowed to make sketchy moral choices for the “greater good.”

I would put LOST and Alias in the third category. We want to believe that there is definite good and evil, but when good characters make evil choices or evil characters make choices to help others, it is hard to hold firm to the idea that there is definition. In the end, there may be good and evil in these stories, but both sides are making decisions that not in line with the side each character is “committed” to.

Finally, I would put Pirates of the Caribbean in the last category. The premise of the story (Pirates – come on PIRATES – are “good”?) wants us to believe that questionable characters are the heroes. Throughout the three movies good characters become bad, bad characters become good, and then they don’t stay there, they switch again. This is done so often, all characters have moved to the same grey moral center where there is no longer definition. Can Davy Jones even be “evil?” He is simply a heartbroken man…and the excuses roll on.

So yeah, Its interesting that the two mythic stories by Christian authors are the two in the above example where good and evil are clearly defined. And in addition to that, in myth, if there is clear good and clear evil, is it not typical that the good will prevail? Arguably, they are two opposites, but not equal in strength. Good verses Evil, but in stories Good wins. Good is stronger. Yet, as clearly seen in LotR & CoN humanity is NOT the source of Good.

Anyway, I was just thinking about the similarities and differences in the stories I like. I am greatly encouraged that of all the stories, it is the clearly defined good that defeats the clearly defined and weaker evil that I like the best.
Don’t we all?

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A night at the movies

So I changed my mind. For the very first time in my life (other than one point when a very kind old man wearing a cubs hat in p-town was so thankful I was able to fix his glasses he gave me a dollar), I got tips this week. I decided to spend my hard earned dollars on a movie of my choice. I was planning to go see Indian Jones 4, but several people have told me that it was only “ok” or not very good at all. So I changed my mind.

This evening I went and saw Prince Caspian. I really enjoyed it. Yes, its kids acting, its predictable, its a little hokey in spots and it is a children’s story, but I really liked it. When I was younger I always wished there were more chronicles of Narnia. I always felt as I heard or read the tale of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that I wanted to tale to continue, to be longer so that Narina would not disappear.

I read the first two books (LWW and Prince Caspian) several times and started the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but kept getting stuck. Finally, I got through it, and read the rest, still wishing there were more. In my minds eye, I was right there with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. The movies are fantastic because they allow us to go back to Narnia once more.

With this movie, I was struck with the character of Edmund. He is not Lucy, the innocent who perceives truth the quickest, yet he is the first to trust her. He knows both sides of the line (good and evil) and he was saved. He knows what could be and what is. He both stands next to and stands up to High King Peter. He both knows his place in times of humility and times of boldness. Perhaps it is because of his actions in the first story and his new self in the second that he seems the most human and fallen yet at the same time redeemed and righteous. Is he perfect? No. For he has not learned all he can from Narnia, thus he is intented to come back. Perhaps a little “already and not yet” in the story line.

Anyway the following is what I initally came to my blog to post. C.S. Lewis’ world of Narnia together with my favorite band. Pretty hard to top this (probably only cold be done with something from the world of Tolkien).


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May Movies

Just a reminder, there are a couple of sweet movies coming out in the next week or so. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian comes out on Friday (the 16th) and even more exciting, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out on Thursday (the 22nd).

While I want to see both, I only “need” to see Indy in theaters (for surround sound, big screen, etc.)

YEAH, I have been waiting for a long time to see Indy. See the post from April 13th 2007. Its tagged “403” Oh, I guess I should have tagged this post as “9.”

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Its been too long!

I LOVE Kettle brand, Spicy Thai chips. If you have not tried them, it is a MUST. There are the best potato chips ever invented. Not only are they “healthy” potato chips (Quote from the bag: No Stuff, No trans fats, no MSG, no artificial whatchamacallits.), the flavor is truly incredible.

Do you remember watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (or even the more recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) when gum chewing maniac Violet grabs the new gum Wonka has invented. [Violet, your turning violet, Violet!]. She chews the gum and describes the three course meal that the gum is transitioning through while she continues chewing.

These chips are like that gum. Minus the turning into a blueberry part, the chips transition flavor while you eat them. First you taste the salty flavor, which then morphs into a sweet ginger flavor before making your tongue spark with a wonderful spiciness.

These are my favorite chips. I used to eat them while I studied. I realized it was several months ago since I have purchased Spicy Thai chips, so I thought I would get some for the Superbowl. (we were having a party and I wanted to share this glorious potato eating experience with my friends) I purchased two bags at the store and to my surprise they were at clearance prices. I got home and opened the first bag only to discover they tasted horrible. Turns out they were on clearance because of the “best by” date, which was actually a few days before I purchased them. The second bag tasted terrible as well. That was late January. Since then, I have not been able to find the chips at the store. It is hard enough to locate Kettle Brand chips, but then on top of that to find Spicy Thai can be a challenge.

Finally! Today I found them. They are good until August (I double checked before buying them) and they taste as fantastic as ever. It has been too long.

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