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Almost unpacked

It has taken me a while to get to this point, but I almost have everything unpacked or in the attic. Just one box to go, a handful of pictures to hang and one box to be reorganized, taped up and stuck in the attic.

I am still busy applying for jobs. To date I believe I have applied for 15. Hopeful I will start to hear back this week although I believe it may now be customary for companies to just not contact you at all if you are of interest to them. Slightly discouraging, yet understandable based on the sheer number of applicants they probably have.

And Go Mariners! They are now above 500 and are only one game back from Oakland and Los Angeles.

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We made it

We decided to leave last night. After getting on the highway around 10 pm, we got to our Texas destination around 2:30-3:00 this afternoon.

It was a pretty uneventful trip and my brother drove most of the way. I had only a 2 hour shift between 4 and 6 in the morning.

I may have a couple of pictures later…but for now, I am going to bed.

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Have a Wonderful "Happy to be Alive Day"

I am just about to go to sleep. The next two days are very eventful. Early tomorrow morning, I am picking up a uhaul trailer and then later in the day, my brother flies in. We will load up the car and trailer and then on Saturday, hit the road bound for Texas.

Also, today is a “holiday” of sorts. Each year, I note this on my blog, but really, I am Happy to be Alive (and I know for the most part, if you are reading this, you are happy I am alive also). While the date of “Happy to be Alive Day” corresponds with an important date for me (my open heart surgery, 25 years ago today), I would love it if others joined in and celebrated “Happy to be Alive Day” for their own sake. Some of you may have a different date that is important to you that you celebrate, but if you don’t, feel free to make April 11th your own “Happy to be Alive Day” I will gladly share it with you.

How does one celebrate “Happy to be Alive Day”? Its simple: smile a lot. Even if you feel gloomy, remember that you are alive (which is a happy fact) and smile.


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I am almost completely packed. Just a few odds and ends need to be taken care of.

Earlier this evening, I got a phone call from my brother inquiring about his flight (he is flying here on Friday to help me move). Turns out, his flight was with ATA which went bankrupt a couple of days ago and cancelled all flights. I have never flown with ATA, so even though I heard something about it on the news the other day, it did not really ring a bell as being a problem for me.

Well, it was. His flight was cancelled. Fortunately, I was refunded my money on the ticket, but I then needed to buy a new ticket. After looking at several different options, we decided to stick with our day and relatively same time. It cost $200 more than then the original ATA ticket. This really frustrates me because I don’t have money. AND I was a responsible person who purchased a ticket far enough in advance to get a really good, cheap deal. On purpose. Part of the reason I am moving this next weekend was because that was how far out we needed to wait to get a good price on a plane ticket. And then, here I am 5 days before the date of the ticket, being forced to buy an expensive one. it really frustrates me. Although, I suppose all things considering, it is a good thing they will refund the first ticket amount in full.

What’s the phrase, when it rains, it pours. That has been the case for me as of late. With money, with medical insurance and with work. What can you do, just hang in there I suppose and hope. Hope that things will change, that things will improve.

In regards to last minute things in chicago, Willow Creek was really interesting. I am glad I had a chance to go. AND one of my friends and I went downtown on Saturday and I got to go to the Art Institute. Which was super cool! As previously mentioned, I did not think I was going to get a chance to go. (did you know American Gothic is a painting with a farmer and his unmarried daughter, not his wife!?!?) It was also a great day hanging out with one of my friends. We rode the train in to downtown. The weather was fantastic. We walked so much our feet were sore (I even got blisters).

Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure in Chicago.

The Bean:

The Lake:

The Lion:

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I don’t really like the process of moving. The final outcome is kind of fun, but packing and making all the proper arraignments can be a little overwhelming.

Last week I purchased a trailer hitch and had it installed on my car. Today I tried to stop by the rental place, but they were already closed for the afternoon. (I am going to try again tomorrow)

In order to figure out how much space I will have in the trailer, I put masking tape down on the floor so I have the dimensions of the trailer. I also marked out how much space my mattresses would take up. I think I will be able to fit everything. Actually, I am confident of this. I am still trying to get rid of some things just because I don’t need them.

Well, let me correct myself. One thing I will not be able to take to Texas is my couch. I bought a used couch in September of 2006 ( Blogging about my couch ). While technically, the couch would fit in the trailer, if I put it there, there would be no room for boxes of everything else. Therefore, the couch stays. I tried to sell it on Craig’s list. At one point in December someone came and looked at it, agreed on a price, left to go get a vehicle to pick it up, and never came back. This time around, I listed it again, but no one was interested. In the end, I am donating it to a furniture resale shop. Its run by a church and all of the funds go to help their single moms and kids program. In fact, it happens to be the exact same furniture shop I bought the couch from.

They are coming to pick it up tomorrow morning. Before it was gone, I wanted to take a couple of pictures of it. So here is one where I am sitting, lamenting the fact that the couch will no longer be mine.

Other than that, the process of moving is frustrating because I want to pack everything, yet I know I need some things. And its that fear of “if I put this in a box and tape the box up, I will probably need it tomorrow, but if I leave it out, sitting around, I won’t need it.” Clothes, DVDs, books, office/art supplies – all packed. (except for a limited number of outfits I still need to wear.) Tomorrow, I am going to get computer stuff, bathroom stuff, and some kitchen stuff packed. Then it should feel like I am getting somewhere!

I am kind of rambling a bit. The reason, I am listening to the M’s game and it is top of the 9th 2 outs, 3-2 count….ground ball to Sexson, bobbled, tossed to the man covering first, in time, OUT! The M’s take the series 2-1. That’s how you do well in baseball, win series. What a great start to what I hope will be a fantastic season!

Okay, night.


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Drum roll please…

I am moving to Texas.

After thinking, praying, pro/con lists, talking with others, seeking advice, and not having things work out here as I would have hoped, I am moving.

I am going to be living with my Brother, Sister-in-law and nieces for a time. Goal one: get a job Goal two: get insurance. It is going to be a bit of adventure.

I am moving mid April, so for moment, I spend my days packing as efficiently as possible, getting rid of stuff I don’t need and watching Alias while I do these tasks. (I only have 23 episodes left!)

I also am taking advantage of hanging out with friends, while I have the chance.

Lastly there are the multiple “I was going to…(fill in the blank)” while I lived in chicagoland and I haven’t yet! So Sunday, a couple of us are driving up to Willow Creek just to check it out.

I don’t know if I will ever make it to the Field Museum or the Art Institute,but if I don’t I am sure I will be back to visit someday.


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That makes me sad.

I am sad to hear that Josh Brown signed with the St. Louis Rams today. The Seahawks will have a difficult time replacing him. I heard that Elam was the best kicker currently available on the free agent market, but for what ever reason, I don’t really like him. If I recall correctly, he let down my fantasy football team this year. I got nothing from my kicker until I dropped Elam and picked up Brown.

In other news…I listened to the Mariners game today. They lost 10-11 to the Padres, but even with a loss it was a wonderful sound to have coming over the “air waves” on a Saturday afternoon. (I put “air waves” in quotes because I listen to the games via the internet, which I get from a wireless internet connection. Therefore, it is through the air waves.)

Also, I am still plugging along with Alias. I am midway through season 3 (which is basically 1/2 way through the entire series). I decided that the intro music would make a great ring tone.

For dinner tonight, I ate 8 chocolate chip cookies with two glasses of milk. Don’t worry, the cookies were not very big. I don’t eat cookies very often, but these were freshly baked, Toll House cookies. Almost as good as Otis Spunkmeyer. [Editors note, the “ate 8” was unintentional.]

Still moving along with a possible job situation. I don’t like to post very much on here because this blog is set up so that anyone can read it and with somethings (i.e. specifics on a possible job) I would rather keep the details out of the hands of the world (wide web). Thanks for understanding. I do appreciate your continued prayers.

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Debra is


We moved most of the big stuff. I am staying at the new place tonight, but I am currently at the old place loading up one more car load. I am TIRED!

Three cheers for being done soon.

***this post was inspired by Crystal and facebook.


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One Year

Can you believe as of today, I have now lived here one year?!?! Time has gone So fast! I find it almost unbelievable that come December, I might be moving again.

I finish my masters program and graduate on December 14th. After that, I am not exactly sure what I am doing. I would like to head “more west.” Illinois has been an interesting place, some parts good, some parts bad. I do not want to extend my stay here any longer than December if at all possible.

If you happen to think of me, please pray that God would direct me in whatever step is next; that I would make prayerful, thoughtful, and wise decisions. (While I don’t like to admit it, even if it means God wants me to stay here for awhile longer, that I would do that.)

I am looking into several options right now so well see what happens. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

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Thank you

For all those who read the previous post and prayed for me yesterday, Thank you! Moving went pretty well. We had enough helpers show up to help us move, especially all of our heavy furniture. There were very few snags (the big one being my wardrobe that in the fall, my parents & I built into my room. We could get it out of the room, but not down the stairs. I had to take it apart).

Though by the end I was completely exhausted, I was able to take about a 2.5 hour nap and we will continue in the cleaning the old house/setting up the new house today.

More importantly, the phone call went well. As tired as I was, I knew there was a small army of people praying. (I probably received about 15 emails related to people just wanting me to know they were praying and I know there were many more beyond that). Though the phone call was difficult, I really think both parties were honest and able to communicate clearly. I know on my end of the conversation, there were a couple of times when it was the Lord’s words were coming out of my mouth instead of anything I was trying to say. SO there ya have it. Again, THANK YOU and PRAISE the LORD!

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