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The Hardest Part 2: Stuff edition

As far as things go – It’s going to be rough not running out and buying a book I want to read. Granted, I’ve become much better at going to Half Price books –  but that which is not a necessity, is just a want.  And it’s the “I wants” that are ultimately obstacles between us and paying down the debt faster.

Another tough one for me is music. Thankful I have a few iTunes gift cards from Christmas – I’ll just need to use them sparingly, and then simply say “no – I don’t need  that music (or that app) right now. It can wait.”   I did this with a Christmas album I thought I really wanted. Turns out after reading reviews, I never bought it. And now that Christmas is over -meh – guess I saved that $10!

What thing feels like “you just can’t live without” it (but really know deep down, it’s a want, not a need)?



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While I work

I’ve been working from home for a couple of months now and since most of my work consists of me interacting with the computer – and hardly ever people, I enjoy listening to podcasts while I go through out my work day.

These are all free through iTunes, so that’s probably the best place to find them.

Here are a few that I listen to on a regular basis:

The Relevant Podcast: Put out by the folks who make Relevant Magazine, this podcast touches on issues of Life, God, & Culture. They have interviews and live music sets.  They go over new media releases, odd bits of news and often have some type of silly game. They also go on large tangents that usually have me cracking up.

Stuff You Should Know: This is put out by individuals from “How Stuff  Works” – Topics are wide sweeping and very informative.  I find the hosts to be a nice touch of personable and entertaining. This is an older podcast, so make sure to download all the old issues.

This American Life: An hour-long program with different stories all related to one topic. Sometimes reading, sometimes interviews, sometimes comedy.  (this one is a little hit or miss.  sometimes good, sometimes deletable)

Stuff You Missed in History Class: Also put out by “How Stuff Works” –  Similar to the “Stuff You should know podcast, this particular one focuses on historic events, people and places.  This is also a long running podcast, so don’t forget to go back and download from their archives

The History of Rome:  As of today, 141 issues spanning from “In the Beginning” to Constantius & Constans (sons of Constantine I believe)

The British History Podcast: Just like its sounds – the history of Brittain.  This one is new, so there are only a handful of issues so far, but it’s been interesting. And the podcasts average around 20 minutes.

All Things Considered:  From the BBC, this 20 or so minute podcast explores  religious, spiritual, & moral issues in range of formats, such as documentary, interview, and discussion.

RadioLab: Typically an entertaining “scientific” investigation of one main idea. they pick a topic (such as time, or language) and put together a show with stories, interviews of experts, sounds, and information. It’s hard to explain and probably just needs to be experienced.

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The Library

I have a lot of music (about 30 gigs).

Once upon a time, I built my itunes library by spending hours inporting and organizing all of my CDs. Since that time I’ve purchased quite a number of albums.  And over the years, I’ve had three different computers with itunes librarys, files from Amazon downloads, multiple back up folders, basically music scattered all over the place.

I’ve finally started combining files, deleting duplicates, and organizing so that I can eventually have one master copy of my music library.  After that – our household will be able to combine our indiviudal music libraries.

It’s a lot of work! But I also think it will be worth it to once the files are organized and I can finally upload my favorite music to my ipod touch. soooo… that’s what I did with my suddenly free evening.

How did you spend your evening?

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Its Beautiful Out

It is about 50 degrees and sunny right now. It feels like summer. I even walked down to the post office to mail some items that should have been sent a while ago. (so all of you who are expecting things from me, and you know who you are, its on its way). Then I stopped by a coffee shop and got a wild berry smoothie before heading home. Now I am listening to a lovely “summer mix” on itunes. what a great day.

I thought it would be a great day to start up the grill, but I think I need to buy a grill mat first so that It is ok to grill on the roof. (some one told me they make those so that you can grill on your wood porch, should work the same for the roof) So it might just be some brats and kraut on the stove for today.

Other than that, I am looking forward to the mariners game today at 2:00.

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So here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I still have not cleaned my room. Perhaps I will get to it now.

I am currently trying out this whole purchase TV shows on itunes thing. So far it is working well, but it does take forever to download. Fortunately, it picks right back up where it left off in downloading the next time you get online. It does not have to start all over.

Also, today is Game 5 of the Oilers Round 2 playoff series. It is also the Series Finale of West Wing. I am sad just thinking about it.

Seriously, here I go…off to clean.

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Not much happening here

I went home early from work yesterday with a terrible headache. I had the headache when I woke up, but I figured I could make it through the day. Nope. It got worse as the morning went on. And by 11:00 I could not stand it anymore. When your head hurts that bad, it makes it very hard to think, so I was probably not much good at work anyway.

I slept all afternoon, it got a little better, ended up “hurling” come Friday evening. The headache finally went away Saturday afternoon.

Because of the headache, I did not really do much today. Spent quite a few hours online downloading some songs I bought last week on itunes. It took forever because I have dial up. There was some video that came as a bonus. A video I did not want and it took 3.5 hours to download. Annoying!!!

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