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Practically Perfect in Everyway

So we did not make it to the Globe. Instead of traveling really far to maybe get tickets at a show where we would have to stand for 2 or more hours, we opted to get tickets to Mary Poppins.

I love the movie Mary Poppins, so to see it in London was fantastic. Our seats were discounted and we were only about 6 rows from the stage. It was wonderful. A very enjoyable show with much enthusiasm. It was fun to be a kid at heart again for a few hours.

Now we are at a manor home called Bosworth Hall. It is huge and the grounds are extensive. Its out of a movie or something and it seems as if I am at Netherfield.

The weather has improved drastically so most have been able to wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Oxford and had a chance to eat at Eagle & Child Pub, meeting place of the Inklings. This was something I was greatly looking forward too.

Today was Sunday morning services at the local Parish Church and tomorrow is on to Cambridge.


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Winter is here

Well, this morning we have snow flurries. Its really pretty and is actually starting to stick a little. They said we might get about an inch. One of my roommates is from Florida. She is pretty excited.

Wicked was pretty good. The music was amazing, the plot was interesting (it gave a different perspective of the characters from Wizard of Oz), the costumes were very well done. Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening. Hopefully, I will be able to post a picture of my roommates and I from our night out on the town.

Also, this evening I am looking forward to listening to an Oilers game this evening.

Ok, back to my homework.

Here is a picture of me out on our porch (acutally it is the roof) in the snow today.


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Tonight I am going to the Broadway Musical Wicked in Downtown Chicago. It is the story behind the Wizard of Oz. This will be my first chance to go to downtown since I have lived here. I am pretty excited.


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The Show

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue Theater. It is in it farewell tour, so we paid full price this time around to make sure we got seats.

For the most part, I enjoyed the show. It was the first musical I have seen where the entire show is done in song. The gentleman playing Jean Valjean was absolutely phenomenal. After one of his solos, the audience just kept clapping and cheering. It was so odd, that one person behind me asked if the show was over.

If you do not know the storyline of Victor Hugo’s classic novel on which this musical is based, you must someday learn it. (The story is too long and complicated to explain here.) It is a story of Law & “Justice” being confronted by Grace & Mercy. Two characters, Javert & Valjean, each acting in what manner he deems right. Each characters’ view on opposite sides of the spectrum. Which wins, the law or mercy? Javert (the police inspector) or Valjean (the former thief)?

I loved the music. I already knew the storyline. My one disappointment was the at times crassness of some of the characters. It churns my stomach when characters in book, film, or theater, call on the name of God and then live lives just as the “underbelly” of society is expected to.


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The Sound of Music

I just got back from seeing the Sound of Music. I loved it!!!!

My favorite song, “I have confidence” was slightly shorter than the movie version, but still well done.

I have always wanted to be Maria (as some of you know and have even seen my “Maria” costume for the freshman connection a few years ago).

Check that off my life goal list. One down, one to go. (Fiddler on the roof)

I think I will listen to the sound of music tonight while I go to sleep.
Got to go, there is a West Wing Wedding tonight as well as Survivor finale. GO STEPH!

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Saw RENT this evening (one day earlier than expected)…..Hard to say what I thought….

What I liked:

*The harmonies in the music were incredible!
*The idea of “No Day But Today” Live life to the fullest each day. Who knows what tomorrow will be so Do the most with today.
*The true friendship displayed in the characters. they stuck it out even during the really hard times. They were there for each other.

I did not like the mixed messages the movie sent. On one hand, accepting people who are different from your self is a good thing. On the other hand, to go so far as to encourage moral relativism, not a good thing. Every one draws a line in the sand somewhere. (even the bohemian/artists in the movie draw a line with their own acceptance of culture around them. i.e. disliking the lifestyle of their parents. Referring to joining corporate America as “selling out”)

Because of this moral relativism, I dislike many of the characters lifestyle choices.

AIDS is presented in the film as a huge problem. To see some of the characters dieing of AIDS is heartbreaking. But at the same time, due to the storyline, I found it hard to sympathies with characters that made poor choices, thus becoming involved in activities that lead to being HIV positive (i.e. drug use).

All in all, I enjoyed the film mostly as a result of the music. I often wish life was a musical. BUT, because I was uncomfortable with some of the character’s relationships & actions, I cannot say I would recommend this film.

A parting thought….Movie theme…No day but today. BUT, to live this way, and to live it in a selfish manner will ultimately be one’s demise. You still need purpose. Life cannot be about one purposeless adventure after another. There has to be an end goal. And not a self-serving one.

Perhaps Pride & Prejudice tomorrow.

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Jane, they're PEOPLE, not cows!

This is a quote from a moive I watched yesterday. Although I did not like the movie, this line made me laugh my head off. I even rewatched it about 10 times. The speaker is trying to point out that people are people and should not be over analized or treated as less than they should. It kind of hits home to me because I over analyze EVERYTHING which sometimes results in my treating people as less then the fellow human beings that they are.

On another note (no pun intended), I went and saw my very first Broadway musical today, not counting highschool productions. It was a brand new one called “Princesses”. It was funny, had great music and the singing was absolutely amazing. Plus to top it all off, there is the thing at the theater where if you are 25 & younger you can buy a ticket for that days show for $20. And they give you the best seats they have avaliable. So we got tickets that would normally be 75-100 dollars for only 20.

Now I just cant wait to see my favorite musicals, Sound of Music & Fiddler on the roof.


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