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Something new for me

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Naperville. Reading a famous speak by Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

I am required to write a page reaction to this sermon taking into account the historical context, biographical information of Edwards, and the context of the Sermons collection that I read from.

Upon writing this reflection, I am struck with something completely new to me. Up until a few years ago, I would insist that I do not like to write. That I am terrible at writing. And while my ability to write well (or is it good?) is debatable, I find myself completely enjoying the process of putting words together to express my thoughts. Who knew I would like to write papers. Perhaps this one will be a-typical because I do not need to do a ton of research so the background work is considerately less than future papers, but regardless, I am enjoying the process.

Here I sit, music (switchfoot, Audio A, dc talk, U2, coldplay, FFH, Relient K, Chris Tomlin) rushing my ears with sound, drowning out my surroundings. I close my eyes and type – fingers flying, uncontrollably slamming individual letters – thoughts pouring out and thus a paper of reflection is created. The best part is, its my reflection, wrong answers are impossible to derive.

Back to the work I must go. As I labor on this “labor day” our time of work is almost over. We did not go down town as planned due to weather, but later we will take a break and watch a movie. Until then…I must immerse myself in my studies.

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Driving Home

As we came barreling down the mountainside in the ink black night, we zipped in and out of trucks. From the back of the vehicle it felt as if we were only a moment away from flying completely out of control. I slipped on my headphones, closed my eyes, and tried to ignore the world around me. The sound of the road, the squeak of the breaks, and the shudder of heavy vehicles that could crush us in a heartbeat was enough to make even those with nerves of steel, nervous. Praise the Lord for getting us home safe.

Thanks to my dad for good driving. Thanks to Switchfoot for having 57 songs for me to listen to. (first time I have listened to all 57 basically straight through) Thanks to apple for creating strong batteries for the ipod. And thanks for black skies that contain gorgeous stars to watch.

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Yes, I will post more about my trip later along with some pictures, but I just had to tell you about something I just learned.

My favorite band in the world is coming to Puyallup!!!!! Yes that’s right, Switchfoot is playing at the Puyallup Fair on September 13th. AND where will I be? Chicago.

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I can’t believe it.

I have seen them play 3 times and last time was really good but I told myself that was it for a while. Don’t want to burn out on such a good thing. But, if I were in town, I would go to this one hands down. I guess all of my friends will have to go and enjoy it for me.

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Everyone is scared to death of dying here alone

That is a line from a Switchfoot song called “Easier than Love”

The song talks about how society fills its plate with empty “love” and psuedo relationships just because no one wants to be alone.

I cannot relate to “empty love” scenario, but I can with the psuedo relationships, even if it be just friendships. Do you ever look around and think, “Wow, I do not really have any friends”? I do on occasion. It seems like everyone has some one else and there is no room left for me. I don’t want to be a tag-a-long or an afterthought.

Part of that is my fault; I am not good at making friends. Been burned too many times that it takes a lot to trust people. Add to that a bit of timidness & being shy, doesn’t really equal success in the friend department. What do I do with these realizations, not really sure. That line has just been in my head for a week or so, so I thought I would make a comment about it.

Sorry if I am a bit of a downer today.

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Opening Ceremonies…What Opening Ceremonies?

Bailed on that pretty quick. After it took close to an hour to even begin, I got bored quick and started to flip through the channels.

To my surprise, I am so glad I did. Today on Larry King Live, it was an “exclusive” interview with one of my favorite musicians in the world. Michael W. Smith.

My first concert was on 9-19-93 and it was a MWS concert with DC talk opening during their “free at last” days. The first cassette tapes I owned, MWS tapes. (Got to love “Project”) First CDs, where his. I have a book of sheet music for some of his songs. I had a stuffed animal I named MWS (I won it the day of that first concert). The best two Christmas cds of all time, his. Did at least two art projects in Jr. High where it focused on MWS in some way or another. I used to be in the know regarding all things MWS (the W stands for Whitaker)

It seemed as if Smitty knew I was watching. He mentioned Switchfoot, U2, & Seattle all within about 5 minutes of each other. Said Bono told him he should run for office.

He has a movie opening this next Friday “Second Chance.” His favorite song that he wrote, “all is well” a Christmas classic in my family.

In all, it was a refreshing interview to see. He was very well spoken. It was the first time in a long time that I have watched a Christian speak on national television that didn’t get hung up on words, divisions, and negative issues. Well done.

All that is left now is for me to find where his movie will be playing in the area and off I go.


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Christian FM

Check out the link on the right. This station, out of Vero Beach Flordia, is one of the best Christian radio stations in the country.

They play a great variety of Christian music ranging from old to new. Most days at work, I listen all day long.

Some of the artists you can hear are as follows:
DC Talk
Thousand Foot Krutch
Toby Mac
Jeremy Camp
Third day
Stellar Kart
Audio A
Chris Tomlin
Relient K

If you listen often enough, you may even catch an occasional Riley Armstrong or Starfield song.

To top it off, it’s my uncle’s station. Plus during the summer, you can keep up to date on what’s happening with the hurricanes.


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We were meant to Live…

It is just after 1 am and I am about to go to sleep.

First though I thought I would tell you that the Switchfoot concert this evening was a great show! They played in at a little club in Seattle and although they could have sold tons more tickets and put on a monster show, they opted for a nice small get together with their 1200 closest friends from Seattle.

Favorite moment…”We were meant to live….” SO true. It made me reflect on the fact that some in the crowd know that they are meant to live, but they have not exactly figured out “what” they are to live for. I felt like I possessed this secret that unlocked the true meaning of the song. It is such a powerful secret that it makes me sad to think some of my fellow concert goers don’t know the “secret”

I was re-reminded that I once said “yeah” in answering the question “this is your life, are you who you want to be?” After a long 2 or so years from that moment, I have not been able to concretely answer the same. Today, if the question was posed, my answer is the same as previously stated. Quite refreshing.

Also, I met a gal from Edmonton Alberta at the show who happened to know one of my bestest friends from up north.

Well, I got to get into bed before my Tylenol Sinus Night time kicks in.

PS Happy Birthday Jon Foreman!


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Soundtrack to Debra's Life

Does anyone else ever wish that they had their own soundtrack?

There are a handful of songs out there that every time I hear them, I have to stop what I am doing and tune in. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me think, some make me want to get up and dance.

They just stand out in my mind so clearly; I can actually picture what scene in the “Movie of Debra’s Life” they would play in. Some I hear and it takes me back to an exact moment in time that I have experienced. Some of them define a general time period in Life

Here is a small selection from the soundtrack to my life:

Dare you to move, You, Life & Love & Why, This is Your life, & Daisy (Switchfoot)
Dancing Queen, (As Done By Sixpence none the richer)
Kiss Me & There she Goes (Sixpence none the Richer)
Fly Me to the Moon (as done by the Peters Drurie Trio)
Hard Candy & American Girl (Counting Crows)
Vertigo, Mysterious Ways, & Beautiful Day (U2)
Politik, The Scientist, & Till Kingdom Come (Coldplay)
Drive & Wish You were Here (Incubus)
Let it All Out & Getting into You (relient K)

(other artists with Songs on this list…Greenday, Riley Armstrong, Michael W. Smith, Starfield, Michael Buble, Audio Adrenaline, Dale Nikkel, & Delirious just to name a few)

The play list has 53 songs in all, I am still working on it. I am trying to refine the list.
Regarding Switchfoot, Those listed are not even all of them. I cannot help myself, as I have never related to a band’s music & lyrics to this degree before. Its as if the create songs from my thoughts.

What would be on your soundtrack?

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My Amazon cds finally came! I am not sure if I was credited, paid twice, or if everything is correct with the billing. Guess I will wait until my credit card bill comes.

Bought Switchfoot concert tickets the other day. Totally stoked for that concert. Seriously, the end of October is going to be awesome! They are playing in Chicago the day my roomie & I get into town. I jokingly suggested we try to go to that concert as well.

Oh, and I have spent over 8 hours in the last 3 days sitting at my computer importing all of my cds into itunes. Gave myself a neck ach. Then at the end, I bought an ipod. It should come next week.

(Sweet! this is the first time I have used spell checker when posting and not found any errors!)

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So, today I got my new switchfoot cd. A whole 3 days early!!!! I really like it the Cd. A couple songs remind me of some older Switchfoot songs that are awesome.

I have been feeling a little under the weather, so last night I slept for 14 hours. It was wonderful to sleep so long. Then I got up and watched The Hours (it was on TV, it was slow & sad), then The Fellowship of the Ring, and then I went to my brother’s house and participated in another Settlers of Catan game.

Still working on reading Anna Karanina. I think it is becoming more manageable. I am curious to see what happens to the characters.

I finished the Eldest earlier this week. It was ok, but I did not like it as much as the first book.

Finally I will sign out tonight by saying that although life is kind of slow at the moment, it has been very good. I kind of feel like I am on the edge of something HUGE. More than just moving to Chicago & going to Wheaton. (that is more that 11 months away). Something even bigger (and maybe sooner). I have no idea why I feel this way or what big thing is approaching, but I am really excited to see what is in store. I know that in all things, big or small, God is faithful. He provides in all circumstances and for that I am extremely grateful. And with this thought, I find peace.

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