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**Breaking NEWS**

‘Pennies for Debra’ Tops 6,000 21 days early, reaching 6K before it’s 1st anniversary: 6021. Every Penny Counts.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed one penny.  Can’t wait to see what the next year holds… Can we double the count? 12K in Year 2? Bringing the total to 18K?  Together, we can!

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Why hello Saturday. You look lovely today.

Wow… I feel like it’s been forever since I posted. Just 12 days.

Quick Updates: The Shamrock Shake Revolution has 48 fans on facebook and about 30 follower on Twitter.  Thanks for the support and keep spreading the word.

Pennies for Debra hasn’t been counted for a while. Pretty sure it’s close to 6000, but now that the pennies are in a glass jar, it’s harder to keep an exact count.

Also – this weekend is the Seattle Mariners FanFest. I’m missing it, but wearing my m’s hat to show support. Only 18 days until pitchers and catcher report.  If the M’s go to the world series… I WILL do everything possible in my power to at least be in WA state for the series.  I’d love to catch a game.. but that would be more up in the air.  I HAVE to be home to watch the games with others who also love the Mariners.

What else… well, I cleaned my room today. It looks good. I created a “Saturday Cleaning” playlist. It’s a pretty good play list and I am basically sitting here listening waiting for it to finish. It’s so good, I don’t want to skip any songs and it’s been so long since I just sat and listened to music. *sigh* That. is what makes for a great Saturday afternoon.

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Anonymous Contribution

This morning at work, I discovered a 500 penny contribution. I’m not sure who contributed to Pennies for Debra, but I am very thankful for the gift.

And to make it even better… The 500 pennies are already rolled. 🙂 I think that this was not a case of “homeless pennies” but rather someone who was feeling especially generous.

The new count: 5807


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christmas for pennies

In the last few days, Pennies for Debra has made a few additions.

With a handful of pennies from my mom, my dad, and the three that PJ sent along with my folks (all the way from WA State) – the year is winding down with a count very close to 5300.

In addition to helping nearly 5300 once homeless, unloved, purposeless pennies find a new home, the end of 2009 brings two other new things.

A brand new glass jug for the pennies to sit in (thanks to Promiseland Chocolate milk and the entire Quart I drank) and a new domain name: For the time being, simply redirects to an archive of all “Life & Love & Why” posts that are labeled as such, but I’m hoping to eventually roll out something specifically dedicated to the finding of new homes for pennies sometime in 2010.

Here’s to a wonderful 2009 and an exciting start to 2010.  Pennies for Debra – Finding Purpose for Pennies.

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Moving forward in 2010

Pennies for Debra took a step forward today:

I think that 2009 is going to end pretty close to 5300, so I’m aiming pretty high in the new year.

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5100 and up!

Stopped off at the bank today – turned in another $14.00 for “Pennies for Debra”  every cent was rolled. Those plus the 32 still sitting on my desk brings the grand total to 5132.
Every cent going to pay off loans.

Thankfully, today the bank did not get mad at me. I had everything rolled, deposit slip filled out and it all went without a hitch.

Thank you to all who have contributed and Keep the Pennies coming!

It’s Christmas time. Can you think of a more terrible time to be a homeless penny? Give a Penny a home today!

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An Update – Penny Style

So… It’s been a while since I gave a “Pennies for Debra” update.

Turns out, having a birthday is very helpful.  I had family, a roomie, and a co-worker all contribute pennies in honor of my birthday.  I fact, over 1,200 came a direct result of my birthday.

The new count is pretty high…


That’s right, “Pennies for Debra” has crossed the 5,000 mark! (that’s $50 for anyone not wanting to do the math).

Thanks for all the Contributions!  Helping one penny at a time to find new purpose and a new home.

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