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Reunion Review

I have mostly recovered (after sleeping about 23 hours) and wanted to follow up on the happenings at the Reunion.

First, the mouse which stared in the movies below, thankfully did not have any family members show up.

Also, we had a great time playing Putt Putt with one insane hole that included a huge jump with no one landing on the green several yards away. Brent got the ball in the hole in 4 (everyone else got the limit of 8 strokes) only because of a lucky chip in. Yes, we have photos of us using our putters on the grass, it was our only option.

We celebrated my Grandma’s birthday (I don’t think she is shy about her age, so I will just state it, 80). Unbeknownst to most in attendance of the surprise birthday party, there was an additional surprise in store. One of my Aunts did some hard work, some research, and some letter writing to come up with the best birthday gift ever. My grandma got her honorary high school diploma. Many years ago, she had to drop out after her mother died and there were younger sisters to take care of. Here is a photo of her Graduation Day.

Here is almost of the entire clan. We were missing 3 cousins and two cousin-in-laws.


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Let the Voting Begin

I need a new do. Today I was having fun manipulating my own photo with a handful of new hair cut options. I also added a bit of blond and red highlights (my “typical” colors on the maybe 3 occasions I have had my hair colored.)

As a visitor to my blog, it is now part of your responsibility and duty to vote on which hair style you think works best.

Also, I was hoping to go shorter because the weather is so warm here, but I think it is more difficult to find a short style.

So, Let me know which you like best.








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Well, I don’t have a job yet, but in the next handful of days I have a couple of more information conversations/interviews for a few places. I am hopeful that something will pan out.

All I can do is be myself, represent the honest, hard working, fast learning person that I am and see what happens.

Today I learned that I don’t like the strawberry limeade from Sonic. I suppose that is mainly because I am not a huge fan of strawberries. I like them as just fruit to eat and occasionally in lemonade, but generally speaking, I prefer cherries. That being said, I still wanted to taste the strawberry limeade. For all I knew, I would like it as much as strawberry lemonade. Nope. I think in the future I will stick to cherry limeades.

We watched Survivor tonight. I haven’t watched in forever. It was still interesting and still frustrating watching people make silly voting/alliance mistakes.

Twice since I have been in Texas, we have gotten a round of thunder storms. The first storm I tried to take a picture of lightning. I got a few, but unknown to myself, there was a screen in the way which made the pictures kind of dumb. During the second storm, the lightning was closer, but I did not get any photos with actual lightning bolts in them. Here are the two best from the first storm.

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The Art

very briefly, here is small rundown of the Art Institute. I learned that I do not really care for Claude Monet. I also decided I really like Vincent van Gogh.

Here is my favorite painting of the day, Terrace and Observation Deck at the Moulin de Blute-Fin, Montmartre, 1887, Vincent van Gogh:

I also really liked this painting. It was HUGE! Something I found interesting about this painting is that the triangular building seems to be angled right at me no matter where I was standing looking at the painting.
Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877, Gustave Caillebotte:

I referenced this painting in the previous post. If you are like me, you did not know it was called “American Gothic.” 1930, Grant Wood. Also, it appears to me that the farmer’s unmarried daughter has a bit of a lazy eye.

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I am almost completely packed. Just a few odds and ends need to be taken care of.

Earlier this evening, I got a phone call from my brother inquiring about his flight (he is flying here on Friday to help me move). Turns out, his flight was with ATA which went bankrupt a couple of days ago and cancelled all flights. I have never flown with ATA, so even though I heard something about it on the news the other day, it did not really ring a bell as being a problem for me.

Well, it was. His flight was cancelled. Fortunately, I was refunded my money on the ticket, but I then needed to buy a new ticket. After looking at several different options, we decided to stick with our day and relatively same time. It cost $200 more than then the original ATA ticket. This really frustrates me because I don’t have money. AND I was a responsible person who purchased a ticket far enough in advance to get a really good, cheap deal. On purpose. Part of the reason I am moving this next weekend was because that was how far out we needed to wait to get a good price on a plane ticket. And then, here I am 5 days before the date of the ticket, being forced to buy an expensive one. it really frustrates me. Although, I suppose all things considering, it is a good thing they will refund the first ticket amount in full.

What’s the phrase, when it rains, it pours. That has been the case for me as of late. With money, with medical insurance and with work. What can you do, just hang in there I suppose and hope. Hope that things will change, that things will improve.

In regards to last minute things in chicago, Willow Creek was really interesting. I am glad I had a chance to go. AND one of my friends and I went downtown on Saturday and I got to go to the Art Institute. Which was super cool! As previously mentioned, I did not think I was going to get a chance to go. (did you know American Gothic is a painting with a farmer and his unmarried daughter, not his wife!?!?) It was also a great day hanging out with one of my friends. We rode the train in to downtown. The weather was fantastic. We walked so much our feet were sore (I even got blisters).

Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure in Chicago.

The Bean:

The Lake:

The Lion:

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I don’t really like the process of moving. The final outcome is kind of fun, but packing and making all the proper arraignments can be a little overwhelming.

Last week I purchased a trailer hitch and had it installed on my car. Today I tried to stop by the rental place, but they were already closed for the afternoon. (I am going to try again tomorrow)

In order to figure out how much space I will have in the trailer, I put masking tape down on the floor so I have the dimensions of the trailer. I also marked out how much space my mattresses would take up. I think I will be able to fit everything. Actually, I am confident of this. I am still trying to get rid of some things just because I don’t need them.

Well, let me correct myself. One thing I will not be able to take to Texas is my couch. I bought a used couch in September of 2006 ( Blogging about my couch ). While technically, the couch would fit in the trailer, if I put it there, there would be no room for boxes of everything else. Therefore, the couch stays. I tried to sell it on Craig’s list. At one point in December someone came and looked at it, agreed on a price, left to go get a vehicle to pick it up, and never came back. This time around, I listed it again, but no one was interested. In the end, I am donating it to a furniture resale shop. Its run by a church and all of the funds go to help their single moms and kids program. In fact, it happens to be the exact same furniture shop I bought the couch from.

They are coming to pick it up tomorrow morning. Before it was gone, I wanted to take a couple of pictures of it. So here is one where I am sitting, lamenting the fact that the couch will no longer be mine.

Other than that, the process of moving is frustrating because I want to pack everything, yet I know I need some things. And its that fear of “if I put this in a box and tape the box up, I will probably need it tomorrow, but if I leave it out, sitting around, I won’t need it.” Clothes, DVDs, books, office/art supplies – all packed. (except for a limited number of outfits I still need to wear.) Tomorrow, I am going to get computer stuff, bathroom stuff, and some kitchen stuff packed. Then it should feel like I am getting somewhere!

I am kind of rambling a bit. The reason, I am listening to the M’s game and it is top of the 9th 2 outs, 3-2 count….ground ball to Sexson, bobbled, tossed to the man covering first, in time, OUT! The M’s take the series 2-1. That’s how you do well in baseball, win series. What a great start to what I hope will be a fantastic season!

Okay, night.


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Castle Combe

When I went to England last May, we visited a small village called Castle Combe in Wiltshire. Other than hiking in the welsh mountains, Castle Combe was probably my favorite place. It is a small 14th century town.

The day was wonderful. First we visited Bath, home of Jane Austin (at one point in her life even though she did not really like Bath). Here’s Jane & I:

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Castle Combe. We had to walk down from the parking lot because cars were not allowed. It was so picturesque that I have 4 of my photos from Castle Combe blown up and framed. They now hang on my wall. I even gave some of the pictures away as gifts (which is why I have not, and will not post those particular pictures on here). In fact, Castle Combe was the inspiration for returning from England and giving family members pictures I took as gifts.

Here are a couple of photos that were not as good, but they give you a taste. The first is the main street of the village.

The second is the manor home.

The third I call “the party tree” some of you will understand. If not (as with most things in life) refer back to Tolkien.

Some day I am going back. I am going to stay in the Manor home that is down the way from the village. It has been turned into a hotel, with an incredible English garden.

Well all this to say that I watched “Stardust” last night. Its a fantasy movie and one of the towns is a place called “Wall” it only took a handful of seconds for the character to be walking through Wall and I thought, (then stated) “That looks like Castle Combe” Later I checked, sure enough, it was! Castle Combe was also used back in the day for the filming of the Original Dr. Dolittle

Some day I am going back. I am going to stay in the Manor home that has been turned into a hotel.


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I just got some new shoes. My old Vans were wearing out and letting water in. I can still use them come dry and warm weather this summer, but for the time being, I needed something new.

So I used part of a christmas gift certificate and bought these lovely sneakers.

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One more thing

(Can you tell I am just a smidgin bored?)

Here is a photo of my old Mariner Jack. I think you will agree that he needed to be retired.

The second picture is Seahawk Jack. I think he is pretty rad.

Back to Alias… Whats going to happen to Vaughn????

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It has been a while since I posted an photos. Most of my recent pictures have many people in them (whom I have not gotten permission to post from) so I have mainly put stuff on facebook. (which is a bit more “controlled” and I have privacy settings set up. This blog on the other hand is open to whoever, so I am more picky about what I put up.) The result of this is that my blog often lacks pictures. Plus, I have not taken very many photos in recent months.

Here are just a few pictures from the last few months

My Uncle Bob took this photo. It was at graduation.

I am not sure who took this one, but it after the graduation recognition ceremony with my parents.

This is photo of Blanchard Hall. It is my favorite building on campus and is often referred to as “the castle building” I have often intended to take some pictures of campus, but have not. Finally, on Monday, my last day on campus, I took just a couple photos of Blanchard.

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